18 Photos - Dec 17, 2012
Photo: Simple propane torch that I've had for years. Braises pipes AND meat!Photo: First HackingPhoto: Greek YogurtPhoto: The chops were pinker than the picture captured.Photo: Grandma took the kid for the night, so I got out the soldering iron just like ol times!Photo: Boneless NY StripPhoto: Sous Vide(ish)Photo: Temperature regulator now contained in a water resistant box.Photo: Photo: One solid slab of medium rare.Photo: As far as kitchens go, this is as manly as it gets.Photo: Photo: Amanda had to get the fire alarms a couple times. I love her.Photo: Pièce de résistancePhoto: 100% grass fed lean ground beef. Seasoned with sunflower seed oil, minced garlic and salt. Evenly tender results with a rich buttery beef flavor.Photo: Note the nickel sized pocket of marrow that didn't get cooked off. Delicious!Photo: Photo: