56 Photos - Dec 21, 2011
Photo: Our garden in SpringPhoto: A rose from our gardenPhoto: Here is a pretty hibiscus flower that I photographed in my mom's garden in Arizona. This photograph is titled "The Offering" because it reminds me of all of the wonderful things about spending time in Arizona: seeing my family, smelling clarity in the warm desert air, and feeling time as something inhumanly slow.EditPhoto: A rose from the garden in FallPhoto: A Walk on November 6, 2011: Purple LeafPhoto: Thorny MountainPhoto: Photo: Orange Asiatic LilyPhoto: Munich, Germany: Max Planck InstitutePhoto: Meet Me at the Space BarPhoto: Photo: PerseverancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Pink Flower in FallPhoto: Lantana FlowerPhoto: A Walk on November 6, 2011: Lips and PinePhoto: A Walk on November 6, 2011: BerryPhoto: Virginia Forest in SummerPhoto: Munich, Germany: MarienplatzPhoto: Munich, Germany: Nymphenburg Palace in rainPhoto: Munich, Germany: Nymphenburg Palace in rainPhoto: Agave in WinterPhoto: Munich, Germany: ResidenzPhoto: Papago Park, ArizonaPhoto: Camelback MountainPhoto: Virginia Forest in SummerPhoto: Camelback Mountain, ArizonaPhoto: Tulips at my alma mater, GW Law SchoolPhoto: A Walk on November 6, 2011: PineconePhoto: Burst of WhitePhoto: DaisiesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Key to My HeartPhoto: The MarchPhoto: Run Toward Your FearPhoto: Can you guess the monument where I captured this imposing cactus?Photo: Caterpillar Eating Plumeria
Do you remember the photograph of white Plumeria flowers that I posted a couple months back?  This is a caterpillar that was feasting on that same tree.  These caterpillars are considered pests in the region because of their voracious appetite.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C., Spring.
#PhotoPlusExtractPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Brightness Before A StormPhoto: Blue lightPhoto: Papago ParkPhoto: Dramatic Clematis

All it took was a ten minute break from my other projects this weekend to walk outside and sneak a photo of this blooming clematis flower.  I love their alien-looking stamen!Photo: Papago Park, Arizona