47 Photos - Aug 6, 2011
Photo: ...she was so absentPhoto: I like so much faces of people I met on the streetPhoto: about my series "people" I like all the kind of experimentsPhoto: this photo recalls me a songPhoto: Photo: good morning g+ ... today I can breathe a little 'morePhoto: Photo: cure mePhoto: ok this is for +Jessica Pierce , +Pete Machnik , they were in doubt that the second elaboration was from a real photo :)Photo: absence and dustPhoto: I met this old woman and I can forget her, because she was light and wise like a ray of sun in a cloudy day

and she liked so much her hat ..
so this is her portrait for me ..like a butterfly sorrounded by the lightPhoto: penha ou empada?

#PortraitTuesday cured by +Laura Balc 
#PeoplePhoto: the woman is beautiful, tired, restless, colored, ambiguous, depressed, cheerful, resigned, fighter, sometimes fool

#WomenWednesday curated by +Niki Aguirre , +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels and +Christina Lawrie 

#travels #people #colorsPhoto: #SepiaSaturday curated by +Renee Stewart Jackson 
#ChildrenSaturday curated by +Susan Southard 

#eagles #animals #children

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: the boy toward oceanPhoto: I love some little amounts of time, easy and without thoughts

#WomenWednesday curated by +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie and +Teresa Stover 

Happy Women Wednesday!Photo: this is for

#ChildrenSaturday curated by +Susan Southard 

#UnsharpeSaturday curated by +Nathan BeaulnePhoto: .... a moment of pause, for a coffee, an ice cream, a sweet thing, that cuddle us for a few minutes

#WomenWednesday curated by +Nikki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie and +Teresa StoverPhoto: Photo: dietro i colori c'è il nero, spesso , pesante ...siderale
..lo coloriamo di tutta la luce possibile, giriamo le spalle
e lo ignoriamo

...No more will my green sea
go turn a deeper blue
I could not foresee
this thing happening to you
If I look hard enough
into the setting sun
My love will laugh with me
before the morning comes.
I see a red door and
I want it painted black
No colours any more
I want them to turn black .. (Rolling Stones)
#WomenWednesday curated by +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover 

#BreakfastClubPhoto: Life is just a cruel woman
she is using my heart
to have an excuse

#WomenWednesday curated by +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie and +Teresa StoverPhoto: sometimes it's just too much difficult to be a woman, we have to smile when
we would like to damn the world

#WomenWednesday by +Nikitas Stavridis , +Athena Carey , +Lee Daniels , +Christina Lawrie and +Teresa Stover 

Happy Women Wednesday to every woman!Photo: regalami un sorriso
per le mie notti
insonni per i miei
giorni tristi
se tu non ci sarai

#WomenWednesday curated by +Niki Aguirre , +Athena Carey , +Lee Daniels , +Christina Lawrie , +Teresa Stover 

Happy Women Wednesday!Photo: memories are sweet when they are near us

#PortraitTuesday +Laura BalcPhoto: I love when women are lost in their own thoughts

#WomenWednesday +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover 

#portraittuesday +Laura BalcPhoto: If I only was less coward I would love you so much, if I was less bad
I would like to be your best chose

#WomenWednesday +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover 

Happy Women Wednesday!Photo: Rio de Janeiro Carnaval 2009

For #womenwednesday +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover 

Happy Women Wednesday!


Happy Carnaval!Photo: the lights, his hands and his harmonicaPhoto: Susanna Rigacci Milano Jazzin Festival 2009Photo: the guitar player
#welovemusicwednesday +Folletto Folletto +Harmony Goodson +Andy Q. +LaDonna Pride +Trillian PetrovaPhoto: don't be so sure of your words, don't be so sure of my certainties

#FrighteningFriday +Alexis Coram 

#textureblendphotographyPhoto: Today is Book Saturday again! Post your photos of Books

Books are always with you? Are you a books addict? Have you photos of books, portraits with books, architecture with books, your prefered book? The last book you're reading?... everything regarding a book? News? The book you want to publicize here?... Everything concerning the books you can share with us
Are you already addict to e-book? Ok you can add also news about it or some photos that fits to the theme with the tag #BookSaturday 

don't forget to mention the curators : +Andrea Martinez +Gemma Costa +Ester Negro +Cora Triton 

Happy Book Saturday!Photo: I pose for you but not the face

#StreeArtSunday +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark SeymourPhoto: in the Ticino's Park a forester cuts a tree destroyed by the storm

#ManlyMondays +Alan Shapiro +Kjetil Greger Pedersen +Mark Rodriguez +Barry Blanchard +Dave DanielsPhoto: There's no time for us 
There's no place for us 
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us 

Who wants to live forever 

There's no chance for us 
It's all decided for us 
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us 

Who wants to live forever 
(Who Wants To Live Forever-Queen)

#PortraitTuesday +Laura Balc 

#TextureBlendPhotography #TextureBlendTuesday (me)

#BokehTuesday +Bob BaxleyPhoto: behind you, close to your heart

#WomenWednesday +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover 

Happy Women Wednesday!Photo: I stopped to read The Lord of the Rings after not so many pages
I cannot understand how someone can love so much this story
to read it even in another language

don't forget today is #BookSaturday 

share your photos of books and everything concerne books and we'll share them on +BookSaturday 

Happy Book SaturdayPhoto: walking on the beach, I sell a bit of serenity, have you seen mine? 
#beachsunday +Ross Campbell +Beach Sunday

#seatuesday #balloons #colors #beachPhoto: Your mirror in my glasses

#sunglassessunday +Jonathan F Miller +Sunglasses Sunday 

#mirrormonday +Elizabeth Edwards and me


#people #hatPhoto: just a glass of juice 

#womenwednesday +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover 
#paintography +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +Gail Beerman 
#breakfastclub +Andrea Martinez , me
#pixelbenderPhoto: Sometimes happiness falls in life

#womenwednesday  (+Niki Aguirre  +Athena Carey  +Lee Daniels  +Christina Lawrie  +Teresa Stover )

#breakfastclub  (+Andrea Martinez  +me)

#hug   #lovewednesday  Photo: this is for +Fabio Bucchieri I'd promise to post something for his new theme
for +Hawkea's friends    HEAVY METAL

try to take a photo of +Etienne Garbarino and to say to him he doesn't fit with this theme.... not so easy to do both things :) and not so easy to see him smiling

#HawkeasFriends  +Hawkea's Charity Book 

#swordsaturday +Faith Gauthier  +Sword Saturday 
#LovePolaroid     #smile  Photo: #anotherdayanother600seconds  +Mike Shaw +Alan Shapiro 

Paolo Conte

Paolo Conte - vieni via con me

this is not a lost person in the sense that you can understand from the tag , he's one of my favorite singers, in his concert I've seen some days ago; he has always been a wonderful jazzman and a brilliant man and a perfect singer, so when I've seen him so uncertain in his posture and so sad and alone in his old age I would loved to hug him and to reassure him, I've known so many old people, lost in their memories, far away from the reality and from the life , every time I see them I would love to say to them , speak to me, sing together with me one more time

#textureblendphotography   #PaoloConte  Photo:  #portraitTuesday  +Laura Balc 
#breakfastclub  +Andrea Martinez , me

I love shy people, little gems of soulPhoto: I love the clean silhouettes in a clean sky 
#silhouettesaturday  +Naila Ziani +SilhouetteSaturday 
#breakfastclub  +Andrea Martinez , me

silhouette in the sky around the observatoryPhoto: loving you

just a little joke with my son
#portraittuesday   #breakfastclub   #textureblendphotography   #blackandwhitephotography  Photo: It shouldn't hurt me to be free
It's what I really need
To pull myself together
But if it's so good being free
Would you mind telling me
Why I don't know what to do with myself

Emiliana Torrini - To Be Free

#breakfastclub   #wetwednesday   #10000photographers  +Robert SKREINER  #blackandwhitephotography    #water