22 Photos - Jun 1, 2014
Photo: Scott MayKay, more than just an opening actPhoto: Scott MayKay, beautiful in voice and story.Photo: General set-up - that's a lot of pedals.Photo: Russell Broom weaving his magic.Photo: The Amy, the Kaley, and the Curtis.Photo: Kaley Kinjo is a very serious bass player.Photo: Curtis Glass: not just another lead guitar.Photo: Sometimes Russ overshadows everything. In a good way, though.Photo: Da Band.Photo: Amy, Curtis, and KaleyPhoto: One of the most intimate moments of the concert.Photo: Amy and Russ - pure magic.Photo: Photo: Kaley Kinjo, calm and steady.Photo: Amy Thiessen and Curtis Glass with their duet "Something New".Photo: A rare sight: the Jon May.Photo: Photo: Photo: Amy doing what she does best - being amazing ...Photo: ... and Jon adding his note to it.Photo: Amy's got a big heart and a beautiful voice.Photo: