70 Photos - Mar 11, 2012
Photo: Jane was content on the couch with my iPhone, but I roused her with the promise of Target (our fave!)Photo: Here's our second attempt to find the Skinny Cow Shake-Stir Ice Cream Shake at the larger, newer Target!Photo: It was just the two of us, so she got to sit in the top seat of the cart.  She's usually in the back, with Sam up front.  Would love if they had two-seater carts here!Photo: This one has a Starbucks - yipee!Photo: Is this not the most amazing display?  Not sure the photo captures how cool it was to see right when we walked in.Photo: Same beautiful display on a larger scale.Photo: Of course, we couldn't make it past the food court.Photo: More seasonal items in the Dollar Bins!Photo: A woman in front of us grabbed the last cheese pizza (which they never have ready), so while we waited our 7 minutes, we got an Icee.Photo: A huge grocery selection - basically a grocery store.Photo: Enjoying the wait.Photo: Aisles...Photo: I think someone else was enjoying their Icee, too.Photo: And aisles...Photo: We should be over here!Photo: And a bazillion ice cream freezers!Photo: Almost ...Photo: Photo: Finally.  But of course, Jane thinks it's too hot, so we walk around with it open in the back of the cart.Photo: Photo: Awesome skinny jeans.  For when I'm skinny.  Now where's that Skinny milk shake?Photo: Photo: Ah, my favorite.  I feel like I should be keeping this a secret.  The best colors are Cherry Kiss and Tangerine Twist.  Please don't buy them all!  (Even though I usually clear out the stock myself).Photo: Photo: It was such a happy day when Boots came to Target.Photo: Photo: Hey, serious nail polish collection!Photo: Photo: Of course, Kardashian Kolor.  (Don't take that as a hater comment, because I am not a Kardashian basher).Photo: Photo: How lovely are these?!  The silver sparkle would go awesome with the silver sparkle shoes for the wedding...if I can get into that darn dress.Photo: Photo: Can you believe all these great brands and products are here?  Finally!  I love the SecheVite - totally works.Photo: Photo: She's my daughter alright:  picked the Sinful Colors.Photo: Photo: While I wasn't looking, Jane snuck a hand mirror.Photo: Photo: At least it was in the clearance section.Photo: Photo: So glad I don't have to buy this stuff anymore!Photo: Photo: If she would just put that mirror back we could go to one of my other favorite sections of Target.Photo: Checking out some Skinny CowPhoto: I bought these for my 10 Days of I Love You Project for Jane.Photo: The individual Skinny Cow selection.Photo: Hubby wonders how I get him cool cards when I don't have time to get to the mall...this is my secret!Photo: The Skinny Cow section.Photo: These would be perfect for Jane's thank you cards for her Polka Dot Birthday Party - that was almost 2 months ago.  Oops.Photo: Popsicles that Jane spied (and we bought)...Photo: I used these for our Thanksgiving Tablescape that won the DailyBuzz Moms 9x9!Photo: ...and ate in the huge, clean food court!Photo: Another favorite!  Guess I have a lot of favorites here.Photo: Checking out the Dollar Bins.Photo: Cool fishing net.  Let's see what she can catch.Photo: A-ha!  A Max & Ruby coloring book.  Nice.Photo: They have the best $1 books here.  No need to pay more.  Although I have seen these sold at discount stores for $5!  Can you believe that?!!Photo: Definitely good advertising - the happiest bargains indeed.Photo: Playing with animal noise makers.Photo: Love getting season items here.Photo: These Sesame Street books are great for the kids and gifts - we have stacks and stacks.  I can't resist.Photo: How cute.  We have these for Sesame Street characters (also from the Dollar Bins).Photo: I stock up on flashcards and learning workbooks here.  So cheap, but great quality and the kids love 'em.Photo: Perfect for Easter embellishments!Photo: Okay, getting closer to the grocery section.  Last time I was down this aisle, I almost bought it up completely - the Valentine's Day stock was on super clearance.Photo: Pretty eggs ceiling display.Photo: Uh-oh, she's finding more stuff to tote around with her.Photo: Evidence.Photo: Skinny Water...maybe we're close?Photo: Oh no!  Only Haagen Daz, Ben & Jerry's, & Dreyers.  Not a great selection.  And no Skinny Cow!!  Need to get to the larger, newer Target.  Bummed.