54 Photos - Sep 6, 2014
Photo: Alte Fischerkate HotelPhoto: Alte Fischerkate annexe where I sleptPhoto: Awaiting restorationPhoto: Lovely track along the dykePhoto: Fantastic bench cast endsPhoto: I don't think he would be smiling going through a rose bramblePhoto: More bank riding - my favourite on a good dayPhoto: Bridge to no where :-)Photo: Aldi not Lidl today so no Rita blocksPhoto: New bridgePhoto: A round table - a forum of representatives from old and new parties and organisations - convenes under the auspices of church representatives to put forward proposals to resolve the national crisisPhoto: Awaiting repairPhoto: Hills on the left bankPhoto: Vegetarians eating en massePhoto: Photo: More awaiting repairPhoto: Old watch tower & bits of original fencingPhoto: Notes on old lockin systemPhoto: Another watch towerPhoto: Still time to do the event!Photo: View from top of towerPhoto: View from top of towerPhoto: View from top of towerPhoto: View from top of towerPhoto: View from top of towerPhoto: The towerPhoto: building of dykesPhoto: Yet another east german towerPhoto: An explanaion on the carve up of Germany and the significance of LubeckPhoto: Photo: Typical German cyclists luggagePhoto: Photo: After the climbPhoto: Checkpoint HarryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Deutsche post bikePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sitting on a spitPhoto: Photo: Photo: In the woods, hard to see the hill I came upPhoto: steep descentsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: