170 Photos - Jul 1, 2011
Photo: Photo: This is at Kirra, Gold Coast, AustraliaPhoto: At Snapper Rock, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, AustraliaPhoto: Details of a backlit leaf... with a tiny piece of the sky showing.Photo: Sunset at Arpoador, Rio de JaneiroPhoto: Boat reflections in San Sebastian harbour.Photo: Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, BrasilPhoto: Boat reflection in Vitoria, ES, BrasilPhoto: Market at Campo de Fiori, RomePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: St. Peter's Basilica, VaticanPhoto: Helicoidal stairs at the Vatican MuseumPhoto: Fountain in Darling harbour, SydneyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Fontana del Nettuno, Piazza Navona
This is a rework of a picture posted earlier (uploaded the wrong version, G+ does not allow me to replace photos...). It is an HDR made out of 3 photos taken handheld at Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy, on a beautiful afternoon. I love those gorgeous earth tones of the buildings in Rome.Photo: Spiral stairs in yellow and blue
Seen in my hotel in Paris.Photo: +Dome at Galeries Lafayette, Paris*
This is a well known, bizantine-style wrought iron and colored glass dome in the main store, dating back to 1912. This HDR photo was made out of 3 shots, handheld, as I was aiming up in the midst of hundreds of shoppers moving around me. In addition, the building is quite tall - 10 floors (33m), so I had to use the zoom to fill up the frame.
It is worth looking in large, it is beautiful.Photo: Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris
It was a horrible morning, rainy and cold. But it started to clear around noon, leaving lots of nice reflections in the wet ground.Photo: Under the tree
This beautiful tree cast a huge shadow on a hot sunny day, near the Menil Collection in Houston.Photo: Taken in Banff, behind the Banff Springs hotel.Photo: Stone stairs
I was attracted to the textures and contrast of these stairs, as I was going down the countless stairs in Hydra, near Athens, Greece. This is what I saw when I was halfway down, looking back up.
(feel free to reshare!)Photo: Playa de La Concha Reflections
The beautiful sunset lighting, together with the low tide, combined to make great reflections on this popular beach in San Sebastian, Spain.Photo: Hole in the wall

