37 Photos - May 12, 2013
Video: 100% of the wall workingVideo: Another video of the wall in actionVideo: 50% of the wall working!Photo: One bike donePhoto: The DesignPhoto: Max drilling holes through both boards at the same timePhoto: Almost done.Photo: Painting the boards blackPhoto: Testing the LEDsVideo: Our 2nd test using 1/5th of the wallVideo: One tenth of the wall working!Photo: PartsPhoto: First bar donePhoto: DrillenPhoto: WeldingPhoto: Looks like a bustPhoto: Parts ready to go!Photo: Wall controllerPhoto: build itPhoto: checking levelsPhoto: bike1Photo: almost donePhoto: Photo: eq1Photo: pulsar1Photo: pulsar2Photo: city1Photo: atari1Photo: circles1Photo: circles2Photo: balls1Photo: balls2Photo: wheel1Photo: back1Photo: back2Photo: clips1Photo: clips2