104 Photos - Jun 27, 2014
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Check-in started the day before on June 24 with attendees receiving t-shirts and eco-friendly water bottles to kick off their I/O experience. It's important to stay hydrated!Photo: Later that night, we also invited all of our female attendees to series of dinners hosted by our Women Techmakers program.

https://developers.google.com/women-techmakers/Photo: We've still got work to do, but this year, female attendance was up to 20%--that's an increase from 8% last year.Photo: Megan Smith welcomes our attendees to Google I/O at one of the four dinners we hosted in SF.Photo: The next morning, attendees grabbed breakfast from inside the cafeteria and headed back outside to line up for the keynote.Photo: But in case you weren't a morning person, we thought a donut might help you get started on the right foot.Photo: At least it did for these developers!Photo: The early bird catches the worm (and the best seats in the house!)Photo: We counted down the seconds to the start of the keynote with the help of an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine.Photo: Before Sundar came on stage...Photo: To welcome 6,100 attendees to Moscone Center..Photo: As well as a few friends from our /O Extended event in Sao Paulo, where developers took time away from the World Cup to cheer us on at I/O.Photo: Next up, Matias Duarte shared a new, consistent design approach called material design.

www.google.com/designPhoto: And Dave Burke gave us a sneak peak of the Android L Developer Preview.

http://developer.android.com/preview/index.htmlPhoto: Avni Shah shared some thoughts on mobile web experiences on Android.Photo: While Dave Singleton talked about Android Wear, which extends Android, and its ecosystem of apps, to that most familiar spot for a “wearable,” your wrist.

http://developer.android.com/wear/index.htmlPhoto: We got a demo of Android Auto.

http://www.android.com/auto/Photo: And of Android TV as well.

http://www.android.com/tv/Photo: Here, Urs Hölzle shares his thoughts on Google Cloud Platform.Photo: While Ellie tells us more about Google Play.Photo: Wait? Did I hear that correctly? All attendees will get Cardboard at I/O?Photo: Hmm. I wonder what could be inside this cardboard box.Photo: Attendees opened the packaging and started folding the cardboard inside.Photo: To reveal a nifty little VR viewer.Photo: That lets you experience a world of apps in 3D.Photo: We had tons of Glass Explorers hanging out.Photo: Especially on the first floor where we had a Glass Basecamp.Photo: Attendees could try on Glass and get fitted.Photo: But also demo the product while shooting hoops.Photo: And improving their putting.Photo: What's for lunch? How about some It's-Its, our favorite ice cream sandwiches made here locally in San Francisco!Photo: After the keynote, many of our attendees take the opportunity to attend breakout sessions.Photo: It can get cozy in our most popular session rooms.Photo: Otherwise, people can also attend Box Talks in the Design, Develop, and Distribute pods.Photo: Box Talks let attendees interact with Googlers in smaller, more casual conversations.Photo: Or dive deep into code.Photo: And learn from startups all over the world.Photo: Here's a Box Talk from our Fitness team.Photo: Attendees got a first look at "buggy night," the next in a series of Spotlight Stories designed for new storytelling canvas made for mobile.

http://googlespotlightstories.com/Photo: The Sandbox also featured 13 partners with Google integrations spanning multiple APIs, platforms, and form factors.

https://www.google.com/events/io/sandboxPhoto: I present you the winner and runner up in Runtastic's squatting competition with Google Glass keeping count.Photo: The Sandbox is also a place to check out demos of the latest platforms and APIs.Photo: Like these cars from the Open Automotive Alliance.Photo: Or Android TV in the living room.Photo: And Android Wear on the go.Photo: Photo: Over at our Google Cloud Platform booth on the third floor.Photo: Our favorite resting spot on the Sandbox--the lounge mountain!Photo: That paper cloud was made of 18,000 sheets of A4 paper hand stapled together over the course of 10 days!Photo: At the end of day 1, we wanted to take the party outside of Moscone Center to give attendees a true taste of what the vibrant city of San Francisco has to offer.Photo: Hmm. Where should I go first?Photo: After Hours featured purveyors local to the Bay AreaPhoto: For the peckish, we had some delicious treats on offer.Photo: Like s'mores roasted on chocolate Pocky sticksPhoto: And sorbet created with the help of science.Photo: There were plenty of local craft brews on tap.Photo: And other refreshments to imbibe the night away.Photo: A Doodle Booth in the forest intrigued from the outside.Photo: To reveal artists capturing the likeness of our Google I/O attendees.Photo: A creation in process by our Google Doodle artist.Photo: We had local bands take the stage as part of a superjam.Photo: Nicki Bluhm and the gamblers rocked their setPhoto: A few of our jellyfish friends joined us from Burning Man.Photo: Tycho hits the stage.Photo: Reveling under the city lights of downtown SF.Photo: And yes, we even had a light saber tournament with our reigning champion at the left.Photo: Our Silent Frisco DJ getting the party started.Photo: Thanks to our friends at Silent Frisco, we're all dancing  and singing along to music that's piped in through these headphones.Photo: Photo: We had over 350 Google Developers Group (GDG) organizers join us from around the world.Photo: Here they are in full force!Photo: https://developers.google.com/groups/Photo: Photo: Code Labs allow developers to get hands on hacking experience with our APIs and platforms.Photo: Developers had the option of coding at pre-programmed terminals.

http://io2014codelabs.appspot.com/static/index.htmlPhoto: Or bringing in their laptops for a jump start program.Photo: We also held design sprints around various topics.Photo: Photo: And asked attendees to put away their technology and get analog with pen and paper.Photo: Check out some of the ideas from our design sprint.Photo: We launched the I/O Youth program at 2014's event.Photo: Where we invited 150 students from 20 local organizations to a half-day program at I/O.Photo: We welcomed them with a short talk on computer science and why we think it's really cool.Photo: And got them programming a LEGO Mindstorm via a unique editor that runs directly within the Chrome browserPhoto: Introducing the next generation of computer scientists!Photo: Here, a few other students dabble in Pencil Code.

http://pencilcode.net/Photo: All the while having a little fun along the wayPhoto: An industrious I/O Youth participant attempts to debug code from within the Chrome DevTools in our latest Chrome Experiment.Photo: Photo: A few die hard Chrome fans!Photo: Welcome back to I/O guys! We recognize those I/O shirts from 2013 and 2013.Photo: Charging stations aplenty in the SandboxPhoto: And a few microkitchens to help keep your energy up.Photo: We also held an NFC-enabled scavenger hunt.Photo: Say hello to our Developer Relations team.Photo: And the Google I/O Core Team who came together to make this year's event our best yet. 

Looking forward to seeing you at Google I/O 2015!Photo: