29 Photos - Aug 3, 2013
Photo: The Jefferson MemorialPhoto: A branch full of pink cherry blossomsPhoto: The Washington Monument, under repair, with cherry trees belowPhoto: A street lined with white-blossomed cherry treesPhoto: A duck checking out the fishingPhoto: US flags surround the Washington MonumentPhoto: A bridge along the Tidal BasinPhoto: People gathering among the cherry blossomsPhoto: A willow leans out over the waterPhoto: The pink cherry blossoms provide a cool canopy to view the Tidal BasinPhoto: Eating lunch under the cherry blossomsPhoto: The tip of the Washington MonumentPhoto: A cool orchard of cherry trees with their white blossomsPhoto: A park ranger on horseback waits at the crosswalkPhoto: The service elevator up the temporary scaffolding on the Washington MonumentPhoto: A duck is always happiest in the waterPhoto: The War College ironically looks quite peacefulPhoto: Biking along the PotomacPhoto: Climbing the scaffolding on the Washington MonumentPhoto: Everybody likes to take picturesPhoto: Row, Row, Row your boatPhoto: Waiting for those stubborn Potomac fishPhoto: Crosswalks are pretty with cherry blossomsPhoto: Tending to a tulip gardenPhoto: Walking in the company of friendsPhoto: Look, more people taking picturesPhoto: This tree likes to grow horizontallyPhoto: What a nice place to sit and relaxPhoto: The Jefferson Memorial with cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin