32 Photos - Jun 12, 2012
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Ends July 4th, 2012Photo: Copyright www.BeckermanPhoto.com, cannot be used without permission.  Here's where the image is from: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/we-walk-in-a-dream-color.htmlPhoto: Reflection in Puddle of Oil, BrooklynPhoto: Cleopatras Needle, Central Park
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http://www.beckermanphoto.com/clearing-storm-montauk-color.htmlPhoto: Exterior of Beglium church. 1992.  I sometimes wonder what it must be like to work on a sculpture like this for many months.Photo: For download or prints: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/central-park-lake-ir4-color.htmlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Available at: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/garrett-mountain-reservoir-color.htmlPhoto: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/bethesda-plaza-painted-color.html
Painting / PhotographPhoto: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/bethesda-passage-long-color.htmlPhoto: Photo: Central Park Lake Infrared Painting
Downloads / Prints: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/central-park-lake-ir3-color.htmlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Duke Ellington
105th Street and Fifth Ave.
Available at: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/duke-ellington-monument-color.htmlPhoto: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/cedar-hill-and-fifth-ave-color.html
Cedar Hill, Central ParkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Chrysler Reflection (Orange Version)Photo: A Walk in the Park
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Autumn Sewers of NYCPhoto: The fire department was washing down the street.  I was just wandering around in the morning to get my coffee.  And 84th from 2nd to 3rd was wetted down.  So they were kidding me about why I was spending about 15 minutes crouched down photographing the water.  What newspaper ya from?
No newspaper.  I just like the reflections this morning.
Big smile.  Thumbs up.
- See more at: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/blog/reflection-on-84th-street/#sthash.ibeqrz89.dpuf #reflectionphotography  Photo: This was an HDR shot from Top of the Rock.  It's the first time I've worked on the color version.

http://www.beckermanphoto.com/new-york-skyline-night-color.htmlPhoto: Hotdog Stand - New Years Eve 2011 - New YorkPhoto: Walkway After Rain or Paint It Strange
You begin with b&w image, in this case the pathway in Central Park, and then read some Rimbaud, some Baudelaire, and add a tiny dash of Frank Zappa - and voila - a surreal pathway to where - I don't know.

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www.BeckermanPhoto.comPhoto: I don't suppose anyone thinks of Roosevelt Island as iconic New York and I don't either.  But if there are lit windows (to color) and moving boats (to blur) and smooth water, I'm going therePhoto: