35 Photos - Oct 5, 2012
Photo: Rumor had it that THE Mario Lopez was going to make an appearance at K-Mart in Los Angeles to promote his new underwear line. Look at me... all ready with my camera to check out the goods.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™and MaLo. All opinions are my own. #CBias #SocialFabricPhoto: Walking into the store the first thing that hit me was the huge banner. Wow... I wonder if they'd let me keep that after the day is over.Photo: The MaLo display was smack dab in the way when you walk in the front door. Can't miss it!Photo: I'm not sure I wanted to pick out underwear while everyone is entering the store, but the Sale signs were a huge lure.Photo: I purchased a 2-pack of underwear for my husband a few months ago, but I was really happy to see 3-packs available. I also was loving the new colors. Very pretty.Photo: Lauryn came with me (she was off school all week) and she insisted on going to look at the Halloween decorations. Since we had some time to kill, we headed downstairs (yes... this K-Mart is 2 levels) and found some spooky skeletons.Photo: I've said it before and I'll say it again. K-Mart has the best Halloween department. AND the best prices.Photo: I think we need to get one of these, don't you?Photo: My little Diva had to pose with all the scary creatures.Photo: Heading back upstairs, I found the section of the store that was set up for the line of people they were expecting to see Mario Lopez.Photo: Nice sign at the entrance to the line. I was a little afraid of 300 people coming crashing into the store. There were a ton of security people around.Photo: Before I knew it, Mario can right past me and I tried to grab my camera and do my best papparazzi pose. He was too fast for me and I blurred the picture. Darn it!Photo: Behind Mario was a slew of male models wearing UNDERWEAR! Oh yes... I stood there looking at hot guys in their skivvies. I know... tough job but someone has to do it.Photo: The guys were so nice. They even posed for us when we asked them. Wow... that's some hot underwear.Photo: Okay, I couldn't resist. Besides, didn't you all want to see how the underwear really fits?Photo: Even the floors had MaLo signage. Pretty cool.Photo: The line started forming and the people at the store were really nice and let me stand over in the media area to get a birds eye view.Photo: The Mario gold cut-out. Maybe I'll take that one home too.Photo: My new CB friend, Jackie. We had a blast.Photo: I was surprised how many photographers there were. I tried to put on my professional hat but all I kept doing was looking around for Mario.Photo: Finally he came out from behind the backdrop and posed for a few photos.Photo: I just kept snapping away and trying to get in front of all the professional photographers.Photo: They brought out a table for him to sign autographs on.Photo: And with his stack of pictures, he was ready for the line of fans.Photo: Yes, even Mario Lopez gets thirsty sometimes.Photo: Watching Mario sign autographs was fun but I wanted to check out the rest of the underwear department.Photo: Look! Joe Boxers that look like jean shorts. Pretty sure my husband would NOT go for this.Photo: As much as I loved the MaLo colored underwear, I wanted to see if other brands had similar colors. Joe Boxer had some colors but not nearly as pretty as MaLo.Photo: Seriously... who needs camouflage underwear? What are you trying to hide?Photo: And all the regular brands were represented. Honestly, after seeing the possibilities with MaLo, going back to boring white would be... well... boring.Photo: Fruit of the Loom... not bad, but only one pretty color in the pack.Photo: You all know a trip to the store has to involve a stop at the women's shoes. I need boots. They've got boots.Photo: For some reason, I always love these black lace-up boots. The husband thinks they look ridiculous. As me if I care.Photo: I took one quick look at the drapes to see if anything would be a good fit for my bedroom. The Jaclyn Smith line is pretty nice, but unfortunately the size was all wrong.Photo: I finished my day with a MaLo Underwear purchase and Lauryn and I went back home to replace Daddy's drawers.