182 Photos - Sep 29, 2011
Photo: Skunk Flower

The first day +Ana Andres was in town I decided to take her on an adventure to see Abiqua Falls. Those that have been know that it's more than just a quick trip down. I've been a few times and know the joy of seeing the falls for the first time when you round that last bend, it never gets old for me. When we got to that spot along the river I had to stop and see Ana's reaction to seeing the falls for the first time. Totally priceless. Her reaction was why I love taking people to places like this.

We walked into the falls and started to scout where we would take our shots. I immediately noticed the small patch of skunk cabbage up on the right rim and knew that's where I was heading. After wading through the very cold creek I had to climb the unstable hillside making sure that with each step I didn't dislodge the large loose rocks. Once at the top I found that most of the flowers were either broken off, facing the wrong way for a good shot, or not fully developed. But there was this one. After a few shots I had to make the nasty climb down, fortunately I to ford the creek to get back which allowed me to wash all the mud off that I collected on the way up.

‪#‎traveloregon‬ ‪#‎waterfallhunting‬ #waterfalls #oregon #photography #abiquaPhoto: Abiqua Falls

Last weekend my daughter and I ventured down to Abiqua Falls.  It's not the easiest place to get to but one that is well worth the journey.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1wMOjuT

#waterfall   #oregon   #photographyPhoto: Often when I go shoot a waterfall I aim to capture the main event, that is, the big waterfall itself. This past weekend I was out with +Brian Matiash, +Nicole S. Young, +Hudson Henry, and +Matt Kloskowski shooting at Little Zig Zag Falls and just felt totally uninspired by the scene around me. The water was low, the snow was melting and dirty, all of the small trees looked like dead twigs, and there were so many things that blocked the wonderful view of the main falls. For almost an hour I didn't take a single shot. Eventually I crossed the creek and made my way downstream away from the group and came across this scene. The moss on the logs laying across the stream was my first attraction but then I noticed I could frame in the main falls as a highlight in the background of these crossing logs.

My buddy Brian has put up a post today on his blog and subsequent social media pages today about embracing such obstacles while shooting. If you don't follow him, you should. His insights are spot on and he's not such a bad shooter either wink emoticon Check out his post at: http://brianmatiash.com/2015/01/13/embrace-obstacles/ and sign up for his newsletter and/or follow him here on Google+ for the latest.

#outdoorphotography   #oregon   #photography   #mthood   #waterfallsPhoto: Waterfalls... I can't help but to love them. Thankfully Oregon and the rest of the Pacific Northwest are full of them.

I don't care what season it is, waterfalls are just amazing. The cascade of the water and the sound draw me in. It's winter now and I keep hoping for some snow and ice covered falls and this waterfall along with Abiqua are two that I will take a vacation day to get out and shoot. I've got snow ready tires on the Jeep and a pair of Kahtoola MICROspikes in the ready. If you look closely to the right side of the falls you will see an icicle hanging off the ledge. I was a day too late for the freeze, however, soon the weather will bow to my bidding and give me what I want and I will be there to capture to glowing white essence of winter on the waterfall.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1AygzWy

#waterfall   #oregon   #photography   #buttecreekfallsPhoto: Tillamook Rock Lighthouse at Ecola State Park off the coast of Oregon.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1y1JUtC

‪#‎oregon‬ ‪#‎photography‬ ‪#‎oregoncoast‬ ‪#‎lighthouse‬ ‪#‎blackandwhite‬Photo: This is my last night of vacation before returning to the grind tomorrow. Gotta say I had a great time having my good friend +Amy Heiden in town and getting to meet +Tran Mai and Kris in person for the first time. This shot was from an excursion out to Ecola State park along with the incomparable +Brian Matiash and +Nicole S. Young.

This shot was taken among the cliffs on the South side of the park where I wandered off to get a better vantage point of the keyhole rock seen to the left of the shot. I felt that a black and white conversion was a good option as the colors were pretty flat but the contrast was high. More exploration of this area during a nice sunset is definitely in the plans.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1ypz6F7

‪#‎oregoncoast‬ ‪#‎traveloregon‬ ‪#‎ecolastatepark‬ ‪#‎blackandwhitephotography‬Photo: Lower Lewis Falls, Washington

The first time I saw this waterfall was this past summer in the early morning. The light was magnificent and lit up the trees around the falls in bright greens and yellows. This past weekend I ventured up for a second visit with +Brian Matiash  and +Nicole S. Young  for their first visit.

Due to the recent rains the water flow was significantly higher and changed the look of the falls a bit. A bunch of the details that I enjoyed in the summer were lost in the high flow. The high flow also prevented us from being able to get down to water level for other vantages of the falls. Ultimately we were stuck with a singular view of the falls from the main lookout point.

This go around at the falls didn't provide as many shots as the last but I always enjoy getting out in nature to explore this wonderful area we live in.

