69 Photos - Jun 17, 2014
Photo: Quickly packing my gear.Photo: Decided to oil and adjust that chain!Photo: It's pretty easy to adjust a chain. Photo: Strapped down and ready to go!Photo: That's generally not what bolts are supposed to look like. I used a box end wrench to tighten it down as much as possible.Photo: Photo: I look so fluffy with my beard coming back up toward my face!Photo: Full moon out!Photo: Parking sideways in spaces alleviates the backing in or backing out awkwardness, especially when a slant is involved.Photo: Ah, the familiar blue glow of my USB charger...Photo: Whoops, looks like the sun came up!Photo: Photo: Really interesting information!Photo: There wasn't an indication of how far the path would go, but "scenic outlook" is enough of a teaser for me.Photo: That little speck in the parking lot is my bike.Photo: Photo: Photo: The sign said "scenic view" and I was not disappointed. Photo: Photo: Just at a roadside park. Photo: They weren't working!Photo: I took a wrong turn but found the right view! Photo: Packed up with my new gear that I got at Aerostich.Photo: These kept my hands dry. http://www.aerostich.com/clothing/gloves/rain-glove-covers/aerostich-triple-digit-covers.html Photo: What a view for a gas station parking lot. Photo: Hey look I can take a picture of myself in my (dirty) mirror!Photo: What a view!Video: Just a short video trying to capture the view...and the wind.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Everything fit so nicely in this "small" duffel bag. Photo: Packing up the next morning. Everything on the bike is wet; everything in the bag is dry.Photo: Ready to go!Photo: The boat launch at the campground.Photo: It seemed like most people at the campground had a boat.Photo: Such a beautiful sunrise.Video: Beautiful view, beautiful sunrise. I wish I could have stayed for a few days. Photo: Photo: The sign was right. Excellent burgers.Photo: Stopped at a boat launch to take some pictures.Photo: It was a great start to a day of riding, with views like this. Can you imagine having a highway filled with these views? Loved it!Photo: Photo: More shots of the same area. I wanted to get some good ones in while the rain was away. I could smell it coming in the air, and I also wanted to keep myself from stopping over and over again to take pictures.Video: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: It's pouring out, and I'm happy and dry.Photo: It actually got bright enough out to put on the sunglasses.Photo: More roadside lake pictures. It's a different lake this time! Lake Michigan!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The goal was to cross it before sundown. I was hoping that the gusts would be less than what I had in Duluth.Photo: See all those specs getting in the way of the nice picture? It's a swarm of mosquitos. Outta here!Photo: Made it! It was a much easier ride than in Duluth.Photo: The only sunset I managed to capture during the trip.Photo: #motoselfie (is that a hashtag?) It felt good to get that bridge out of the way.Photo: Stealing the last looks of the sunset while I can.Photo: Photo: Video: Photo: The "it's time to play" face!Photo: I hate to leave them!