22 Photos - Sep 23, 2011
Photo: Photo: snapped this of a wary traveler, who apparently just finished a sandwich at Grand CentralPhoto: I was walking around NYC yesterday and saw this garage....thought it was wicked cool, I'd love to get a model in here too...but for now this is where the cabs go for a facelift apparentlyPhoto: Shot into a pretty hazy downtown NYC from the Manhattan Bridge.  So I decided to have some with gradient maps on this

#plusphotoextract  Photo: what I wish I was doing right now :)  Took this in Hawaii...spotted this guy feeding the pigeonsPhoto: So this is by far my favorite from today.  My friend and his wife are in town and we have been trekking all over the city.  We stopped in Grand Central today where I made this image.  I couldn't have asked for more from the day....I do have an awesome exposure blend of Grand Central itself but for now this is all you get :) Enjoy and feel free to share!  I'm calling it "Pause" :)

#plusphotoextract  Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: ©Dylan PatrickPhoto: I took this at Lincoln Center, this was the 1st of 3 frames...sheer dumb luck they just happened to be all lined up so perfectly  ©Dylan PatrickPhoto: Security on a break...Me and my wife went down to the 9/II memorial today...(pictures to come) on the way I saw this guy taking a break.Photo: Photo: Photo: I've seen this guy a bunch around Union Square and I always seem to not have my camera (a sin I know:) Tonight I caught him on a smoke break though :)Photo: A local trinket shop owner in San Jose, Costa Rica... she was very sweet although the stuff she was selling was really "local" and was a little more generic souvenir, we bought something anyway as she was super nice. Either way she made a great photo happen.Photo: www.dylanpatrickarts.comPhoto: www.dylanpatrickarts.comPhoto: www.dylanpatrickarts.com