27 Photos - Jun 11, 2013
Photo: Photo: It is HOT in Texas! The kids are home and already bored! Today I decided to add some excitement to our day. The kids were going to help me create summer time snacks in scoop.Photo: We went to our favorite store Walmart. I laughed when I saw the Frito Lay truck hoping that was a sign that the shelves were fully stocked!Photo: I grabbed the local ad on the way in. A few of the things I had in mind were in there. YAY! One thing I love about Walmart is even if an item isn't listed in the ad I can be sure it is a great price! There are roll backs all over the store!Photo: Look at the first thing I saw! Right in front of the entrance were Pepsi products. a 6 pack for $1.50! That was a no brainer! I grabbed me some Diet Pepsi!Photo: The front entrance was full of yummy deals! They know we are all shopping for summer time foods! My kids really wanted to stock up on Doritos thanks to this display!Photo: WOW Pepsi is on a roll! I had not even made it through the entrance and they had another display. This 24 pack was perfect for our vacation this weekend and at that price it was an easy choice!Photo: I LOVE the produce the department at Walmart. Fresh fruit was one of the ideas I had for our snack and my son agreed. He wanted fruit for his snack.Photo: This display was awesome! It actually lite up along the top. It really made us think of a county fair. My kids and I were all distracted by this one. Very cool!Photo: Chip Aisle! My daughter LOVED the idea of dressing up some Tostitos Scoops. I was excited to see the multigrain option!Photo: I love when coupons are on products! I considered buying this just because it would be a great deal!Photo: But first we checked out all of the Tostitos dips. The kids were in the mood for cheese. The price was perfect so it was a YES!Photo: We ended up with several bags of scoops. They were going to the base for our snacks.Photo: I really liked this sign on top of the chips section. It makes me think summer time outside!Photo: I usually don't shop for tea but it is HOT and sweet tea sounded really good. I had no idea Lipton had so many options!Photo: WOW Propel is popular! This display was almost empty. I always grab a few of these.Photo: My kids are not a fan of tea so I picked up some Mountain Dew for them.Photo: These little bottles are so cute!Photo: My kids had a few more minutes to choose what they wanted to dress up their scoops with. You can see they have these aisle's memorized. We were headed for the chili.Photo: Ready to create our snacks!Photo: I combined pineapple, apples and strawberry into bite size pieces. Then sprinkled lightly with cinnamon. They paired perfectly with the multigrain scoops.Photo: The kids worked together to add the Chili and  Tostitos Queso into the Tostitos Scoops.Photo: I took a break for some sweet tea! YUMMY and refreshing!Photo: Then it was time to enjoy our snacks!Photo: Photo: Photo: