18 Photos - Sep 9, 2013
Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. #FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias #shopPhoto: It was a beautiful morning. A day of many firsts! My kids had their first day or school and I was getting my daughter her first cell phone!Photo: I stopped at Walmart to check out the Family Mobile Plan. I could see there were going to be a lot of options.Photo: Shopping for phones and wireless plans can be so stressful. Their are so many choices. Walmart has so many options that can be done in the store! But I was determined to find the sweet Family Plan deal.Photo: Tah-dah! I found the display with the details and phones. It confirmed the price I saw online. I was excited to learn more! I love this great and informative display!Photo: I just had to touch the phones on the display. Lots of great phones to get started on the plan. I also saw that you could use your own phone! SWEET!Photo: That is a sweet new phone.  I was impressed to see that Walmart has the latest phones for sale and they can be used on the Family Plan. So many great options!Photo: Being be the informed consumer (aka nerd) I am, I had to read that handy brochure.  I seriously LOVE all the information and how simple they make it. 4 simple steps.Photo: Inside the brochure I saw more of the monthly plan information. Check out the bottom left-- NO contracts, overages or credit checks!  Less than $40 a month for the first line. This brochure sealed the deal for me.Photo: So I headed for these starter kits. Only $25 and that is all you need to get started! NO other fees to get started right away! I LOVE this! Seriously!Photo: A closer look. I was making sure I was not overlooking fine print or hidden fees. NOPE!Photo: THIS IS IT! This is the phone I wanted! Look how fancy! It was on rollback for $249.88. I was so excited! I loved that they had so much info on the display. Again, I LOVED the display!Photo: I noticed the same phone over at the AT&T counter. I noticed the $0.97 offer. Sounds good right. Until today I would have been all over that. BUT notice the fine print. You have to sign a 2 year contract. I am avoiding those like the plaque! NO MORE CONTRACTS. But I get why people do it for the cheap phone price.Photo: I phone case is a must. So I stopped by to look at more options. So many pretty choices.Photo: Next it was time to activate. It can all be done in the store!Photo: Ms.Dee was ready to take care of me. She opened the box and logged into their system. Within minutes I was ready!Photo: YEAH! After a few minutes I was ready to roll! Phone, Plan, Activation, Test Call, DONE!Photo: When I got home I looked over everything. I was still in shock at the amazing price, phone, plan and options! WOW that was easy! In less than an hour I had found a way to save us hundreds of dollars a month!