19 Photos - Oct 26, 2012
Photo: Dawn from Lo ZodiacoPhoto: St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican CityPhoto: Swiss Guard. Very pointy. Approach with caution.Photo: The Pieta' in St. PetersPhoto: The Baldacchino in St. PetersPhoto: Side aisle barrel vault in St. PetersPhoto: Morning mass in St. PetersPhoto: It turns out that there is more than a bit or marble in St. PetersPhoto: Side aisle dome in St. PetersPhoto: St. Peters. It. Is. Big.Photo: Flowers in Campo dei FioriPhoto: Pumpkins in Campo dei FioriPhoto: Eggplants in Campo dei FioriPhoto: "Triumph of the Name of Jesus", by Giovanni Battista Gaulli. The nave of Il GesuPhoto: The dome of the GesuPhoto: When your sunflowers aren't tall enough, improvise!Photo: Santa Maria Maggiore. Someone I know is a big fan of this church. :-)Photo: The main Nave of Santa Maria Maggiore illuminated by light from the rose window in the facadePhoto: Apse mosaic in Santa Maria Maggiore