16 Photos - Sep 29, 2012
Photo: The other side of the dream, where everything looks much friendlier, besides Giana!Photo: Hidden treasures dot Giana’s path … can you find them all?Photo: Brick walls are no match for Punk Giana’s furious Dash and Smash!Photo: Giana’s first encounter with a fish… Fortunately, this one has no teeth.Photo: No chimney is too high for Punk Giana’s Dash.Photo: Moving platforms! While Giana twirls, she is as light as a leaf in the breeze – just what you need for a smooth landing.Photo: Giana can bounce or dash from enemy to enemy.Photo: Little girls shouldn’t have to push such big blocks around! Where is a gentleowl when you need one?Photo: Run Giana, the floor is collapsing! And don’t forget to dash for an extra boost!Photo: This must be the former dweller of this cave … hopefully it left no kids behind!Photo: There’s light in the darkness! Master Gems are stashed away in tricky places, and are the key to special treats.Photo: Here are the artworks for levels 4 to 6. As for levels 1 to 3, you will see a cute and punk screenshot of each level during the next days.Photo: Wait, is that a gem? There must be more below!Photo: Good thing those balloons are spike-proof! But Giana isn’t…Photo: What a spooky castle! Just the way Giana likes it …Photo: Ghosts seem invulnerable and follow Giana wherever she goes. Is there a trick to get rid of them?