559 Photos - Jan 30, 2012
Photo: MARDI GRAS.Photo: Fallen idol.Photo: RIP little Prius. She said she loved you, but then she killed you.  That's love ;)
(No people were injured in the making of this mess.)Photo: What's in a blue drink?Photo: Oh, that's where I left it...Photo: Quit screwing around cat, I need a Happy Christmas picture.
#caturday  Photo: Please stop, I'm bored.Photo: #wordlessonWednesday  Photo: My granddaughter celebrated her 4th birthday at a local swim school last Sunday. Twenty kids raised hell in the pool for the first hour and then adjourned to the party room for pizza and gift giving. The birthday girl sat on a "throne" above the crowd and loved it.
I don't know what was happening here, but it included the whole family.Photo: Apparently it's Fun Bucket Friday. So, strap it on and have fun.Photo: Don't see many Austin-Healeys around here.Photo: This morning I was telling my wife I'd read how potato growing in The Martian wasn't realistic since all potatoes are now treated to prevent sprouting.
But, during my walk this afternoon I passed these in an open, stinky dumpster:Photo: Somebody's watching #WorthlessOnWednesday +WorthlessOnWednesday  Photo: Who's getting wet today?Photo: Yesterday's sky. Today was rain.Photo: Stars and bars.Photo: #wordlessonwednesday  Photo: Playing with the Sony A6000. I like the camera and especially focus peaking for old manual lenses. This is the jpeg sooc taken with an old F-mount Soligor 70-210 @70mm/f8. Photo: Nice Corvette. What's with the gloves?Photo: New NuCO2.Photo: Storm's coming, but the drinks are cheap.Photo: Are ya' hot?
for  #fromthecarTuesday  by +J. Rae Chip and +Jetski Photo: Hope she doesn't fall.
For #rustysunday by +Gary Posner Photo: Fill 'er up.Photo: #wordlessonwednesday  Photo: Found this morning in an old bag and probably #WorthlessOnWednesday +WorthlessOnWednesday curated by +Alex A.Photo: Arson.
For some, simply writing a negative online review is not enough.Photo: Mixing music genres can be hazardous to your health...
One of the bars behind my shop is composed of two buildings joined by a large deck for those who like to party outside.
Last Saturday one was playing rap and the other country. This was the rap side.
Fire marshal says arson.Photo: Art installation or eviction?Photo: Splish splash.Photo: Count the kitties.
This was taken behind my shop this morning. The kittens are from the two sisters I've shown previously. They were born 6-8 weeks ago and this is the first time I've seen them come out from under the building.Photo: #wordlessonwednesday  Photo: Here I am again...at the ophthalmologist's office. Eye became infected, again. Another perk of accumulating years?Photo: Saturday we had the opportunity to attend my 3 1/2 yo granddaughter's first ballet recital. If you've never been to a first recital for 2.5-5 year old it's a hilarious experience. Batches of little girls in make up and tutus, half of them sucking their thumbs, not paying attention, pulling the marks off the stage. They're so un-selfconscious. Great fun :)
My granddaughter knew all her moves, was even showing some of the others what to do during dress rehearsal. We were in for a treat.
When the big moment came and she was lining up with her group she suddenly squatted down and began bawling. The instructor rushed over and her mom left the audience to go back stage where she was hustled off to. Somebody had forgotten to take her to pee before going on stage and she had to go right now.
She still got her flowers, though. Photo: Community service worker.
He looked about 14 years old to me. I asked what they got him for. He said he was caught drinking in public on his 18th birthday. Welcome to (semi) adulthood.
At 18 one can vote,  join the military and sign contracts, but 21 is the legal drinking age.Photo: Assault Life.Photo: Here's one I saw in Atlanta last weekend for #firehydrantfriday   Photo: #wordlessonwednesday  Photo: Dude had great interesting hair.
#fromthecarTuesday  by +J. Rae Chip & +Jetski Jones Photo: Stuff.Photo: This one appealed to my inner  eight year old.Photo: Toy store.Photo: Seen on facebook.
Quitman is about twenty minutes west of my town.Photo: I'd ask, but she'd probably tell me to start by tossing out the delicious bag of Tom's Spicy Mustard Potato Chips I have beside me.Photo: The shop next to mine sells antiques and other previously owned stuff. They just put up this display. Does it make you want to buy some jewelry?Photo: #wordlessonwednesday  Photo: Yesterday's eye problems didn't cure themselves overnight. In fact, my eyes looked like two pee holes in the snow this morning. Wisely, my wife made me go to our ophthalmologist for meds.
The cat's safe...for the moment.Photo: Morning.Photo: Bye, bye Sophie.
She appeared last October, sneaking around and trying to get some of the dry food I would leave out for the local ferals. She growled if any came near and I nicknamed her Scaredy Cat. Found out she was turned out of an apartment near my shop. She couldn't get along with the owner's other cats.
She'd been spayed  de-clawed  by the original owner who gave her to the folks near me. She was a housecat who grew up with dogs, hence the unusual growling at the local cats.
She decided I was OK and would frequently spend the night in my shop. Being house trained it wasn't a problem.
She would spend time on my lap most mornings for the neck and head rubbing.
About three months ago she got into it with something and had a wound on her leg. That fight was likely was gave her both feline leukemia and feline aids. That combination is rare according to the vet I just returned from having authorized her euthanasia.
She was ~8 years old and drew the shitty end on the stick. Photo: Watch the red bag.

#bagswednesday  by +Michael Behrmann +André Behrmann +Nancy Battis Vita +Magda Sz & +Magdalena MadZ Photo: Lexi, the grandkids' old toothless dog.Photo: Backside.Photo: Blue wheels, black bag, and orange shorts because it's 80/27 deg here today.
#bagswednesday curated by +André Behrmann +Michael Behrmann +Magda Sz +Magdalena MadZ & +Nancy Battis Vita Photo: Spiderman bikes.Photo: The pinkest one I've ever seen.Photo: What is this strange brew?
Blended with tequila barrel aged lager.Photo: Sunday stroll.
Friday's temperature barely reached 44/7 degrees, but it was 77/25 this afternoon when I snapped them while driving by.Photo: Number 85 is sporting a fashionable red hoodie and a waist length embroidered bag.
#bagswednesday curated by +André Behrmann   +Michael Behrmann +Magda Sz +Magdalena MadZ  and by +Nancy Battis VitaPhoto: Woof.Photo: Ticklish?Photo: My weird brother-in-law gave these to my wife/his sister for her birthday last week. She likes them.
(It's still #shoesmonday  in my part of the world)Photo: Laser HazardPhoto: High security.Photo: Take one down and pass it around...Photo: Didn't need this while trying to get home at 5 o'clock on a Saturday.
The beer was getting warm and the fried chicken was getting cold. Photo: The psychologist next door got himself a nice christmas present. There's big bucks in the never quite healing arts.Photo: Shopping day.Photo: The roof of my shop as seen from my back fence neighbor's lot.
His job is more fun than mine.Photo: A Cat.Photo: Stole this from twitter.Photo: #wordlessonWednesday  Photo: Who whistled?Photo: _Don't let the su-un go down on tree...
(with apologies to EJ)Photo: Gold, gold, gold!
#ShoesMonday , +Shoes Monday , +Olga Kafka , +Laura Harding , +Mee Ming Wong , +Carmen Schmidt , +Thomas Andersen , +Erwin Vindl +Ananda SimPhoto: Meet me at the corner.Photo: Christmas Eve sunrise, Okeechobee, Fl.Photo: Christmas eve morning.Photo: Mother works, family plays.Photo: Holiday's over. Who's anxious to get back to work tomorrow? [not me]Photo: Wind effects.Photo: Yay!  It's OH, OH, OHver!Photo: Ho, ho, ho...Photo: Coke™ and a smile.Photo: Please remain seated...
Isn't it #gingerThursday ?Photo: I spent Black Friday at a local amusement park with the grand-kids. That's my 5 yr old grandson with the goofy headgear in the lead car. I think he's an adrenaline junkie.
(One of the ride attendants said he volunteered to work today so he wouldn't have to go shopping with his wife :)Photo: Hey Stell...la!Photo: Crocs keep the wet out.Photo: Cheap lunch with 2for1 margaritas!
#signsundayPhoto: You never know what will park next to you.
#fourwheeledfriday  +Four Wheeled Friday Photo: Free chair.Photo: My 20 year old male Indian ringneck parakeet crafted this over a three day period. I wonder what he's up to. Should probably watch my back.Photo: Do the happy dance.Photo: Never let house guests get too comfortable.Photo: Just spent 2 hours at a three year old's birthday party. I want need a drink.Photo: Batgirl.Photo: Folded.Photo: Winey.Photo: Mad Beavers are here.
A tree will die.Photo: How about some biker bags for  #bagswednesday  ?
curated by +André Behrmann   +Michael Behrmann +Magda Sz +Magdalena MadZ  and by +Nancy Battis VitaPhoto: Beat this +James Forestier 
( Is there a #gaspricepoker ? :)Photo: It took me only 11 minutes for early voting this morning.
Vote, it's important! (unless you'd be voting for those  guys ;)Photo: I saw a this 2-seat A-29 Super Tucano overhead yesterday. The local air base is using them to train Afghani pilots. I wonder if the US instructor in the rear seat is armed.
http://www.af.mil/News/ArticleDisplay/tabid/223/Article/502897/a-29-super-tucano-arrives-at-moody-afb.aspxPhoto: Ignite the revolution!
(But not today, please.)Photo: Woof!Photo: Lunch.
A little Texas Pete  revives last night's pizza.Photo: Nice ride, Greg.Photo: The sunny scooter star.Photo: Grandson hunting cats, or something.Photo: My grandson hunting cats.Photo: While digging around in cabinets for a coffee grinder to use on Monday's (awful) Ethiopian Free Trade coffee I found my son's lunchbox from 1984.
'Fess up, who else had one?Photo: I think I may have just prevented an insurance fraud or at least a major foul-up.
I posted some pics a while back of the vehicle I lightly backed into.  Today I got a call from my insurance company to inform me that they had settled with my victim for ~$3000. The 1996 Mustang had estimated damages of >$2500 so they totaled it.
I said wait a minute, what?? I've got pictures, that can't be right.
And it wasn't.
The current estimate for the bumper tap is now $1100, which I still think is exorbitant.
I don't know what happened to his rear bumper after we parted, but the original estimate included ~$2400 for that.
And he seemed like such a nice young man and was a senior at the uni up the road. Photo: This is a piece of my backyard neighbor's pecan tree that decided to check out my side of the fence last Friday night.
#treetuesday  Photo: From my yard, Saturday morning, 12:20 AM.
Three hours earlier my backyard neighbor's huge pecan tree fell over and caused some annoyance. A few years earlier the same tree dropped a limb that took out my shed. That f#&!!&*$% tree is no longer a problem.Photo: #$%^*!!! I haven't been involved in a car accident involving anther driver for over 20 years. Three weeks ago we had a collision away from home that resulted over $8000 damage to my wife's Prius and today I backed into this Mustang which was invisible in the rear view mirror.
I you look closely you can see the imprint of my trailer hitch. $%!!&@$%Photo: #wordlessonWednesdayPhoto: Remember airmail (par avion)?
When I was a child regular mail was four cents and airmail a whopping seven cents.
+Mailbox Monday curated by +Patrice Christian +Gene Bowker #mailboxmondayPhoto: At the guff.Photo: My wife and I spent last weekend visiting my mother in Florida. It was a nice visit. Except for the auto accident part.Photo: That cat is digging in the yard again!
#caturday  Photo: Photo: #wordlessonwednesday  Photo: It doesn't matter that 1905 started it!

+Mailbox Monday curated by +Patrice Christian +Gene Bowker #mailboxmondayPhoto: Yesterday was the annual downtown barbeque cook off. It was hot and smokey and I should have stayed longer.Photo: Smoke gets in your...everything.
One of the many barbeque cookoff contestants.Photo: Bagman and Santa recycling.