This is the front office "window" at Sackler Gallery, Harvard. It is not a manipulated image, that's the way it actually looks...Photo: Graphic reality
Although it may not seem so, this is a photo of a detail of an overpass support structure in Bilbao, Spain. It is painted like this to become part of the urban architecture around the famous Guggenheim Museum, which is close by.
I tried to capture the graphic, "painted on" appearance of the structure agains the "natural" looking sky and clouds.Photo: Erechteion and the KariatidesPhoto: Two black dots
Detail of a painting seen in the National Art Gallery, Washington DC.
.Photo: Photo: Helicoidal Stairs at the Vatican MuseumPhoto: Graffiti in Plaka, AthensPhoto: Isola Tiberina, RomePhoto: Old town in LyonPhoto: Train station iLyon Saint Exupery TGV Train StationPhoto: Detail of Guggenheim Museum in BilbaoPhoto: Photo: Photo: San Sebastian harbourPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fortune teller at the Summer Palace in Beijing. Used the orton effect on this photo to make it look like a drawing.Photo: Photo: Photo: Corcovado and Pão de AçucarPhoto: Artist at work at Summer Palace, Beijing.Photo: This is a shop window reflection in Toledo, Spain. It was not manipulated... I like the way the inside and outside blendPhoto: Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at sunsetPhoto: Photo: Photo: Thorn shadowsPhoto: This is a Paphiopedilum argus or Lady's Slipper OrchidPhoto: Photo: Porto façadesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bromeliad taken at the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro,BrazilPhoto: Elbow River in Banff, Canada.Photo: Photo: Nothing like a little surfing at the end of the day...Photo: View of Hydra, Greece. It is a phtoo, the painterly look is a result of applying the orton effect.Photo: Boats at Hydra harbour, Greece.Photo: Can you see C-3PO's face here? (maybe squint your eyes a little bit, or look at it from some distance).Photo: Taken in a back alley in Santa Monica, CA, which doesn't even exist anymore. How old would you guess this picture is?Photo: I like the way her golden teeth match the costume ;-)Photo: A blind man on the streets somewhere in India... 27 years ago!Photo: Reflections of the Santa Monica Pier at twilight.Photo: Amazing details when looked up closely!Photo: San Giorgio at twilight - Venice
The halos were not done digitally... this is a scanned slide. I blew lightly on the lenses, and waited until the condensation that formed dried up to the right size. Neat trick that I found out entirely by chance!Photo: Sunset in Udaipur, Rajashtan, IndiaPhoto: Green aura
Taken across a courtyard in Oaxaca, Mexico.Photo: Blue reflections
Taken at the inner court of the Norddeutsche Landesbank building in Hanover, Germany. It is not HDR.Photo: This is my favorite beach, where I surf... Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPhoto: Bending time
Reflection of the Altes Rathaus clock in Hanover, GermanyPhoto: Reflection
Can you tell what is reflected and what is not?
This was shot at the Filmpalast ZKM in Karlsruhe.Photo: Intersecting circles
Bycicle parking in Karlsruhe, GermanyPhoto: Grid
Shadow of a cast iron window shutter in the old town in Rome... formed a nice geometric pattern.Photo: Columns and shadows
Taken at the Karlsruhe Congress Center.Photo: A detail of F. Gehry's tower in Hanvover
Taken at dusk. The reflective surface absorbs all kinds of colors...Photo: Run baby run
I was taking this photo of the stark geometric contrast of the stairs and railings in the noon light, when this kid ran into the frame... and I like the result, even if not planned.Photo: Shadows and geometry
This is a shot of part of the façade Kaufhof department store in Hanover.Photo: Reflections, colors, abstraction
I am always fascinated by reflections, and how they can form colorful abstractions. Most of the time, they go by unnoticed, I enjoy spotting and bringing them out.Photo: Music at sunset
The sunset atmosphere in Ipanema beach is great in the summer... I liked the way the mountains' outline seems to be flowing out of his sax.Photo: Fall colors at Villa Borghese, Rome
The autumn light and colors make it my favorite time in the year...
#FallFridayPhoto: Roman Forum on a rainy day
This was a cold, rainy day, but I decided to go anyway, even if I've been there several times. While the colors were predictably bad, the atmosphere with the clouds was still interesting. So I decided to do this one in B&W, giving it this "old drawing" look similar to those etchings that were popular in the early '900.
I hope you agree with my choice :-).Photo: Watching the scenery
at the Forum Les Halles, Paris, France.
The pidgeon just stood there, taking it all in, not caring about any of us around it...Photo: In the Paris metro
As I was waiting for my train to come, I saw this at the platform on the other side. For some reason, it caught my attention, and I grabbed a quick shot before getting on my train.Photo: Cafe at Blvd. St. Michel, Paris
If you look closely at the picture, you will realize the building in the background is actually a reflection of a building on the other side of the Seine. Of course, those who know this place will immediately realize this image "doesn't make sense", it's an optical illusion due to the reflection on the glass panel in front of the cafe.Photo: Here lies Mary Magdalene
... at least according to Dan Brown ;-)Photo: Wall abstract
Sometimes there are interesting photos to be taken in museums, besides the collection itself. This photo was taken at the famous Museé D'Orsay, in Paris.
I like the abstract shapes and colors, that make up a "painting" on its own.
P.S. I have noticed that such abstact images are not so popular here in G+... or is it a wrong perception?Photo: Eiffel Tower
It's difficult to come up with a different view of this much photographed landmark... here is one attempt at making an interesting photo.Photo: The Musée D'Orsay is a wonderful example of combining old and modern architectures, at which the French people excel.
This is a detail taken in the main atrium, forming an abstract geometric figure that provides a great contrast to the more "classical" art surrounding it.Photo: Golden tones abstract
Another abstract photo from the atrium at the Musée D'Orsay. It is a great contrast to the more "classical" artwork all around it. These are huge blocks that separate the main hall (it used to be a railway station) from the rooms to side, all around the central court.Photo: Ghosts
Who said they don't exist? Here is a photo of three of them I took at Casa Battló in Barcelona. Notice how the glass etching goes right through the middle one... :QPhoto: Spiral Stairs
Going down one of the tall towers of the Sagrada Familia cathedral, in Barcelona, Spain. A small sample of Gaudi's genius...Photo: I see you
a beggar in the streets of Hyderabad, India.Photo: Chowmahala Palace
Incredibly ornate decoration inside this palace in Hyderabad, India.Photo: Blood red reflection
The boats in Hydra, an island near Athens, Greece, are very colorful, making up for great reflections.Photo: Water, sky and a cloud
Taken at the Elbow river in Banff.Photo: Urban abstract
Taken in a back alley in Santa Monica, 30 years ago... scanned from a Kodachrome slide. And yes, these were the actual colors ;-)!Photo: Nature's Patterns

