13 Photos - Sep 24, 2006
Photo: Hey look a Subaru dash with a giant hole in it! Certainly nothing odd here!Photo: WHAT?!?!Photo: The iPod sits like this, see?Photo: The silicon case keeps the iPod securedPhoto: The remote is run up the shift knob so I can find it easily. SCEINCE!Photo: Sorry for the low-light; this shows how it looks from the driver's seat. Also you can see the iPod charging thanks to the genius charging circuit I included.Photo: One last shot -- jammin' through the Kenwood's line-input. Hurrah!Photo: UPDATE 10-23-2006: I've added a ThrustMaster F-16 FLCS Joystick to my car as the shift knob. An ingenious combination of a locking collar and a shoulder screw embedded in the handle provide the mounting hardware.Photo: Note that amazingly, nothing occludes; also note that I have very hairy arms.Photo: 1991 Subaru Legacy **COCKPIT**Photo: Profile of the F-16 stick. The second (full-draw) trigger click is play/pause, while left/right on the topmost hatswitch are forward/reverse track functions.Photo: By popular demand - the flight stick's guts. Note iPod remote and lock collar.Photo: Car Dock block diagram.