131 Photos - Oct 28, 2015
Photo: L-R: Emeritus Prof Hatem Salem, founding Director of the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Emeritus Prof Napier ('Nip') Thomson, second Head of the Department of Medicine at the Alfred and founding Head of Central and Eastern Clinical School (2001-2010); and Prof Stephen Jane, 3rd Head of Dept of Medicine at Alfred and Head of Central Clinical School from 2011 to the present. Steve was Hatem's PhD student. Another of Hatem's PhD students is now Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Science - Professor Christina Mitchell. She also presented during the day.

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http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Steve Jane opening the symposiumPhoto: Prof Steve Jane, Head of Central Clinical School which hosted the inaugural Translational Research symposium.

http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Emeritus Prof Hatem Salem, reflecting on the Alfred-Monash history

http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Approximately 200 people attended throughout the day, including about 40 PhD students.

http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Photo: The audience enjoying a joke.Photo: Prof Nip Thomson entertaining and informing.

http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Nip Thomson describing the opening of a new facility by Kit Fairley and his daughter. Prof Kit Fairly is Professor of Public Health and Director of the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Ingrid Scheffer AM from WEHI, describing her epilepsy research
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Steve Wesselingh enjoying the presentation. Steve W was Dean of Monash's medical faculty and is now Director of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Prof Ingrid SchefferPhoto: A very attentive audience asks questions.Photo: Profs Steve Jane and Ingrid Scheffer having a chat at the tea break after her presentationPhoto: Good crowd
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Profs Nip Thomson and Jayashri Kulkarni in the foreground. Paintings of founding Chair of Medicine at the Alfred, Barry Firkin and his successor, Nip Thomson, in the background.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: UCB sponsor rep Jane Fisher and Dr Steven Petratos, Senior lecturer in Pathology and coordinator for the event.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Steven Petratos with Ms Margy White, BristolMyersSquibb (BMS) sponsor representative. http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Steven Petratos, coordinator of the Translational Research symposium with Dr Stephan Brennan, AstraZeneca sponsor representative. http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: A/Prof Ian Street, WEHI, describing the arduous process of commercialisation
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: A/Prof Ian StreetPhoto: Photo: Prof Steve Wesselingh from SAHMRI
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Steve Wesselingh
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni, Director of the Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Ian Davis is an oncologist. He described how the understanding of and treatments for cancer have become increasingly differentiated and tailored.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Ian DavisPhoto: Prof Chris Mitchell, Dean of Faculty, asking a question.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Ian Davis answering Chris's question.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: A/Prof David Curtis.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Profs Ian Davis (head of Eastern Health Clinical School) and Steve Jane (Central Clinical School)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Eric Morand, a rheumatologist and head of School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, on the recalcitrance of lupus, a Protean autoimmune disease.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Eric Morand
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Eric Morand
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Profs Steve Jane and Eric Morand, respectively Heads of Central Clinical School and the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Dr Jane Muir, Head of Translational Nutrition in the Department of Gastroenterology at Central Clinical School, on the FODMAP app development.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Jane Muir taking questions with Prof Steve Jane
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Kit Fairley, Director of the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, on how best to reduce harm and transmission of STDs.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Kit Fairley on how infectious some diseases are.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: The med students of yesteryear were fully rounded human beings with all parts present - and presented - in their own final year magazines.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: These two medical students are not faking their singleminded look for the camera. The two pictured here, left to right, are James Rankin and Barry Firkin. Barry became a haematologist and was the founding Chair of the Monash Department of Medicine at the Alfred. He also established the Australian Society for Medical Research. James Rankin became highly eminent in his field of addiction medicine and was instrumental in the establishment of and served as the first President of both the Australian and Canadian Medical Societies on Alcohol and other Drug-related Problems.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: The portraits of Barry Firkin and Nip Thomson.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Harshal Nandurkar, new Director of the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases chatting with the sponsors (Margy White to left). In the immediate background, Alex White (Sanofi) & George Lovrecz (CSIRO). Far left background, Megan Griffin (Faculty Alumni rep) and David Curtis. Further back again Robert Mann (AMSI), Bonnie Dopheide and Sara Prickett.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: L-R: Graham Jenkin, Euan Wallace and Glenn Bowes.Photo: Profs Euan Wallace, Graham Jenkin and Glenn Bowes.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Profs Nip Thomson, Christina Mitchell and Steve Jane.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: L-R: Kirsty Wilson, Dr Mutsa Madondo (recently graduated PhD from CCS), Robert Mann (AMSI) and Bonnie Dopheide at right.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: CCS material on display