Nature is full of patterns, all around us. I love wood, and besides the tactile feel, it has those superb patterns.
What does this remind you of?Photo: Nature's Patterns
Here is another beautiful pattern in a piece of wood (make sure to see it large!)... do you see anything? Just an abstract image?
(feel free to reshare!)Photo: Shadow geometry

These shadows, cast by reflected light on a wall, made an interesting geometric pattern, a subtle light and shadow play.Photo: Storm over Gormaz
This was taken on a stormy afternoon in the ruins of Gormaz castle, standing over the Castillian planes, in Spain.Photo: Light, color and form
These all came together in a beautiful sunset hour in Bellagio, Como, Italy.Photo: Reflection
This was a bright morning in Salamanca, Spain, which started with rain, and then cleared up. When I saw the sun coming out, I immediately grabbed my camera and went out of my hotel for a quick stroll, as I knew there would be many interesting reflections on the still wet pavement. This is one of them.Photo: San Marcos church at twilight
This church has a really odd shape... and the twilight colors were really interesting.Photo: Reflections after the rain
Here is a b&w version of a photo I posted earlier (https://plus.google.com/106031648912799473605/posts/ekcTfEsvGwN), showing a street in Salamanca, Spain, right after a morning rain squall.
I like both versions... which do you prefer?Photo: Plaza Mayor in SalamancaPhoto: Spiral
I'm always fascinated and attracted to spirals. Wherever I go, I'm on the lookout to spot one.
This one was taken at the Convent of Christ, in Tomar, Portugal.
The sepia rendering is the one I feel gives it the best feel, given the lighting conditions and the actual colors (pretty monochrome anyway).
Today is also #SepiaSaturday!
(feel free to reshare!)Photo: Light and Shadow
This is a little essay on light and shadow, caught inside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (but could have been anywhere...). I liked the soft curves and shadows, with a little highlight from a reflection coming through.
A way to start the week with a Minimal Monday ;-).Photo: Haight Ashbury
I liked the color of the wall, with the photo collage and graffiti.Photo: Magnificent Mountains
Panorama made out of 3 photos, handheld.

#MountainMondayPhoto: Blue Sunset
The overhanging storm clouds and the setting sun created this eerie bluish tint in the sky, enhanced by the reflection in the wet sand.
My contribution to #ThirstyThursdayPicsPhoto: Storm skies at Kirra
This day had passing storms and sunshine all mixed, making up for dramatic skies...
My contribution to #SkySunday curated by +Matt Soave +Simone LinkePhoto: Piazza Navona, Rome
This is a rework of a 3 shot handheld HDR picture I posted a week ago. +Dave Matthews commented he found it a bit overprocessed, and I think he was right. So I redid it, I think it came out better, I hope you agree!
(here is the ealier version: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-yYdhnfRKgFw/ToittTm3GII/AAAAAAAAB1c/n9WFk01wGtI/s1152/Piazza%2BNavona%2BHDR%2BI.jpg)Photo: Kirra Beach, Gold CoastPhoto: Nature's patterns
Macro shot of a succulent reveals great patterns.
My contribution to #MacroMondayPhoto: Hoodos Lookout
The Banff area is spectacular. This lookout overlooks the Bow river valley, with Mt. Rundle directly across. At the other end is the Banff Springs hotel, from where I took another photo in this Portfolio.
Taken with a small point and shoot Pentax camera.
My contribution to #MountainMonday.Photo: Rock and Trees
The Mt. Huashan area has stunning scenery; it is one of the five sacred mountains in China.
This is my contribution today for #treetuesday by +Christina LawriePhoto: Afternoon reflections
The low tide, combined with lovely sunset hour light made for great reflections.
Taken at Playa de La Concha, in San Sebastian, Spain.

