15 Photos - Feb 20, 2013
Photo: Scene of the burned down cabin where Christopher Dorner's remains were found.Photo: President Barack Obama being sworn in for his second term.Photo: View from the crowd of the US Capitol at the 2013 Inaugural Ceremonies.Photo: Republican National Convention preps in Tampa, FL.Photo: Joe Biden at Joint Base Andrews.Photo: President Obama in Boulder CO.Photo: 030913 Papal Smoke Stacks inside Sistine ChapelPhoto: 030913 Papal Smoke Stack inside Sistine ChapelPhoto: 030913 St. Peter'sPhoto: Chayyiel Jackson was in the front row of theatre 9 during the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.Photo: 030513 St. Peter'sPhoto: 030913 St. Peter'sPhoto: 030913 St. Peter'sPhoto: Fox News Sunday EXCLUSIVE: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz responds to President Obama’s immigration plan to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.

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