#bagswednesday curated by +André Behrmann   +Michael Behrmann +Magdalena Szczygieł +Magdalena MadZ  and by +Nancy Battis VitaPhoto: Photo: #wordlessonWednesday  Photo: Stuff.Photo: She had balls.Photo: Silently, uselessly, outside the window my truck watches as they do what they do.Photo: DDSymmetryPhoto: New shoes.Photo: America's Beer!
[Just ignore that it was bought in 2008 by InBev, a Belgium/Brazilian company.]Photo: Fresh paint.Photo: Texture w/yolk.Photo: Splish, splash...Photo: Have a Can-O-Cancer©Photo: Monday is trash day.Photo: Sunshower. 
[WTF google+? I posted this a few minutes ago and clicked on it to see how it looked enlarged. While clicking the X to close the window g+ automatically cropped it.]Photo: The emergency entrance of the local butcher shop hospital complex.Photo: They were filming "a new show" next door to my shop.Photo: 1977 Datsun 2000
A guy who works next door just pulled it out of 14 years in storage to continue the restoration.
As I recall, that was about the time time he had a custom skateboard shop...and broke his leg. That was bad for business.
#fourwheeledfriday +Akhil Kalsh
+Annelies Jansen +Baba Schmitz +Kimberly Tweed +StPaul Herrmann +Four Wheeled Friday +Eric Hege +Virgil CowenPhoto: Some art from next door junk store. Just because it's so damn ugly ;)Photo: Soon there will be donuts! Photo: Run.Photo: #wordlessonwednesday  Photo: Big wheels.Photo: Intermission. Photo: It's supper again, but this time take out from Subway for the final day of my #fivedayquest  The footlong BMT's were this weeks special so I got one of my favorite gut busters.
I was tagged by +Gary Drouin and now you're it +Thierry Schauer 
The idea is to post a little something from your daily life for five days in a row. Include the #fivedayquest  tag, the person who tagged you and tag some other sucker, chain mail fashion. No obligation, only if you can at this time.Photo: Mellow yellow.Photo: Day 4 of the  #fivedayquest
This meal is something my wife and I came up with a while back which includes imitation crab, pasta, broccoli, green onions (missing here). Seasoned with salt & pepper, garlic, lemon juice and some cream. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Tastes better than it looks :)

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Five Day Quest guide: Post an image from your day for the next 5 days - add the hashtag #fivedayquest - tag someone else and mention who tagged you.Photo: Five hours earlier she was going the other way...and there were cops...and it was all B&W.
(Pure chance that I wandered down the alley as she returned.)Photo: Day 3 of the  #fivedayquest It was kind of a blur.

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Five Day Quest guide: Post an image from your day for the next 5 days - add the hashtag #fivedayquest - tag someone else and mention who tagged you.Photo: This is my old hippy sister-in-law's house in Atlanta last May. She lives with two fierce dogs and books in every room stacked floor to ceiling.Photo: The tree cleanup is proceeding today, on Easter Sunday. This was snapped about an hour ago.Photo: On a happier note, the Easter Bunny left these for me :)
Happy Easter Everybody!Photo: Grabbed this shot yesterday evening of a house I drive by nearly every day. These poor folks bought the property about six months ago and have been fixing it up. They wont forget Easter 2014.Photo: #WordlessonWednesdayPhoto: It's been dam wet around here for the past 24 hours.Photo: Did the grandparents thing last night and babysat.
Here's the goofy kid being goofy.Photo: #WordlessOnWednesdayPhoto: Don't forget your wallet Superman!

#bagswednesday curated by +André Behrmann   +Michael Behrmann +Magdalena Szczygieł +Magdalena MadZ  and by +Nancy Battis VitaPhoto: I got my oil-slinging, sensor fouling, Nikon D600 back from servicing. It was shipped to Nikon on March 1 and returned today, which is rather fast I think.
Here's the list of what was done, at no charge, to the out of warranty camera.Photo: Plane.Photo: ♪ No, no, No. No, no. No, no, no, no.
#signsunday +Sign Sunday +Lori Carey +Gary Posner +Janice Hackney & +Jetski JonesPhoto: Just a couple couple of Fords I saw at Home Depot.
