98 Photos - Dec 6, 2011
Photo: Reprap printed partsPhoto: IMG_20111206_134256Photo: first step, now waiting for 608 Bearing.Photo: Huge overflow with steel-rod on the right side.Photo: Sitting in front of the PC and watching assemble-videos.Photo: &08bearing in place, and starting to getting somewhere. pretty solid right now.Photo: No drilling holes under the parts.. and the right one i think the Motor-mount isnt equel to the ones i see online ?Photo: nice and tidy, so far.Photo: Soldering RAMPS 1.4 Shield! :)Photo: Photo: made something, now howto add these :)Photo: hum,, 1+1+1..Photo: it´s a beauty =)Photo: getting somewhere with this..Photo: and both are connected, now for the other ends of these wires.Photo: the fuzzy closeup =)Photo: Photo: the printed shaft-coupling.Photo: finally, i got some Smooth rod with good enough precision, H9 and Anti corrosive. this i what set me back in time on this project!Photo: building-progress, GT3 pulley and belt!Photo: my first mec. End-stop mounted. seems nice!Photo: End-stop and belt-clamp on my GT3 belt.Photo: woop woop, looking good =) those lm8uu bearing snapped in with some amazing force! did broke a piece of that thing when i tried get it out again.. :(Photo: both Z axel´s installed and both the "Wobble-stabilizers" is there, but not screw´d tight yet.  and using my Alu-shaft-couplings.Photo: there you can see what went broken when i used too much force :( but it´s stable and in place, so it will do, i can print myself a new one soon ;)Photo: some Kapton around the wires and Extruder. it sure will put the Tape to the test! :)Photo: Covering Cables., "The Budaschnozzle Kit 0.35mm (Semi-Assembled)" There, now i dont forget what size this nozzle is ;)Photo: So far i got today, not including the electronics, i made like 80% work today and now the Bed is stopping me from finishing it. But if all goes as planned, i will be printing within a week!Photo: Endstop at place, will adjust when Heat-bed is there. Wobble Stabilizer on place 2!Photo: Extruder on place with isolation, GT3 Belt that was way to long I.M.O. and in the left corner, you can se the black-tape that i wrapped around the M8 Bolt, a messy way of doing it i think. Will use glue-gun on that later on i think..Photo: my ALU-Shaft-coupling and the Z-wobble-stabilizer all at place!Photo: printer-bed mounted, and re-installed my Extruder as it was to low mounted before.. now it gives a little more space :)Photo: Made some changes to the calibration-board, i think it ended up with the same height But i still think this setup is more stable then some wooded piece and more mass. My tought: if i can reduce the Weight and still have the same setup it´s all for the better. :)Photo: without the glass table, this was a time ago now, well.Photo: hum..Photo: Wiring 90% done,, will add some final touch to this later.Photo: the parts that was left out, shaft coupler, opto-endstop, T2,5-Pulleys and some belt-holders i think.Photo: PSU, 400W and 18A on the 12V rail, i hope they dont have it divided into separately converters in there..Photo: ATX-connector to both supply´s and all the wires there! first thing of order of this thing works is to make some kind of "shell" for this to hide in ;)Photo: All done, made some re-wiring to the extruder heater so it´s over-dimension rather then too small. All looking pretty messy with all the cables but nothing todo, as this is what it is ;)Photo: The whole Shebang! from left, PSU, Arduino, Reprap, computer and screen, tho the computer is remote managed. will just have this space to calibrate and small test print, as i have no air-vent in this room.Photo: the glass plate at place, in place by kapton-tape, and the extruder at it´s calibration-point.Photo: Damn tight, almost a paper in thickness..Photo: did try extrude, it didnt stick so well..Video: My ,, second print ever, and it goes to hell ;) it looses grip of the glass and slide with the extruder and messes everything up.. Still LOTS of calibrations left..Photo: Pirst print ever! a little crocke after my bangin to get it off from the glass-plate, and i think the Y-axis is off, its making the wholes Oval, not circles.  and some space left there at the end.Photo: backside of the part, its solid i think, and as i said, my fault that its crocked cuz i banged on it..Photo: Lots of bells and whistles,, No, only a half Whistle really..Photo: a half whistle, had to abort in the middle, the "blow end" did starting to peel off from the table, after some stickyness on the left side, it went 100% lose from the table.. had to abort.Photo: the whistle, really heavy dripping going on..Photo: backside of whistle, Really nice i think, tho lots of calibration left.Photo: i think my Y Axis is off, cuz its makin 2-walls everywhere, not solid walls.. or, it thinks my head is bigger then it is.Video: off to a bad start, and it all will go to hell..Photo: the Swan-start, which is a failure :(Photo: Hollow cube, print just finish.Photo: some nice layers, tho i can see there is some problems with retract, it take´s some ms to extrude again, will fix this setting.Photo: for being my first real thing, i´m happyPhoto: Top layer, and some sidesPhoto: The beloved "Companion Cube" from PortalPhoto: With lovePhoto: yeeePhoto: The first objectsPhoto: Fresh out of the print, a Calibration print, long bridges and all that, went very well!Photo: some more..Photo: un-cleaned but very nice, one bridge went a-wall..Photo: The difference with bad calibration and good one..Photo: very smooth print, tho the top seems a little off, but its very small objects so i can understand, the nozzle is 0.35mm widePhoto: Y motor bracket, tripple shell and 0.35 Infill. woohoo! :)Photo: nice outer rimsPhoto: The studie,, PSU on the wall, Exhaust fan on the wall, fan for the electronics, temp-filament-holder, screen, caliper and IR-temp-gun ;)  table screw´d to the wall, and printer screw´d to the table :PPhoto: the "studio" here it will spend many hours! :)Photo: dont really like how he handle the overhang-ends-.Photo: HUGE offset all of the sudden..Photo: this,, is a Companion cube made with Marlin firmare.. and if you dont get it, it´s alot worse now compared to when i made it with Sprinter firmware.. got the extruder working at "bang bang" what the hell now that is, cuz there was no specific settings for Budaschnozzle 0.35Photo: X-holders both sides, and with press-fit ..Photo: quality controlPhoto: nice bridge, did shave of some under the bridge with a nife, but its all good!Photo: some very nice prints i think.Photo: this is only the difference with Gcode, both printed using my Reprap and Sprinter Firmware.Photo: Slic3r: Love how it does the Infill,dislike the ripples on the side of objects
Sfact: Love the smooth sides, Dislike that it takes over 10 minuts to slice a STL file sometimes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMHLaExpKQE  - Making VideoPhoto: High voltage protector installed, hope the light-switch-stopping-print-syndrome ends now! :)Photo: The whole setup after some re-inventing =)Photo: The computer, and the setup =)Photo: fresh build, no cleanup made, but seems good!Photo: no cleenup, but it is still good. there is some setting todo with Slic3r tho..Photo: yeah, this is my name on IRC an reprap Forum.. proof that i am the one who is printing this stuff =) and my Continental girl Coffe cup ^^Photo: why allways me :(Photo: Broken hot-end!!! :(Photo: new hot end! :) so.. now it runs again.. :)Photo: Budaschnozzle 1.1 :)Photo: the new Setup. out in the shed! :PPhoto: my nick on irc, thinggiverse and reprap forum.. and a pic of a Prusa set (- endstop holders and 2 barclamps)Photo: a setPhoto: a part of the set..Photo: deddicated Power supply, 30A 12v, thats a lot of Umph!Photo: nice thick wires going from the Ramps to the Powersupply now, not the tiny ATX PSU cables..Photo: new, tidy setupPhoto: Mounted the Powersupply upsidedown on a piece of Plaster for fire-safety