Photo: Toasted

So I switched my blog from Wordpress to +Squarespace just yesterday and guess what happened today? A DOS attack on Squarespace ( bringing my Blog down. I think this is one of the first ever downtimes of Squarespace.
Photo: Avenue of Colors

...also known as 5th Ave in #Naples, FL

Every time I stay in Naples, I have to shoot that road. Will be back, soon :)

If anybody in or around Naples, FL is up for a photowalk in early October, drop me a note.
Photo: Down Under

Kissimmee Sports Arena, Kissimmee, FL / 2012
Photo: from Ingo Meckmann at - all images Creative Commons Noncommercial
Photo: Side-Tracked

Here is another 5-shot auto-bracketing, handhdeld, wide-angle, low-light, high ISO, twilight 5D Mark III sample - similar to the previous post.

Getting up early in the morning can pay out if you get clouds like that. This was shot today at 6:36am.
Ingo Meckmann
Down Under

Kissimmee Sports Arena, Kissimmee, FL / 2012

40 plus ones