14 Photos - Aug 4, 2011
Photo: half skyPhoto: autumn comingPhoto: we lose ourselves in little worlds

#SquareSunday curated by +Matt SoavePhoto: just need to put my feet in the sand, to feel the warm of the coming evening,
just need to feel me serene , drink something of fresh, to smell the sea
and to close my eyes

#sepiasaturday +Renee Stewart Jackson 
#beachsunday +Ross Campbell 

#relax #sand #travelPhoto: I cannot explain my love
I cannot tell you why I feel so much far
maybe there was a will, some time ago

#silhouettesonthursday +Siddharth PanditPhoto: Photo: Panorama of Rio de Janeiro
the nostalgia rules my days

#BreakfastClub  +Andrea Martinez  ,    me
#skysunday  +Michael Garza 
#panoramas     #WideWednesdayPanoramaPhoto:  I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself
( D.H. Lawrence)

#MirrorMonday  +Elizabeth Edwards  me
#MoodyMonday +Philip Daly  +Carole Buckwalter 
#Wild #reflection #death  Photo: Some mornings go in this way

#BreakfastClub +Andrea Martinez  , me
#flowers #garden #memoriesPhoto: Our windows closed to the sun, our hearth opened to the sea

#BreakfastClub +Andrea Martinez ,   me
#windowwednesday    +Jules Falk Hunter  +Simon Kitcher +Cheryl Cooper  +Jason Kowing    +J.J. Bentley +Catherine Furet   +#Window Wednesday 
#seaPhoto: Today is Tea Club  +Tea Club ( Tea Coffee Chocolate Food Club ) 

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I love Crème brûléePhoto: Today is Book Saturday   +BookSaturday 

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The Passage by Justin Cronin,
usually I don't like vampires stories but I like to read books of catastrofic topics, so I've tried to begin this book without thinking of vampires, for now it's a beautiful book even if it could be deeper and I see the story is waiting for something and it has not time to look at the person for more than a whilePhoto: Today is Sleepy Saturday +Sleepy Saturday 

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Sleeping near the riverPhoto: Maybe I'll survive you


#BreakfastClub  +Breakfast Club  +Gemma Costa 
#onthefencewednesday   +Natosha Davis +On The Fence Wednesday 
#dailydepthoffield   +Nuraini Ghaifullah  +Vince Ong +Virgil Cowen +f.a. fiebig 
#DOFMonday   +Mara Acoma  +Mark Hall  +Alan Gurling  +lan Gurling  +Nigel Smith 
#woodenwednesday   +Jennifer Landua +Stefan Bittner  +Jan Lindenberg 
+Wooden Wednesday  
#onthefencewednesday  +On The Fence Wednesday  +Natosha Davis