‪#‎waterfall‬ ‪#‎northwest‬ ‪#‎landscapephotography‬ ‪#‎pacificnorthwest‬ ‪#‎photography‬ ‪#‎washington‬Photo: Tonight it's time for something a little different. This past weekend I met up with +Brian Matiash, +Nicole S. Young and their friend Grayson, who was up from NoCal, to hang out downtown. We met for some yummy brunch at Jam then hit Saturday Market and the Holiday Ale Fest. The Fest was a bust for us as it was hot and crowded, the streets were much more inviting. So a wandering we went.

This hand held shot was taken as a bus passed in front of me. The exposure caught a reflection in the window as well as the scene on the other side of the bus through the window. If you click on the image to view it larger you can see Brian in his pre-sneeze face that the poor guy had the rest of the afternoon.

I'm titling this image "Smoke, Drink, Sneeze"

#portlandia‬   #streetphotography   #silverefexpro2    #spotbrianPhoto: I don't comp-stomp much but when I do it's from a pro like +Nicole S. Young. On our recent adventure to Emerald Falls/Gorton Creek we came upon a three way split in the trail at this bridge and wondered where to go from there to see the falls. We took an educated guess and kept going straight which totally paid off. On our way back to the car we stopped and spent some time shooting this location. Much banter and chatter happened as we converged together and stood in each others shots. But in the end we all compromised, stood aside and let the shots each of us want happen.

#crg   #traveloregon   #photography   #thankscolesyPhoto: Punching The Bowl

Earlier today I posted a shot on Instagram of some kayakers walking ahead of me on the trail.  Well, as promised, this is where they were heading... to the Danger Zone!  They came in from Portland, ME to do this run.

After some conversation with these guys and giving them some direction to their put in spot I set up on the overlook at Punch Bowl Falls and about 15 minutes later I got the wave and thumbs up from the lead kayaker and started to shoot like a mad man.  It was a cloudy day so I set the ISO high so I could get some fast shutter speeds and boom!  Here's one of my favorite shots.

#kayaking #adventuresports #watersports #punchbowlfalls #crg #traveloregon #oregonPhoto: Gorge Sunrise

This past Sunday morning I got up at my usual early hour to head out into the Columbia River Gorge to do some shooting. As I was nearing Troutdale I noticed a pink layer forming in the early morning sky and knew a gorgeous sunrise was about to bloom. My first thought was to bomb straight to Larch Mountain but with the time I figured I wouldn't make it before the colors started disappearing. Option 2 was more reasonable and totally doable so off to Portland Women's Forum it was. I got there just in time. The color just burned through the clouds and was truly breathtaking.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/10g6QpP

‪#‎sunrise‬ ‪#‎photography‬ ‪#‎oregon‬Photo: Photo: Billie's Mountain

Before my recent trip into the mountains of Washington I knew there was a chance that we'd see goats, little did I realize was how close they'd be.  When I shot this the goat was maybe 20' from me and paid little attention to my presence.  She came right into our camp and roamed around as if we weren't there.  As clean as she was you'd think she just came out of the groomers parlor.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1sJfokT

#goat #mountaingoat #washington #wildlifePhoto: Sunrise on the Larches

When the sun comes up and hits the larches they glow like they're on fire.

Lest anyone believe +Jake Johnson that I may have slept through this sunrise I present evidence that it wasn't the case.  I will admit that this particular morning I wasn't the quickest out of bed as the night had been a long, cold and windy one.  After leaving the warmth of my sleeping bag I was out bounding around the rocks like one of the mountain goats to try and find the best vantage point.  You can see Jake's choice of view points as he is standing in my photo center right in the blue jacket.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1txHXTm

#sunrise   #larches   #washington   #photographyPhoto: Oneonta

At the end of the hike up Oneonta gorge is this prize.

Today I took the morning to spend with my camera.  It was getting lonely so I thought I'd spend some time with it.  We had a great time.

The hike into Oneonta is a fun one and worth every obstacle you have to maneuver through.  I almost made it all the way without getting my shorts wet but I failed at the rock wall and ended up jumping in.  Nothin' like wet cotton shorts.  Oh well, it was worth every drop of water.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1D1F2nY

#oregon   #landscapephotography   #photographyPhoto: The Chalet

In 1930 I doubt the builders thought that the river would eventually begin to wash away the foundation of their spectacular chalet.  Today about 2 - 3 feet of the foundation is hanging precariously over the Quinault River.  Workers are already working to move the historic building to a new location to save if for future generations to enjoy.  In the foreground of the photo you can see the destruction that the erosion has had on the surrounding trees.

The chalet sits in the Enchanted Valley located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State not far from the town of Forks, WA (for you Twihards our there).  This was one of the only times we had clouds on our backpacking trip up the valley.  They moved in fast and left just as quick so I didn't have a lot of time to shoot with them around.  Despite that, it was a beautiful place that I'm glad I made the trek in to see.

#backpacking   #washington   #photographyPhoto: Fishing Trillium

This weekend gets chalked up as a great one.  Oregon Brewers Festival with good friends, meeting +Gretchen Chappelle and her adorable daughter in person, shooting with some great Google+ people, and a chill Sunday brewing beer and smoking cigars.  No complaints at all.

