21 Photos - Mar 13, 2012
Photo: Closeup of some lettering from a package.Photo: Magic card flavor textPhoto: Origami paper... folded crane. This is not a special textured paper, just a normal, smooth sheet.Photo: A round holographic bit of origami paper. Has round circular bits. You can SEE the ridges!Photo: Potholder. You can't see these particles with the naked eye! Umm... time to wash this thing.Photo: Head of an origami crane made from the previously mentioned origami paper.Photo: My fingerprint. Yes, that's DIRT between the ridges of my fingerprint!Photo: Regular, brand-new unwashed/unworn t-shirt.Photo: Soft, fuzzy sock. Count the fibers!Photo: Sesame seeds, in an asian seasoning blend (hence the yellow color.) The tiny particles are the little particulate bits that sank to the bottom of the mix.Photo: Lemon skinPhoto: Thin mint. One of the little indentations that are around the cookie.Photo: Frozen blueberries. Those are the ice particles on the edge!Photo: Keyboard of my phone.Photo: Screen of my cell phone. Note the dust motes.Photo: Border of a Dragon stampPhoto: Forever stamp textPhoto: Little 1/2 inch long dragon ornamentation on a dragon stamp sheetPhoto: Bit of quartz rockPhoto: Cat FoodPhoto: Grape Jelly