9 Photos - Mar 8, 2009
Photo: My first Barbie was a dressed Skipper dollPhoto: Banner year.  Country Camper, the red white and blue tent, and if you look just north of the folded tent, you can see Malibu Barbie.Photo: Time to put it all together to play!Photo: This is the Malibu Barbie from the previous year sporting a white overall type garment from GI Joe.  She came with me Christmas morning.Photo: I have no idea what I'm holding in my hands, but you can see the box for Mod Ken by my knee, and my sis has a Barbie vanity case and the townhouse!Photo: Grandma came through with a little Sew Magic, Barbie Fashion Set.Photo: Next year came the Barbie Fashion Plaza, and the Bionic Woman and her Beauty Station.Photo: Love that all the presents are doll sized.  Awesome!Photo: I still have this fashion my sis is opening...it's a little worse for the wear, but it is still serviceable!