34 Photos - Nov 6, 2013
Photo: Photo: Friday games.Photo: Molly acting all casual and cool.Photo: Nat at the Geek Out Cafe table, with the game library in the far side.  You can see Ernie looking for an expiration date on a board game, I think.Photo: The game room was hopping all Friday during the day...Photo: ...and into Friday night.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Celebrity D&D!Photo: Photo: It is not an official gaming room if there isn't somebody flipping through a three ring binder of Magic cards.Photo: Starburns visits Roll the Dice.Photo: The dedicated women of Command and Library sit behind the schedule, ready to answer any question!Photo: Nissa was ready with games and information.Photo: The hotel gave us tiny trash cans until on Sunday, they finally realized gamers eat and drink while playing.Photo: Photo: Photo: I don't know who this is, but we both realized the look, and agreed this would be the official "deer in the headlights" shot of the gaming room.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Watch out... this kid was a great gamer.  The next generation was well represented.Photo: Photo: Roll the Dice, in a staged candid shot.Photo: Photo: Photo: David describes how big a dice he rolled earlier in the weekend.Photo: Tim running Nuclear War.Photo: Spell Saga, a gaming being Kickstarted, was demoed.