4 Photos - Feb 13, 2012
Photo: New Moon Over San Francisco

Loved the idea of the new +Exposed - G+ Photography Journal which recently launched. I know first hand it's no easy task to put something like this today, especially when it's not your job.

At any rate, it looks great and I hope the guys behind it will continue to produce it. With that in mind and since today is #monochromemonday - here's my attempt for a submission, and image of SF skyline I took one winter.

#exposedphotoPhoto: Foggy Day in San Francisco

This was taken during a summer day, but might as well be now, as fog is a year round event in San Francisco.

New newsletter I am starting a newsletter that will cover a variety of fine art photography topics, share news about my projects and have print giveaways once a month. You can sign up here - http://www.ivanmakarov.com/newsletter/Photo: Announcing New Website + PRINT GIVEAWAY

After weeks of work, I'm happy to announce my new portfolio/blog website - www.ivanmakarov.com - please take a look, and let me know what you think. If you read my blog, you may want to resubscribe to RSS feed - as I lost the old feed in the process.

Finally everything is in one place.

To celebrate the new site, I'm going to give away two fine art prints. This time it can be a print of any picture you'd like. To enter, do one of two simple things below - or both if you want to enter twice and double your chances.

(1) re-share this post
(2) sign up for my new Newsletter - http://www.ivanmakarov.com/newsletter/ (I'll have monthly print giveaways with each issue).

I'll announce the two winners tomorrow.

As for the photograph below - this was taken last fall and I never got to posting it. Took this one early morning when out with +Steve-Maxx landeros - tell you what.. A jaw dropping view of San Francisco, even if dangerous to get to. It's very hard to take pictures there because the view is so captivating.Photo: Embarcadero Center, Study 2

Was going to share a new image from the fireworks at Golden Gate Bridge last night, but as luck would have it, I ended up spending that time in traffic somewhere in the Marin County. Of course I could have left really early like +Thomas Hawk +Joe Azure and others, but it's not always easy with three kids who are all younger than 5 years old. We wanted to try our luck anyway and left our house around 6pm. The organizers of the event did a good job posting all road and area closures south of the Bridge, but they didn't mention anything about Marin County.

So that's where we got stuck - somewhere in the Mill Valley. Just about all access points to the GGB were blocked off my time we made it there. Oh well, we will try again in 25 years.

So this is an older image from the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. As soon as I get a new tripod, I will revisit that place for new images.