6 Photos - Mar 26, 2012
Photo: Min and Brian while we were setting up. We got an excellent spot, right by the entrance, across form Heroku and Google (behind Brian).Photo: We made printed banners showing the Qt Console and the Notebook, and brought a projector as well as an LCD monitor.Photo: The projector worked extremely well, as our booth turned out to be *very* popular. We had a non-stop crowd for two days, and with the projector we could easily demo to a large group.Photo: At the 'pydata' sprint, which was a joint effort between IPython, Scikits-Learn and Pandas.Photo: We also brought the projector to the sprint and grabbed a whiteboard from the hotel. Much easier to do group programming and hash out ideas this way...Photo: Olivier Grisel from sklearn in the foreground, while Min drives the projector.