#fourwheeledfriday +Akhil Kalsh
+Annelies Jansen +Baba Schmitz +Kimberly Tweed +StPaul Herrmann +Four Wheeled Friday +Eric Hege +Virgil CowenPhoto: Pink lady with bags and hat(?).

+#CapsAndHatsWednesday curated by +urszula masilela  +Aleksander Sobek and by +Magdalena Szczygieł #CapsAndHatsWednesday 

#bagswednesday curated by +André Behrmann   +Michael Behrmann +Magdalena Szczygieł +Magdalena MadZ  and by +Nancy Battis VitaPhoto: Weeds are springing up all over.Photo: There was a question whether that AMC from a few weeks ago ( https://plus.google.com/+JLBtwee/posts/hDfEvEw1XS6 ) was an AMX 390 or a Javelin 343. Here ya' go...Photo: Buddies.Photo: At the park.Photo: A rare AMC AMX (1969?) spotted at an intersection yesterday. Only about 19,000 were produced from 1968-1970. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_AMXPhoto: Ice, ice, baby...
[Iceageddon 2014]Photo: More baggy fashion from sunny South Georgia ;-)
#bagswednesday curated by +André Behrmann   +Michael Behrmann +Magdalena Szczygieł +Magdalena MadZ  and by +Nancy Battis VitaPhoto: The mailman brought me a 50 year old Soviet camera yesterday. It's in really great condition, both mechanically and optically.Photo: Stylin' in brown.
And, yeah, he wore the shorts when the day started out at 24F/-4.4C degrees.Photo: Since I live in south Georgia I haven't seen  an icicle in ages. I remember ones as tall as me from when I was a kid in South Dakota. I worried about being impaled.
This little guy was spotted as I was locking up my shop this evening.Photo: This Bud's for you.
(Assuming you don't like beer ;)Photo: A good day to fly away.Photo: Crocs don't care which foot they're on :)
Happy holidays #ShoesMonday and +Shoes Monday , +Olga Kafka , +Laura Harding , +Mee Ming Wong , +Carmen Schmidt , +Thomas Andersen , +Erwin VindlPhoto: NO PROBLEM
(so far)Photo: Photo: Photo: He know when you've been bad or good...Photo: More local fashion for the last #BagsWednesdy  of 2013!
#bagswednesday curated by +André Behrmann   +Michael Behrmann +Magdalena Szczygieł +Magdalena MadZ  and by +Nancy Battis VitaPhoto: #WordlessOnWednesdayPhoto: Move your body according to music!Photo: Kitty eyes the holiday decoration.Photo: It was foggy this morning.Photo: Photo: Checkers drive by.Photo: Thanksgiving, 2013.
I'd forgotten about my turkey day drive around. The little Fuji X10 did pretty good here. #fromthecartuesdayPhoto: BOOGA BOOGA!Photo: Focus, grandpa.Photo: It's cold and flu season, you might as well lick the monkey bars.Photo: Friday Nightlife.Photo: FERAL FELINE FEASTS ON FOUND FRANK
(Sorry, couldn't resist ;)Photo: Downtown, Saturday.Photo: Huh?
for  #firehydrantfriday +Fire Hydrant Friday curated by +Gailen Mapes
and  #caturday  tooPhoto: Fall colors.Photo: I saw a mail carrier delivering to this "box" on Saturday.
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these
couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.
+Mailbox Monday  curated by +Patrice Christian & +Gene Bowker  #mailboxmondayPhoto: Next door this morning. The truck owner popped out the store and told me $5 for pics and $10 for a ride around the block. I laughed.Photo: Electric Art?
A bunch of guys were wrapping these power lines on Sunday.Photo: Three guys.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Renfroe will be serving you this evening.Photo: Lose a gnome? This fellow was wandering around in the middle of the road this morning.
#LeadingLinesMonday +Pam Boling +Andreas Levi +David Murphy +Elle Rogers +Michael B. Stuart +Simos XenakisPhoto: SOS, COP
I enjoy shooting from the passenger seat as my wannabe a race car driver wife alternates between flooring the gas and brake pedals.Photo: CutloosePhoto: Caught this sweet Corvette Stingray a few minutes ago on the way home for #fourwheeledfriday  Curated by +Annelies Kroen +Kimberly Tweed +Baba Schmitz +Eric Hege +Rob Hallifax +StPaul Herrmann +Akhil KalshPhoto: Fairlane 500Photo: Tipsy Transit interiorPhoto: #wordlessonWednesdayPhoto: Pink.Photo: Trees, moss, flag...
+Tree Tuesday  curated by +Christina Lawrie +Shannon S. Myers +Allan Cabrera +Ralph Mendoza +Kim Troutman #TreeTuesdayPhoto: As the 100 year old mill is being demolished, a new Mill is being constructed.Photo: Coke under glass.Photo: Contrast.Photo: More "art" from the walls of Lucky's (Irishy) Pub and Grill
Would any Irishmen out there please enlighten us as to who/what this might be.Photo: Lucky'sPhoto: An assortment of items removed from my business' back yard before moving the grass.Photo: Outside the fire equipment store.Photo: #wordlessonwednesdayPhoto: Mmmm, pizza good...
Is there a #wearegrandparents  ?Photo: Michigan's answer to Bass Ale?
Never tried it, doubt if I will.Photo: Tipped over trash can near one of the bars.
Hey Google what's UV Cake ?
Huh? Really? White cake flavored vodka? Why?Photo: Photo: Photo: Lines.Photo: Photo: #CATURpillarDAYPhoto: I tossed it a Dorito fur posing for #caturdayPhoto: HOLLYWOODPhoto: Let's play shoot-em-up!
_tac·ti·cal  [tak-ti-kuhl] adjective
1.of or pertaining to tactics, especially military or naval tactics.
2.characterized by skillful tactics or adroit maneuvering or procedure: tactical movements.
3.of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage.
4.expedient; calculated.
5.prudent; politic.
via dictionary.com_Photo: #wordlessonwednesdayPhoto: OVERSIZE LOAD

#transporttuesday by +Gene Bowker +Joe Paul +Michael Earley & +Annie IrvingPhoto: Splish, splash.Photo: My son's fourth birthday back in 1982. His son turns four this summer and should enjoy this pic of his dad.
Scanned from a deteriorating slide by holding up to the kitchen fluorescent light and snapping with a macro lens on my D600. I need to figure out a better way to scan all of these ;)Photo: My cheeezies!
Happy Easter!Photo: Easter is coming.Photo: Photo: Pink finial.
A new business neighbor is re-doing the sign. I think it's going to be colorful.Photo: No! I still can't hear you!Photo: Photo: Photo: Sunday morning.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This happened 44 years ago, tomorrow.
+Blast From The Past +#blastfromthepast +Cheryl Cooper +Mark Rodriguez & +Isabelle FortinPhoto: This is the angel that's topped all our trees for the past decade. I never cared for her attitude.
It's a travel day for us. Down to the in-laws near Okeechobee, FL. It'll be family and cows for a few days.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: It's been a Grandpa duty evening.Photo: Go fast/go slow.Photo: Heavy metal.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Roof cat.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hold still!
(My grandkids and daughter-in-law before the candy extortion event.)Photo: Photo: Come in, make yourself uncomfortable.
A little something courtesy of a local adult beverage emporium for +Horrorpoker Monday by +David Murphy +Jimmy Symons & me #horrorpokerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Mustang with some junk in the trunk from yesterday's car show.Photo: Slowing it down with a Model A.
See the jug?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kitteh urbex.Photo: G+ is #onthefenceWednesday 
Is this the first macro for +On The Fence Wednesday +Natosha Davis?Photo: Photo: Photo: It was a cool foggy morning and as usual I thought that one of these days I had to get up in time to grab a shot of the pond I passed on the way to work.
Today it probably looked great with the steam rising, the lone
cypress tree in the center and the fog obscuring the homes surrounding the pond.

Sure enough, as I passed the mill pond it was all I expected, plus a flock of geese in V formation flying right at me.

