9 Photos - Jan 26, 2013
Photo: Two guys with signs around their necks offering to pay cash and more than the Seattle PD was offering. Media was filming the whole thing.Photo: My view from the line when I got in. I would be waiting here for another 2h15m.Photo: Half an hour later, the line was much bigger and the local media was interviewing people in line.Photo: Media interviewing the police chief. In the foreground is the two drive-through lanes to turn in your guns.Photo: Dude in hat was being interviewed because he was turning in an unregistered SBS (short barreled shotgun). By turning it in with no questions asked, he was avoiding 10 years in a federal prison and $10,000 fine.Photo: This guy was turning in a brand new WASR-10 (Romanian AK variant). Normally retails for $600 or so, but now with inflated prices it goes for much more than that. Everyone was offering the guy $400-$800 but he rather have it destroyed and get $200 Target gift cards.Photo: The police after turning in a friends rifle for him.Photo: The bin with all the pistols zip tied after being turned in.Photo: One of several trashcans with long guns after being turned in.