28 Photos - Sep 15, 2008
Photo: Daddy Ziggy is very comfy.Photo: See how comfy he is?  I can lay on him like this...Photo: I like to keep his ears clean.Photo: Are you really taking pictures of me in this position?Photo: Daddy Ziggy likes to lay on my arm.  He really does.Photo: I'm safe with my fishing rod.Photo: Aaarrrrgghhhh....I see a fly!Photo: The moon over Thornton.Photo: Perty.Photo: The street where I live.  Quiet during the night.Photo: Even a shopping center can look pretty in the night.Photo: Spooky moon!Photo: Isn't this an awesome shot?Photo: Just another deserted shot.Photo: Who?  Me?  I'm Furbie!Photo: My black girl has some white whiskers.  Isn't that cute?Photo: I am not looking at you!Photo: She's so beautiful, but it just can't be captured in photos.Photo: Just hanging out on the balcony.Photo: Photogenic little shit, isn't she?Photo: A tired old man in the sunshine.Photo: My eldest.Photo: Now this is a bad girl.Photo: I'm going to get the fly!  Don't worry mommy!Photo: Look at those eyes.  My Georgia Peach.Photo: Seepy.Photo: I'm old, but I'm still darned handsome.Photo: This is on my wall.  Why???  I am afraid to kill it because if I miss and it falls, I won't know where it is.  How pathetic am I?