5 Photos - Sep 28, 2013
Photo: Smittybilt XRC M.O.D., Warn 10k, driving lights on the bull bar.  Replacement LED headlights.Photo: The business end, showing the 2.5" lift, 35" tires, and the business end of the new bumper and winch.Photo: Rear Smittybilt Atlas bumper, closed tailgate.  Dog step lowered to lowest position; Daisy's still going to have to jump up a bit.Photo: Rear tailgate on the Smittybilt Atlas rear bumper open, showing jerry cans and hi-lift jack position off of the bumper-mounted tailgate.  Rear door no longer has the tire attached.Photo: One last Yosemite photo.

Wanted to get out of a jeep and get her picture before driving on back down the 41.