153 Photos - Jan 1, 2012
Photo: AttentionPhoto: Don't Steal BicyclesPhoto: #creative366project January 3, 2011

Thanks to +Fabian Schorp for spotting this.Photo: #creative366project Jan 4, 2011Photo: Jan 5, 2012 #creative366project #thirstythursdayPhoto: Sometimes, even the basement floor turns out to be quite interesting …

#creative366project January 6, 2012Photo: Lady talkPhoto: #creative366project Jan 8, 2011

Today's shot was difficult since I had a slow sunday with little time outside – so I decided to spend some time hunting for a decent subject in the flat. This was about the best I came up with, I like it for the seeming symmetry, which isn't there when you look at this a bit more.Photo: kitchenPhoto: self portraitPhoto: Birthday cake made for me by my wonderful wife +Maren Wagener 

Also, Happy Birthday to +Heiko Niemeier, +Helga Velroyen and +Kristian Köhntopp!

#creative366project January 11, 2012Photo: #creative366project Jan 12, 2012Photo: Sometimes, leaving the office on time pays off.

#creative366project Jan 13, 2012Photo: A portrait of +Roshan Sembacuttiaratchy – shot mostly by chance when on a photowalk with him, +Michèle Müller and a couple other folks.

#creative366project Jan 14, 2012Photo: jam-n-damnPhoto: Street Art

Jan 16, 2012


Ran by this on the way back from the camera shop, who sent my E-P2 to Olympus. I'll know in a week how much the repair will cost (150CHF or more; hoping it'll be less than a new body – else I'll have to cover the price for the estimate AND buy a new body. I do like the GX1, but it'd mean I'd need to get another battery, a new EVF, etc.).Photo: First FrostPhoto: frost blindPhoto: rather hotPhoto: morning mellowPhoto: Fate is a harsh mistress.Photo: This cake causes you to lie downPhoto: #creative366project
Jan 24, 2012

The sun behind clouds. It was a great, wintry day, and I hope to have gotten some of that in this off-hand shot.Photo: #creative366project

Jan 21, 2012

I was still waiting for a replacement body for my broken camera and fooled around with HDR+ for my Android phone … I liked this one quite a bit (even though the square cropping came a couple days later, I still think this counts)Photo: #creative366project
Jan 26, 2012Photo: Stainless Steel SeaPhoto: #creative366project Jan 28, 2012

Chcolate Rum Cake

Recipe and Ingredients by +Nicole Neumann, made by +Maren Wagener – it's as delicious as it looks on the photo.Photo: pancakesPhoto: #creative366project for January 30, 2012

Another one from the kitchen, with a bit of kitschy post-processingPhoto: I feel the need / the need for speedPhoto: #creative366project Feb 1, 2012

Playing with the built-in flash on the replacement body for my E-P2 … I'll post the failed attempts to take this photo in a separate update (-:Photo: #creative366project Feb 2, 2012
More kitchen pictures.Photo: Grand OpeningPhoto: #creative366project Feb 04, 2012

We went to a new bar with friends, and they were very happy to find beer from their hometown!Photo: #creative366project Feb 05, 2012

Trains in Switzerland may run on time most of the time, but some of the carriages show their age … this is a service plate from one I rode today.Photo: GoldeneyePhoto: #creative366project Feb 7 2012

Taken from a running tram at 1/3rd second exposure.Photo: #creative366project Feb 8 2012

Some nice flowers I saw in the office.Photo: Northern View of QuaibrückePhoto: Die TänzerinPhoto: #creative366project Feb 11, 2012

It's still very cold in Switzerland and a lot of the fountains are frozen. This dragon is spewing forth icy death. A larger version (stitch of ~12 photos) of the full fountain is available at http://goo.gl/aV1cbPhoto: #creative366project Feb 12, 2012

long time exposure of a train leaving the station – since I was standing on a bridge and the train shook the camera, the raw photo was out of focus. I added a cheap soft focus effect to make this somewhat more 'intentional' and 'abstract'.Photo: Handlebar HeadPhoto: #creative366project Feb 14, 2012

Taken last night, just before midnight. Treacherous stairs …Photo: ScanlinesPhoto: #creative366project Feb 16, 2012 – Münsterbrücke Zürich. +Fabian Schorp did some nice shots with his new 8mm Fisheye from the same spot, I hope +David Castro doesn't turn green from envy …Photo: four eyesPhoto: #creative366project Feb 18, 2012

Maybe someone knows how I did this …Photo: #creative366project Feb 19, 2012

Another detail from my favorite living room exension (i.e., the bar I'm a regular at) – unfortunately the phone booth behind this door has long been converted into a utility room, so there's no hidden history to show …Photo: MädelsPhoto: #creative366project Feb 21, 2012

A reshoot of one of my favorites. Colors courtesy the gas station and the redlight at the crossing.Photo: The WirePhoto: #creative366project Feb 23, 2012Photo: #creative366project Feb 24, 2012

Engstligenalp, Adelboden. We went there for a birthday dog sleigh ride. More pictures forthcoming.Photo: #creative366projec Feb 25, 2012

After we left a crappy movie at the half-time break (yeah, this still exists in Switzerland!), I still had to take a photo. Model is +Maren Wagener who was seeing the first 3D movie ever (quote: "The 3D effects were the reason I didn't fall asleep …").Photo: #creative366project Feb 26, 2012

We were visiting a friend for dinner who had been to Belarus recently, and she bought some chocolates there for her goddaughter.Photo: #creative366project Feb 27, 2012

The last remainder of Maren's birthday cakePhoto: Zopf (4 threads)Photo: #creative366project Feb 29, 2012

One of the great perks at work is an abundance of pool tables. This was after an almost-botched shot by +Dimitrios Psychogios, where the ball stopped juuust before dropping, much to +Alex Dovlecel's dismal.Photo: #creative366project March 1st, 2012Photo: #creative366project March 2, 2012Photo: #creative366project Mar 3, 2012

A last cocktail I was sure not to get during my vacation on Cuba (I was right).Photo: #creative366project Mar 4, 2012

After a long flight, arrival at the Mirador de Mayabe. I couldn't possibly start this series without an oldtimer or two …Photo: Baracoa at NightPhoto: HamburguesaPhoto: #creative366project Mar 7, 2012

Longtime exposure of the pool area. Just the right amount of kitsch, no?Photo: wet'n'dryPhoto: #creative366project March 9, 2012

Detail from the Wrought Iron Gate to Club Nautico in Santiago de Cuba. It's precolonial history is seen in things like this, but the restaurant only accepts national currency, i.e. it's aimed mainly at Cubans, not tourists.Photo: #creative366project Mar 10, 2012

A couple dances to live music on the Placa Cespedes in Santiago de Cuba.

While there's a lot of musicians targeting tourists to make their living, this band was playing afrocuban rumba for Santiagueros.Photo: #creative366project Mar 11, 2012

A street peddler.

Certain kinds of small private businesses are legal in Cuba since recently. This young man has a portable Granizado stand (shaved ice with syrup and/or liquors), but he is not beyond selling fresh fruit as well. The Mango was delicious.Photo: #creative366project March 12, 2012

The main doors of the church in Bayamo (with a tad of HDR; still working on that …)Photo: taking a breakPhoto: #creative366project March 14, 2012

After ten eventful and insightful days, we spent three relaxing days on a small islet in the northeast of Cuba (close enough to be reachable via bridge, photo upcoming …). We had windy, cloudy evenings and a couple rain showers late in the evenings / at night, which was pretty welcome.Photo: #creative366project March 15, 2012

The villa and island sport tons of animals: Horses, Antilopes, Zebras, Lizards, and of course various animals of the avian variety.Photo: #creative366project Mar 16, 2012

And, finally, a proper beach vacation photo.Photo: OttoPhoto: #creative366project Mar 18, 2012

A last draw of cuban air before returning to Europe (with a stop-over in Jamaica).Photo: #creative366project Mar 19, 2012 