My #ThirstyThursdayPics Contribution +Giuseppe Basile and #reflectionweek +midori chan & +Benedict ChuiPhoto: Fall colors
This one was taken in the Boston Commons.
What attracted me are orange/yellow tones and the background in bluish green, which are naturally complementary, and are not usually seen in fall color photos. I had to go under the tree and move around until I could find the right framing...
My contribution to #FallFriday curated by +Karin Nelson and +Alexander S. KunzPhoto: Batalha Monastery after the rain
This was a typical spring day with alternating sun and rain spells. After a brief rain squall,the floor was still wet, so I ran out to catch it before it dried out. The clouds were still dissipating, adding a more dramatic tone to the image.
This is Batalha Monastery, one of the finest examples of Manueline archicture in Portugal.
My contribution to #MirrorMonday curated by +Catherine Vibert and +Jonny Scholes.Photo: The blue cloister
The morning light and the floor color combined to produce this blue tone in the San Juan de los Reyes cloister, in Toledo, Spain. Not to be missed!
My contribution to #SacredSunday by +Charles Lupica.Photo: Lace in Stone
Fahtepur Sikri is a former Mughal palace near Agra, India. This is a photo taken from inside the tomb of Salim Chishti, ornated with intricate stone carved patterns.
My contribution to #TravelThursday curated by +Laura Mitchum.
(feel free to reshare!)Photo: Purple beauties

My contribution to #FloralFriday, curated by +Tamara Pruessner.Photo: Rainbow over Cáceres, Spain
We were out and about the entire day in the old town in Cáceres, Spain. We had sun and rain alternating the whole day, which makes for interesting pictures with lots of contrasts. As we got back to our hotel, the sun came out, and this is what I saw from the window of our room. I ran and unpacked my camera, before it disappeared :-).
My contribution to #FortressesFriday, curated by +Benjamin Dahlhoff.Photo: Santiago de Compostela
This is the eastern façade of the famous cathedral, with the Royal Door, the Holy Door and the Abbot's Door.
Panorama made out of 2 shots, handheld.
My contribution to #SacredSunday curated by +Charles Lupica.Photo: Alley in Tomar, Portugal
This little town is very picturesque, with many alleys like this one. There is also a famous templar church, the Convent of Christ there.
This photo was taken in harsh midday light, so I applied some orton effect to soften it a bit.
My contribution to #TravelThursday curated by +Laura Mitchum.
(feel free to reshare!)Photo: Photo: A view of Tomar, Portugal
This is a quaint village in Portugal, where the Convent of Christ (seen in the back at the top of the hill), a templar church, was built.
I softened the hard contrasts of midday light using the orton effect.
(feel free to reshare!)Photo: Storm over Puebla de Sanabria, Spain
This is a very small, medieval village in northern Spain. This was a cold, spring day, with alternating storms and sunshine.
Maybe I should call it "For whom the bells toll?"...
My contribution to #TravelThursday, curated by +Laura Mitchum, and to #HistoryThursday, curated by +Matt Shalvatis.

(feel free to reshare!)Photo: Puebla de Sanabria Panorama, B&W

This panorama was made out of 3 shots, handheld.
My contribution to #MonochromeMonday, curated by +Siddharth Pandit.

(feel free to reshare)Photo: Geometry in Nature
Another beautiful bromeliad, with a circular striated pattern.
My contribution to #FloralFriday, curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

(feel free to reshare!)Photo: Bridge and reflection
Taken in an unusually clear day at the Suzhou Street area of the Summer Palace in Beijing.
Did a little orton effect to enhance the colors and textures.
My contribution to #MirrorMonday, curated by +Gemma Costa and +Elizabeth Edwards.Photo: Princess Street and Gardens, EdinburghPhoto: Hundertwasserhaus façade  ViennaPhoto: Bromeliad taken at the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro,BrazilPhoto: Cannes Saint Martin, Loire, FrancePhoto: Boats in the Sky
My contribution to #MirrorMonday, curated by +Gemma CostaPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: Photo: Photo: Foxgloves by Moke LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo:                                Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bow River ValleyPhoto: Venice beach
Here is another "moody" image, taken in Venice, about a mile south of where the #LAphotowalk took place.
My contribution to #SeaTuesday by +Julia Anna Gospodarou.
#photoplusextract #exposedphoto 
.Photo: Photo: Photo: Highly Commended Award - USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014!
I'm stoked to learn that my  photo of the Chrysler building in NYC has won a "Highly Commented" award in the USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 contest in the "Urban" category - see the winners gallery at http://www.usalandscapephotographeroftheyear.com/winners-gallery.
The judging panel had top-notch photographers, and there were thousands of entries from all over the world. I'm really honored!

Here is a link to this photo in higher res - http://goo.gl/C3xL5W.