But, I was late, so this is not that picture.

AlleyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I started Monday with the mono version of this. Since the day is now in the crapper for me, I'll end it with the color version of...
Three seats. No Waiting.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jogging.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A Dollar General variety store is being built up the street. The let me get a shot. I hope to get one from the same pov in a few weeks when it's stocked.Photo: Guitar hero.Photo: Photo: Lucky catch. Sept 4, 2012Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: All gone.
when #weareparents we become grandparentsPhoto: A touch of light before the rains return.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: One might think that the bank owned by the richest family in this and surrounding counties could afford a new new flag every so often.Photo: Photo: Hizzoner & Wife.
This one's for +lydia z. Day ;)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This farmhouse had been rotting away for at least the last 10 years we passed it, until now.Photo: Photo: Photo: Passing through Valdosta, Ga on your way to or from Disney World and looking for something cheap and not so family oriented? ;)
#signsunday +Sign Sunday by +Lori Carey Photo: Feeling lucky?
Through the fence for #OnTheFenceWednesday by +Natosha DavisPhoto: Swoosh, swoosh.Photo: Photo: Photo: G! :oPhoto: Photo: Photo: MONGO
Wasn't that the guy from Blazing Saddles?
Blazing Saddles- Enter Mongo

#signsunday +Sign Sunday Photo: Photo: I hear a dog can get a decent haircut there.
For #windowwednesday by +Jules Falk Hunter +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +Catherine Furet +J.J. Bentley & +Simon KitcherPhoto: Almost off, but for now...
#OnTheFenceWednesday by +Natosha Davis Photo: Photo: A late one for #leadinglinesMonday 
curated by +Pam Chalkley +Michael Stuart +Elle Rogers & +David Murphy Photo: Medicine bottle.
I dug this out of an old abandoned garbage dump in Macon, GA in 1970.
The markings are CC's, I think.
For #macromonday`s curated by +Kelli Seeger Kim +Kerry Murphy & +Jennifer Eden +Macro Monday Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Innocent eyes.
For +Eyes On Sunday curated by +Sonia Kalčić #eyesonsundayPhoto: I just spent two hours at the birthday party of a three year old, my grandson. I'm worn out.Photo: Sun shower.Photo: It was my own damn gas can!
As I passed this guy he started waving the empty can, shouting about how it was his and he'd paid $8 for it and he ran out of gas and they wouldn't give it to him and, and...
+StreetPics  #streetpics +Arnold Goodway +Pablo Luis Gonzalez & +Monika Pia Photo: Anti-theft device.
For #fidofriday curated by +Wes Lum +mel peifer +Suhaib Ayaz & +Lisa Lisa  Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bug.Photo: Photo: The White Knight (ret)Photo: A closer view of the earlier Chevy truck. It was very impressive up close.
Also,it appears to be owned by a student, it's for sale, the tires are about 42in/107cm high and there are lotion and tissues in the center console.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Trophies. 
For #ondisplaythursday +On Display Thursday curated by +Laura Loralieh Nixon  Photo: Photo: A very presentable homeless man (I think). He asked if I had a spare cig, unfortunately I didn't, so missed an opportunity for an interesting portrait.
#StreetPics  +StreetPics Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The city is pulling up the speedbumps on the street where I have my shop.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: How nice, they've built me a bridge to a beer. #ratsview 
#leadinglinesmonday +Leading Lines Monday +Pam Chalkley +Michael Stuart +Elle Rogers and what's +David Murphy doing here?Photo: Photo: Two new business on the street. Ben Owens specialized in guitar sales, repairs and lessons. The Bump kind of creeps me out. It's for those who want to see the baby before it's born. Here's a link to some 3d ultrasound images https://www.google.com/search?q=3d+ultrasound&hl=en&safe=off&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=GPrxT-X6D8zG0AHmqOn7Ag&ved=0CHcQsAQ&biw=1095&bih=567Photo: Photo: Some detail from the bike I posted previously.Photo: More detail from the bike posted earlier.Photo: Photo: The Fourth of July is Wednesday and people are getting out their flags.Photo: Today's forecast: Blue skies and sunshine.Photo: Photo: Another victim of mailbox abuse.Photo: Photo: Photo: Juice can.
For #PowerlineFriday +Powerline Friday by +Natosha Davis Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A money truck for #transporttuesday +TransportTuesday curated by +Steve Boyko +Michael Earley +Joe Paul & +Gene BowkerPhoto: Photo: $8 Buckets - found in the gutter about a block from the nearest bar.
Probably dropped by the same drunk SOB who trashed my mailbox...again.
For #signsunday  by +walt sprinkle & +Gene Bowker Photo: Photo: White knuckle driver.Photo: He's bugging fixing your phone lines.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Work in progress.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A rolling grab shot of my credit union for #WindowWednesday The architect had an idea, but lost it along the way it seems. +Jules Falk Hunter +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +Bette Kauffman +J.J. Bentley and last but not least +David MurphyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The lady wants a beer.Photo: Photo: More...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Some pretty in the gutter for a change.
(shoulda saved it for FloralFriday;)Photo: Photo: Photo: I was thinking I needed a towel for #towelday and realized I had one. This ugly thing was bought off the discount rack more than 25 yrs ago while on vacation. It's been used over the years for the beach, soaking kid and dog pee out of carpets, packed between pieces furniture on moves, catching drips from a leaky roof and many other things. Thanks bargain bin towel, you've been there for us.Photo: Damn bright.Photo: Our plugs have been accessorized.
for #firehydrantfriday by +Mark Bottoms & +SE BlackwellPhoto: Why Herr Busch is rolling in his grave.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: It's hard to tell, but the furball on the right is composed of three kittens. Looks like the babysitter ate the yogurt while mom was out hunting.Photo: Photo: Photo: It's Friday somewhere.
+Fire Hydrant Friday #firehydrantfriday curated by +Mark Bottoms & +SE BlackwellPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Flushing.
+Brian White #todaytuesdayPhoto: A #ratsview for #AllThingRed +AllThingsRed by +Lucille GalleliPhoto: His brother works at a junkyard.
Jim Croce- Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (with lyrics!)Photo: How's the reception?Photo: Cyclist Mailbox.
(autofocus can be cruel)Photo: Red enough?Photo: Photo: Red shoes & Calvin Kleins.
This is the local bike shop owner. He tests them all personally.Photo: And there it is. I took him all of 30 seconds to make the switch with the power still on. I stood back.Photo: The gas guzzling Chevy Tahoe is very popular around here.
The guy in the background is bringing us into the 20th century to day by installing "smart" electric meters. Nice, but more jobs lost.
#allthingsred +AllThingsRed curated by +Lucille Galleli & +Stephen ThackerayPhoto: This one's for Lydia.
Shouldn't the bladder feeder thing have been removed after four years?Photo: Photo: Is a gate a door?
#doorsunday by +André Roßbach & +Dave KrugmanPhoto: I need a haircut, but this place scares me.
+Leading Lines Monday #leadinglinesmonday Curated by +Pam Chalkley +Jakob Nilsson & +CJ SrosPhoto: Photo: Moving day.Photo: Designated smoking area for the health food store.Photo: Photo: Chairs at rest.Photo: Photo: This old guy is looking good since the recent paint job.
#firehydrantfriday +Fire Hydrant Friday curated by +Mark Bottoms & +SE BlackwellPhoto: She's fashionably lean...?
The Doors - Twentieth Century FoxPhoto: Good fences make good neighbors? 
Not in this neighborhood.Photo: Family snaps for #MirrorMonday
+Mirror Monday by +Gemma Costa & +Elizabeth EdwardsPhoto: Another massive billboard just went up. The first electronic one for this town. It's 2,000ft too close to the next nearest one, but I guess "arrangements" were made with someone at city hall.Photo: Photo: Keep Out.
One of the entrances of the shuttered cotton mill.
#tuesdecay by +Ian FerencePhoto: Photo: I got to wander around the 'hood this afternoon. I was ready for some body art and maybe a piercing, but they were closed.Photo: Photo: Photo: Jimmy!Photo: