31 Photos - Mar 22, 2012
Photo: Snowdrift through bedframe in Worcester State Hospital.Photo: Beauty in decay.Photo: There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in.Photo: Light in Shadow.Photo: Doors between patient rooms in Building G, Mayview State Hospital.Photo: Haven at the edge of the worldPhoto: Sunrise in Building G, Mayview State Hospital.Photo: Lounging in the darkPhoto: Spiral staircase on North Brother Island.Photo: View through window of tuberculosis pavilion in autumn, North Brother Island.Photo: Sunrise in Trenton State Hospital.Photo: Thorazine sunsetPhoto: Bowling shoes on shelves at Rockland State Hospital.Photo: Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.Photo: Homage to Klimt.Photo: Chair in patient room at Taunton State Hospital.Photo: Civil twilight in a Unit 2 nurses' station, Mont Alto Sanatorium.Photo: Ward hallway in Athens State Hospital.Photo: Kitchen scenePhoto: View up the grand stairwell at the Babcock Building, South Carolina State Hospital.Photo: Patient dormitory at Buffalo State Hospital.Photo: Dairy barn and guard tower at Western State Hospital.Photo: Sleeping Beauty.Photo: Window in green room, Waldo Hotel.Photo: Old #7 in the Hackensack Water Works.Photo: Homage to Hopper.Photo: Carpeted hallway, Waldo Hotel.Photo: Ward corridor at Greystone Park State Hospital.Photo: Tickled ivories at Westborough State Hospital.Photo: Library in Boys' Dormitory on North Brother Island.