8 Photos - Sep 2, 2011
Photo: One of our many reading areas where weduites can sit and work on a laptop or tablet.Photo: Our 1500 sqft conference room that used to be the chapel. Aside from the ornate decor, a couple cool features of this room are our 72inch monitor and 48-ft U-shaped conference table (with umlaut-shaped podiums)Photo: Our wedu-branded arcadePhoto: A cool example of the funky decor in our main hallway...1930's meets 2010's.Photo: We have a 25 foot tall guitar in our main hallway....but who doesn't???Photo: Really cool custom-designed 'pit' dividers with our u logo.Photo: You can't have a marketing agency office without a pool table! Many a big idea has come out of a late-night game of 9-ball.Photo: Another example of taking 1930's architecture and making it functional again. This spiral staircase now takes you to our newly-constructed techie floor.