After visiting four countries and three landmasses in less than 24h (Cuba, Jamaica, Germany, Switzerland), We were pretty exhausted. I barely managed to take this shot after unpacking the carry-on luggage.Photo: Ferris WheelPhoto: #creative366project Mar 22, 2012

After seven weeks of a forced break, I started my morning walks again. It's spring!Photo: #creative366project Mar 23, 2012

This is a daytime re-shoot of https://plus.google.com/photos/109800248650045926499/albums/5628576506572476833/5628576504872769698 – I like the original more still, but I have nothing better to offer for this day.Photo: #creative366project Mar 24, 2012

Two girls feeding the fish at Seehafen Enge.Photo: #creative366project Mar 25, 2012

Played the Pendragon RPG run by +Alex Schroeder - not much photo opportunities but I showed my lack of talent for drawing trying to come up with a heraldic design …Photo: #creative366project Mar 26, 2012

A universe at our feet …

Tiles in the hallway of the building I live in. Cthulhuesque green sheen courtesy of the wall colors.Photo: Chrome, glass, plastic and woodPhoto: #creative366project March 28, 2012

Dinner with +Lucas Stolwijk and +Barbara Müller before I tortured them with roughly 450 photos from the vacation. They were stuffed enough to not complain, so at least one part of the evening was a success (-:Photo: #creative366project March 20, 2012

This photo was actually not made on March 20 – I had a fully packed day at work and was gliding into jetlag (which sets in 24-36h late for me). But this is a pretty close analogy of how I perceived the world around me – hazy and shrouded in shadows.Photo: #creative366project Mar 29, 2012

Farewell Drinks for +Joe Smith and +Xavier Contreras Acevedo – Joe attentively listening to some yarn spun by another member of our gang …Photo: I've been spotted!Photo: #creative366project March 31, 2012

Freiburg, near Dreisam River

This concludes my flurry of catch-up posts for the creative 366 project. I hope to return to my regular posting schedule now.Photo: #creative366project Apr 1, 2012

Easter decoration by +Maren WagenerPhoto: #creative366project Apr 2, 2012

Another shot of the Ferris Wheel I posted a quick phone of snap last week.Photo: light on wet tarmacPhoto: #creative366project Apr 4, 2012 
+Fabian Schorp doubts I'll do a better shot today. Turns out he's right.Photo: #creative366project Apr 5, 2012

Pre-Easter Drinks and Dinner at Kronenhalle.Photo: #creative366project Apr 6, 2012

Honey glazed tenderloin, finished in the oven. Side dish: Couscous with macadamia nuts, spring onions and shallots. +Maren Wagener did the cooking – and I was too busy eating to take a photo of the delicious dish itself.Photo: #creative366project Apr 7, 2012

When we went into the city center for the photo exhibit, we also bought coffee capsules for the sunday brunch at a friends' – most expensive pound of coffee I ever bought, but when you realize it's also used to finance the boutiques they sell their stuff in, it's quite understandable.

I still prefer my stovetop coffee maker, and not just because of the price.Photo: #creative366project Apr 8, 2012

Obligatory easter motif.Photo: leftoversPhoto: #creative366project Apr 10, 2012

Another tuesday late night shotPhoto: shrouded mountain topPhoto: #creative366project Apr 12, 2012

Refraction in the crystal glass of the entrance to my thursday night watering hole.

The models in the picture are +Maren Wagener and a friend of ours.Photo: #creative366project Apr 13, 2012

This is Finnie – a dog from my office, most well known as one of the primary sources of lost productivity by cuteness overload.Photo: #creative366project April 14, 2012

Best Mousse au Chocolat you can get for money in ZürichPhoto: #creative366project April 15, 2012

A double post because I made the Bruschetta and the photo (-:Photo: to the moon and backPhoto: #creative366project Apr 17, 2012

Another dessert shot from the +Google Switzerland cantina.Photo: #creative366project Apr 18, 2012

Also, a #windowwednesday picture.Photo: SeeteufelPhoto: #creative366project Apr 20, 2012

onion tartPhoto: #creative366project Apr 21, 2012

A belated #caturday posting.Photo: Damocles' Axe (v.2)Photo: #creative366project Apr 23, 2012

Breakfast on the night train.

