77 Photos - Jul 18, 2011
Photo: Some of the most wonderful people I know! This beach trip provided a LOT of laughs and inside jokes.Photo: Before rehearsal for Children of Eden sophomore year.Photo: Beach trips with Rachel!Photo: Church trips with the youth group made for some awesome memories.Photo: Just a little late night picnic fiesta with chips and salsa.Photo: Rocky Horror Live!Photo: New Years Eve 2010/2011! Incredible night, for sure.Photo: Every time we get together Ashleigh and I end up doing really really strange activities.Photo: Golf!!!Photo: Our first midnight Harry Potter experience! Beach trip and Half-Blood Prince :)Photo: My best friend and I after the last Oklahoma! performance our senior year :)Photo: Like I said, we do weird things. Like make a video to the Mortal Kombat theme song wearing aluminum foil accessories.Photo: Life is getting more exciting.Photo: Dress up days in High SchoolPhoto: New Years Eve! The night we met!Photo: DancelinePhoto: Seeing Hanson, the band of my childhoodPhoto: Sneaking into places that are to remain unnamed :)Photo: Mustache fiascosPhoto: Internation Thespian Festival! Before the AIDS awareness dance.Photo: ITF, dinner before the showPhoto: High fiving a mammoth statue in NebraskaPhoto: The Ladies of Little WomenPhoto: Chelsea K!Photo: Beth and Mrs. Kirk :)Photo: late night swimmingPhoto: Pepper, my pup that I've had since 1st gradePhoto: That one time I was a chicken for Halloween. 7th grade, mind youPhoto: That one time I was David Bowie a la Aladdinsane for Rock Star Day senior yearPhoto: 40s!Photo: That one time Tom Milsom @replied me on TwitterPhoto: Just... Ashleigh's facePhoto: With The BeatlesPhoto: We take checkers seriouslyPhoto: Christmastime Festivities with the ones I love!Photo: Thrifting in FlorencePhoto: The most talkative person I knowPhoto: all of those late night target runsPhoto: Chubby Bunny!Photo: Matching postersPhoto: that one, well, two times there was a tornadoPhoto: matching tattoosPhoto: Tyler and me :)Photo: all day and all of the nightPhoto: That one time I saw Smith Westerns and Bass Drum of DeathPhoto: That one time when Sorcerer's Stone just came out and I sent Hagrid fan mail and he sent back an autographed photo.Photo: My 19th BirthdayPhoto: O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A! Yeow!Photo: photoshootsPhoto: My talented best friend! LAURY. WHERE'DJA RUN TO?Photo: that other tornadoPhoto: This accurately describes friendship, y'know?Photo: Nights at the Pool HousePhoto: Graduation Sleepover!Photo: sweet Kori!Photo: My awesome Grandma!Photo: momma and dadPhoto: Band BuddiesPhoto: band bus rides!Photo: Washington DC botanical gardens with my danceline co-captain!Photo: I bought a stuffed panda at 18 years old. Unashamed.Photo: Quasi-Senior Trip with Lauren!Photo: Dressing room in Nebraska getting ready to perform!Photo: LITTLE WOMEN!Photo: Day 2 of ITFPhoto: On stage in Nebraska before our performancePhoto: Love that kidPhoto: Ashleigh and me before a show at ITFPhoto: Meeting new peoplePhoto: Photo: Poison Ivy and Wonder WomanPhoto: The greatest thing I've ever captured on filmPhoto: The International Thespian Festival was one of the best weekends of my life!Photo: European Vacation 2009 - Italy, Germany, Austria. This particular photo was taken before our crazy hotel costume party.Photo: The cast of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown!Photo: Hysterical.Photo: I don't know why but I love this picture a lot.