66 Photos - Mar 15, 2012
Photo: We love the way this Google logo animates. http://goo.gl/umi6uPhoto: This Android is going up, up, and away! http://goo.gl/mclc3Photo: We love Chrome the cloud too! Thanks for this beautiful machine, Martin. http://goo.gl/QDyd8Photo: From Matteo Bergamini: We’ve seen this look on developers’ faces at late-night hackathons. Are you planning one for your I/O Extended event?
http://goo.gl/c6jRMPhoto: Check out this game within a game. http://goo.gl/XqvfnPhoto: This curious little fellow reminds us a certain Dr. Holmes. +Charles Scott Johnstone http://goo.gl/r4StUPhoto: Play this one to watch Android juggle a Chrome fast particle. http://goo.gl/9lV2sPhoto: "Creation of Android" Good one, Scott! http://goo.gl/yiYVJPhoto: This acoustic guitar is music to our ears and the particle even strums. http://goo.gl/is73RPhoto: From Scott: “An Easter egg with a crazy particle path.”
http://goo.gl/tufJ4Photo: Daria’s shoutout to her G+niuses http://goo.gl/7vJ6GPhoto: Making our HTML5 Rocks team proud! http://goo.gl/4Q5EUPhoto: Keep the cool Chrome logos comin’! http://goo.gl/c3gyxPhoto: From Jennifer: “Hip Hippo Hurray Google Tickets are coming my way!” http://goo.gl/aGpxQPhoto: Angry Birds came to the web last year at I/O 2011. What's up next, Rovio? http://goo.gl/jXTBlPhoto: Watch for the hidden message when you play this machine. http://goo.gl/Oyu51Photo: Tyson Benson used machine parts to write his name- in Chinese! http://goo.gl/TYTSGPhoto: Matt Munday shows his brackets- do you?  http://goo.gl/TYTSGPhoto: Go I/O! http://goo.gl/VNJoSPhoto: Another sweet rendering of a logo- we love the play button!  http://goo.gl/VPRRAPhoto: We're betting that the Go gopher will make an appearance at I/O 2012. http://goo.gl/540EuPhoto: It’s starting to look like Spring here in Mountain View- hope the weather keeps up for I/O! http://goo.gl/MHbmqPhoto: An Easter egg within an Easter egg! http://goo.gl/zgczIPhoto: Think you're Chrome Fast enough to solve this maze before the particle makes it to the output? http://goo.gl/IvfJGPhoto: What's everyone been watching on their Google TV lately? http://goo.gl/8OACLPhoto: A colorful take on the Silicon Valley sun! http://goo.gl/wV9K7Photo: http://goo.gl/aFsJ5Photo: Shout out to our GTUGs! http://goo.gl/1ovrWPhoto: From Micah, "in one ear and out the other.....and in it again" http://goo.gl/zlLOcPhoto: From Subhankar, "my bike "SP IO Bicycle" ....njoy the ride :) #io12" http://goo.gl/cChN4Photo: We're getting close to having a full set of I/O product logos! This one goes out to App Engine. http://goo.gl/OwXgwPhoto: Looking forward to having you on board the #io12 train, Howard! http://goo.gl/xHJKiPhoto: Fun little neon color scheme http://goo.gl/J2eVlPhoto: input/output is built on HTML5! Thanks for noticing, Ian. http://goo.gl/ouB8BPhoto: If this machine could talk, it might say, "Eat my shorts, Google I/O!" http://goo.gl/Sa9L4Photo: Abstract and innovative- we like it! http://goo.gl/BGKsGPhoto: A Chrome logo generated from Redirectors built using a script that Rusty programmed. http://goo.gl/nJJvgPhoto: An intricate “Dragonfly Droid” from Scott! http://goo.gl/jZJ2dPhoto: How to juggle your way to the output. http://goo.gl/9x2rgPhoto: Time flies while you're waiting for registration to open.http://goo.gl/5h5v0Photo: From Mike, "A sine that Google I/O is coming soon..." http://goo.gl/utv85Photo: This clever machine from +Kyle Nickel takes advantage of the magnet placement and shoots the particle straight across the screen. http://goo.gl/XjoLSPhoto: We can only imagine the attention to detail that had to go into animating this. http://goo.gl/beiCKPhoto: A clue for all of the hidden Easter eggs in the game. http://goo.gl/E8C84Photo: Appreciate the homage to the game! http://goo.gl/DBdvUPhoto: Many of you have figured out how to hack the source code to create new machine parts. http://goo.gl/Bu1uMPhoto: I see seashells on the sea shore from +Stuart Millinship. http://goo.gl/H0xROPhoto: Loving the organized chaos here. http://goo.gl/gM9IjPhoto: Another trio of logos from +Mark Lewis http://goo.gl/qI3VbPhoto: From Jared, "Rube Goldberg meets Piet Mondrian" http://goo.gl/QgqHwPhoto: Does this make anyone else think of Skittles? http://goo.gl/k4KssPhoto: Some prolific hacking from a Dubai GTUG-er. http://goo.gl/uHXV9Photo: Android on a skateboard. http://goo.gl/npzX0Photo: Who remembers our morse code easter eggs from last year's I/O tshirt? http://goo.gl/40oklPhoto: Last year, Jane's Addiction played at Google I/O After Hours. Who are you all looking forward to hearing from this year? http://goo.gl/xKmL5Photo: Yeah, we get that a lot. http://goo.gl/wbgYSPhoto: Some more source code hacks from +Justin Dragos. http://goo.gl/Bm0YW -Photo: input/output! http://goo.gl/8yBi6Photo: A great example from Crystabelle showing her brackets. http://goo.gl/EdE41Photo: Check out the special FX when you play this machine from +Kyle Nickel. http://goo.gl/lWZCZPhoto: Hoping to see all of our Android developers at I/O again this year. Thanks +Hecabe Kuali http://goo.gl/ZMYf3Photo: input/output is featured as an app in the Chrome Web Store, as well as on Chrome Experiments. Thanks for adding a Chrome Extension to the mix! http://goo.gl/Hl3RZPhoto: Yasuo's doodle came out within the first few hours that we launched the game, meaning that he was up in the wee hours in Japan checking this out! http://goo.gl/PIZFgPhoto: http://goo.gl/LXBPoPhoto: One of Stephen's many Android machines http://goo.gl/CX1u4Photo: An homage to the Instrument team who helped us build this Chrome Experiment. http://goo.gl/Gzzt2