I actually prefer the night train over flying when going to visit my family ~800km away since it's less stressful and requires less traveling to and wasting time at airports. Also, no groping under the banner of secuurityyy! It's also not necessarily more expensive than flying if you book smart.Photo: #creative366project Apr 24, 2012

Night shot of the Sihltalautobahn going over the Sihl and the train tracks when seen from up the hill where my office is.

I think I didn't post this shot yet. This is not HDR, I only moved the neutral color point a bit.Photo: #creative366project Apr 25, 2012

One of the event boats on Lake Zurich on it's way to the pier at Bürkliplatz.Photo: 8.2 LITREPhoto: #creative366project Apr 27, 2012

Farewell drinks for +Amy Gepfert and +Nik Focht at Rimini in Zürich at one of the first warm nights of the year …

Also, #vanishingpoints for +Harald DeppelerPhoto: Photo: #creative366project Apr 29, 2012

The never continued city-facing end of the Sihltalautobahn … which has been obsoleted by changes in traffic planning anyway.Photo: where we go we don't need roads IIPhoto: #creative366project Apr 30, 2012

Another bridge, this time at Lagerstrasse (from the basement windows of Rio Bar).Photo: #creative366project May 1, 2012

Mandatory Flower Post for May 1stPhoto: #creative366project May 2, 2012

I caught a cold sometime early this week and am down with a fever and no voice. Hence a lack of suitable photographic opportunities – here's a self portrait.Photo: #creative366project May 3, 2012

A detail of the old style document sorter on +Maren Wagener's desk.Photo: PalmePhoto: #creative366project May 5, 2012

Packing for tomorrow's trip.Photo: #creative366project May 6, 2012

Some fare-well cinnamon rolls I made before flying out to New York.Photo: UpwardsPhoto: #creative366project May 8, 2012

View from my hotel window.Photo: #creative366project May 9, 2012

underwater portrait of a kind.Photo: #creative366project May 10, 2012

I'm also one of those coffee people (if only since a couple years ago). Here's a barrista made cafe latte from the New York office.Photo: #creative366project May 11, 2012

One of the many bands at the Cocktail Gala. Straight out of camera, except for the crop.Photo: underwaterPhoto: Photo: View from the personal terracePhoto: #creative366project May 14, 2012

Obligatory sunset photo.Photo: View of Maho BayPhoto: #creative366project May 16, 2012

Most of the underwater pictures I took turned out badly, but I like this because of the colors (red courtesy of the dinghy used by the skippers).Photo: A Dark and Stormy MorningPhoto: #creative366project May 18, 2012

The last full day at St John was again a lazy, stay-at-the-villa day. And why not? Up at Mamey Peak the winds and occassional spray of rain were much more agreeable than the stuffy heat of Cruz Bay.

Here's a silvery sky from one of the short rainfalls.Photo: Passenger Lounge & BarPhoto: #creative366project May 19, 2012

A last panoramic view of the cruz bay car ferry terminal (facing the water).

It was a great week, thanks to +Stephanie Caviness +Jessica Levy +Clay Caviness +Fabian Schorp who made fantastic vacation buddies!Photo: Zürich SkiesPhoto: watch your feetPhoto: #creative366project May 22, 2012

At long last, I default back to a Google dessert for a photographic subject.Photo: #creative366project May 23, 2012

Night shot of construction scaffolding. It looked better in my mind.Photo: #creative366project May 24, 2012

Christian Heiss perfecting the Painkiller Cocktail.Photo: #creative366project May 25, 2012

For Towel Day, the office provided emergency towels for those who forgot theirs at home.Photo: #creative366project May 26, 2012

+Maren Wagener and I finally visited the rhinefalls. Instead of boring you with same-same pictures of the falls, here's a shot of my wonderful wife (-:Photo: Photo: Photo: #creative366project May 29, 2012

#tuesdecay #todaytuesdayPhoto: #creative366project May 30, 2012