28 Photos - Jan 16, 2012
Photo: Night Sky Over Beaver LakePhoto: Rocky Mountain National ParkPhoto: A dead tree and some rocks.Photo: Heading HomePhoto: Day 4 - 004Photo: Gulbransen Player PianoPhoto: Wood shutters on a barn window.Photo: 008Photo: 018Photo: 019Photo: 020Photo: 009 - This image was taken with an iPhone 4 using Average Camera Pro. It’s composed of 64 exposures taken over 3 minutes, all averaged out into this final image.Photo: 010Photo: 011Photo: 007 - Practicing songs for an upcoming retreat at ABC next week.Photo: 012Photo: 013 - Brandon, Cody, and Charlie rehearsing the set list for Purity Celebration at Acadian Baptist Center.Photo: 015Photo: 016 - Big jar full of Community Coffee Dark Roast.Photo: 017 - Taken with iPhone 4 using Average Camera Pro.Photo: 021Photo: Photo: Photo: Brandon and Kyle playing tetherball at Acadian Baptist Center in Louisiana.Photo: Black and White photo of a farm cat in Fort Collins, Colorado.Photo: Two Bull Elk grazing at a field just outside of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.Photo: The Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum on the University of Louisiana, Lafayette campus.Photo: More information can be found here: http://restoreholyrosary.com/our_dream