34 Photos - Feb 26, 2012
Photo: Energizer and Champions for Kids are mobilizing millions for simple service projects.  Today we're working on creating a winter emergency kit, which will be donated to a family at Jefferson Hospital's NICU with a newborn with special medical needs.Photo: It's a rainy shopping day. Time to head into Walmart, store #3565!Photo: My trusty coupon organizer at the ready.Photo: I'm solo shopping on this trip, so I hope to speed through the store since my little "helpers" aren't with me this time.  That means I'll have time to match coupons up with the products I want.Photo: I started by hitting the baby aisle to think about what I'd need in an emergency with a baby.Photo: Hmmmm... since this will be an infant, they won't need this type of food yet.  But they might be using baby cereal at some point, so that's a good thing to have on hand.Photo: Now on to the flashlight section.  Several flashlight styles to choose from.Photo: More flashlights.Photo: Energizer flashlight specifically made for emergencies.Photo: YES.  We have one of these at my house, they are perfect.Photo: I always have one of these on hand, too, in case I need to disinfect something quickly.Photo: More choices.Photo: These are a must.  In an emergency, babies with special medical needs are especially vulnerable to getting sick.Photo: Found this in the camping section.  There have been times here it has snowed enough to take days to dig out; if power goes out, you are COLD.Photo: This waterproof box could be important in a flood-prone area for storing medication and other things that must stay dry.Photo: Oooo... this is good stuff.  Foaming hand sanitizer.Photo: Handwipes, so important-- especially if there's no hot water.Photo: Wet Wipes come with us everywhere, and we have several on hand in case of emergency.Photo: Batteries.  Always important to have these on hand.  It's hard to find them in an emergency situation!Photo: More batteries.  Looks like it's time to restock!Photo: My cart: all the supplies for the Winter Emergency Kit... plus an early birthday present for Bee.Photo: And now for all the things we put in the kit.  Rechargable batteries.  Saves so much money!Photo: When you have a child, especially one with special medical needs, these are lifesavers.Photo: It's always nice to have a box of tissues on hand, just in case.Photo: If there's a longer state of emergency, boxed cereal could be vital for a baby.Photo: I made sure to choose one with a shelf life that would last through this summer.Photo: Energizer Weatheready Flashlights are AWESOME, they plug into an outlet and go on if the power goes off or when it's taken off the outlet.Photo: Hand Sanitizer.  Need I say more?Photo: In winter, this could be vital if the heat goes out in a snowstorm.Photo: More Energizer batteries, the lithium ones will last awhile!Photo: This lantern is good to have on hand because it's extremely versatile.  Plus, you don't need a hand to hold it; it sits on a table or the floor.Photo: See that? It takes two sizes of batteries.  I could NOT find a single Size D battery in the days leading up to the hurricane this summer.  Having a lantern that takes both is brilliant.Photo: This one lantern serves many functions.Photo: Here it is, all packaged up and ready to donate!  Many thanks to #EnergizerCFK and #CBias for this chance to give back to the community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, and all opinions are my own.