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Euan Wallace, Director of the Ritchie Centre at Monash Health, describing in this slide how funding has grown in relative terms for basic science, clinical medicine, public health and health services research. The basic science informs the development of effective therapeutics.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Euan Wallace presented on the research underpinning new treatments for preeclampsia, a blood pressure problem for pregnant women often causing preterm births.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Euan Wallace
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: A/Prof David Curtis describes sickle cell anaemia research.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: A/Prof David Curtis
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Suresh Sundram describes the molecular biology of schizophrenia. Epidermal Growth Factor is involved. Clozapine appears to help about 50% of people with schizophrenia.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Suresh Sundram
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Suresh Sundram on clozapine.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Christina Mitchell describing her own research and the serendipitous discovery of a tumour blocker in breast cancer.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Christina Mitchell, Dean of FacultyPhoto: L-R: Sharmila Ramesh and Bonnie Dopheide, part of the team coordinated by Dr Steven Petratos (in background of photo).
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Monash Medical Orchestra's chamber quartet.Photo: Monash Medical Orchestra's chamber quartet.Photo: Barbara and Nip Thomson, married fifty years or so.Photo: Barbara and Nip Thomson, married fifty years or so.Photo: The Young Investigator poster competition was sponsored by Sanofi and over 20 people entered.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Nicole van Bergen explaining her poster to A/Prof David Curtis
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Photo: Euan Wallace and Harshal Nandurkar at the Young Investigator poster competition.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Lively session after the formal presentations were over. Steven Petratos and Paul Ramsland in the middle ground.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: L-R: Prof John McNeil, Head of the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Prof Ross Coppel (Monash DVC research), Prof Glenn Bowes (Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne), Prof Eric Morand, Prof Chris Mitchell, Prof Fabienne Mackay (recently Head of the Department of Immunology in Central Clinical School, now moved to Melbourne University)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: L-R: Megan Huynh, Sj Sijie Shen, Louisa Cheung, Florence Lim (Immunology)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni with Mr Frank Di Giantomasso (Patent Law attorney).Photo: Stephanie x, Prof Chris Mitchell talking with Eric Morand. Fabienne Mackay and Steve Jane behind.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Erica Kim (Medicine graduate student supervised by Dr Steven Petratos) and Ms Dussy Kuttner, helping out with information.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Visible faces, L-R: Ross Coppel, Stephen Ting, Glenn Bowes, Harshal Nandurkar, x, Jayashri Kulkarni, Fabienne Mackay.Photo: Prof Glenn BowesPhoto: Dr Aislin Meehan, scientific advisor at GlaxoSmithKline and recent alumnus of Central Clinical School, chatting with even more recently graduated PhD Dr Jodie Abramovitch.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Profs Fabienne Mackay and Chris Mitchell
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Doctoral students (Gastroenterology) CK Yao and Marina Iacovou at the poster presentation.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Photo: Profs John McNeil, Ross Coppel, Dr Meredith O'Keeffe and Prof Euan Wallace.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Nip Thomson holding forth to Eric Morand, Steve Jane & Harshal Nandurkar.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Nip Thomson in full flight!Photo: Steve JanePhoto: Monash medical orchestra chamber groupPhoto: Photo: The team. L-R: Julia Veitch, Steven Petratos, Erica Kim, Dussy Kuttner, Sharmila Ramesh.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Gifts for the presentersPhoto: Eric Morand, Steve Jane, Stephen Ting, Harshal NandurkarPhoto: Eric MorandPhoto: Chris MitchellPhoto: Stephen TingPhoto: Prof Steve Jane speaking with Mr Frank Di Giantomasso (Patent Law attorney who lectures into Translational Research core unit ) and Dr Steven Petratos.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Steven Petratos, Steve Jane and Frank Di Giantomasso
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Nip ThomsonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Marina Carpinelli with Stegan Sonderegger
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Photo: Samantha Barton, SCS
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Ms Madison Paton, SCS
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Jae Young Lee (Medicine)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Hanh Nguyen, SCS
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Alexander Rogriguez, SCS
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Elizabeth Thomas (MAPRc)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Caroline Tuck (Gastroenterology)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Ms Judy Moore (Gastroenterology). Judy was runner up in the competition.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Marina Iacovou (Gastroenterology)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: CK Yao (Gastroenterology)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Chris Molloy
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Nicole van Bergen.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Jay Jha, Baker IDI.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Ms Maria Daglas, ACBD
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Ms Ashlee Conway (ACBD)
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Chris Karayiannis, SCS.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Marina Carpinelli
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Jay Young Lee explaining his poster to Prof Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka, one of the poster judges.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Photo: L-R: a Thomson daughter (?), Prof Nip Thomson and Mrs Barbara Thomson.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Dr Rebecca Segrave.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Dr Steven Petratos congratulating the winner of the Young Investigator poster competition, Dr Rebecca Segrave.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: Judy Moore, Gastroenterology PhD candidate, was runner up.
http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/2015-tr-symposium.htmlPhoto: L-R: Dr Steven Petratos, Dr Rebecca Segrave, Ms Judy Moore and Ms Alex White, the Sanofi sponsor rep.