19 Photos - Dec 19, 2013
Photo: The Audience, listening raptly!Photo: Clement Valla presenting Iconoclashes and  “Surface Survey 1989.121”Photo: Iconoclashes!Photo: The Smiles ProjectPhoto: Michael Thompson, Adam VigianoPhoto: Me trying out the eyetracker!Photo: Ben Kauffman's Met Art MirrorPhoto: Daniele Frazier's "Implied Water"Photo: Anne-Marie Lavigne'sPhoto: Neal Stimler Demoing Google GlassPhoto: Raised Painting!Photo: Getting scanned by 3D SystemsPhoto: Color the Temple, with Matt Felsen, Maria Saba, and Erin Peters.Photo: Accessible Map and Wayfinding.Photo: Ana Marva Fernandez's "Ancient Play"Photo: Ellen Pearlman's RGBD toolkit, with video footage from the Asian Art GalleryPhoto: Clement's massive 3D printed piece, "Surface Survey 1989.121"Photo: DD Yang Jiang's and Pecqi Su's Portable RTI Dome!Photo: Lee Meredith's Digital Fiber-optic Paintbrush, Color Picker, and Mouth-to-Mouth facial recognition and funny-face generator!