This shot was taken at Trillium Lake at sunrise as the mist crawled across the lake and the sun was peaking over the trees.  I got up at 3am to pick up +Brad Sloan so we could meet up with +Brian Matiash, +Nicole S. Young and Gretchen at the lake.  Low and behold we show up and +Scott Jarvie, +Lars Gustafson and +Scott Nikiel were there.  I swear the Google+ community of photographers is awesome!  The only thing missing here was a red canoe...

#oregonlandscapephotography   #fishing   #trilliumlakePhoto: So there's this dock...

... and it was shot by a bunch of photographers on the same morning.  Here's my version of the "dock in the mist" shot.  Check out the photographers G+ pages linked below for their photos of the dock.

#dockinthemist  +Scott Jarvie +Brian Matiash +Brad Sloan +Nicole S. Young +Gretchen Chappelle +Lars Gustafson +Scott Nikiel 

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1qSmuTNPhoto: Big Spring Creek Falls

Totally ended my three day weekend on a high note. I started it under my Jeep doing some maintenance and ended it up in The Gifford Pinchot National Forest with my son and +Brian Matiash shooting this magnificent waterfall. Tomorrow it's back to the office because there are bills to pay.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1rh2eZPPhoto: The Light Shines In

One advantage (and challenge) to shooting on a partly cloudy day is the different light situations that confront you during the shoot.  I prefer a nice light cloud layer that diffuses the light but sometimes the clouds combined with direct light make for some interesting light patterns.  That was the situation while shooting Big Spring Creek Falls last weekend.

This shot was taken as the sun was peaking out from the clouds which gave some contrast over the scene.  With a little help from Color Efex Pro and Lightroom here's the image I ended with.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1mL3IFE

#waterfalls   #photography   #washingtonPhoto: Just A Short Hike

If you ever find yourself visiting Big Spring Creek Falls in Washington don't be satisfied by the main view from the road.  Just a short walk up the rough trail will reveal more of the beauty hidden within the woods.  For this trip this is about as high as I ventured but I know there's more beyond what I saw.  Next time I'll venture a little further up to see what's hidden in the trees beyond this shot.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1n4Njfu

#waterfall   #photography   #thegiffordpinchotPhoto: Lower Lewis Close Up

Friday morning I had the day off, like most others, so I took off at the buttcrack of dawn to explore some waterfalls that I'd never seen nor heard of. Because of some old information about Big Creek Falls I ended up at Lower Lewis River Falls which was not on my list for the day. Since I was there I decided to scout it for future shoots. The sun was just peeking over the trees so the overall scene wasn't all that favorable for the shot I wanted so I zoomed in. Someday soon I'll go back and shoot this falls in all its glory.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1spBzsK

‪#‎waterfall‬ ‪#‎photography‬Photo: Morning Light

From my visit to The Gifford Pinchot National Forest last weekend comes this shot of Lower Lewis River Falls.  A must  see for anyone visiting the area. This was taken from just in front of one of the viewing platforms.  It's a bit of a drive from Portland but one I will make many more times in the future.  Besides this falls there is a plethora of beautiful sites to see in the area.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1q0NaBp

#wateralls   #washington   #landscapephotographyPhoto: River City

I've shot this scene a lot.  Maybe too much... maybe not enough.  But part of me just wants to get the ultimate pano of Portland's awesome waterfront during a sunset.  This one from a few nights ago wasn't bad but it was a bit one sided.   Years and years ago I witnessed a sunset over the city that was just spectacular, I can still see it in my head... the sky was lit up with pink and purple and a touch of orange within rolling clouds coming from the West.  Back then I wasn't shooting very often and I didn't even own a cell phone so in my head is the only way to see it.  I want to get that sunset in this scene one day.  I will get it... I will...

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1vpVqYF

#portlandoregon   #persistence   #skylinephotography   #portlandiaPhoto: Butte Creek Falls

Here's another look at Butte Creek Falls from my visit there last weekend. I had to cuddle up with the side of the trail and get creative with the tripod to get the upper leaves into this shot. There was a breeze so I ended up holding the branches as still as I could.

#waterfall   #oregonlandscapephotography 

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1mnuPpGPhoto: Butte Creek Falls

As this was my first time ever seeing this waterfall and had the place to myself all morning I spent some time playing around with angles, compositions, and exposures.  I think I came away with some decent shots and will eventually get around to posting some more.  This one grabbed my attention first so I processed and stylized it first.   The falls reminds me of the curtain on a stage and it looks like it could be pulled back at any moment.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1iygKe5

#waterfalls   #oregonphotographyPhoto: Butte Creek Blur

It's not often that I process a photo two different ways but this is one that I have.  The original processing I show the waterfall in focus and the rest of the scene is blurred which adds depth to the shot.  I felt that the processing used on that image gave the falls all the focus and the rocks and moss less.  Well this scene is so amazing and the rocks and moss are such a big part of that I decided to process it again giving the falls less of the limelight and giving more focus to the rocks and moss.  Yeah, I know you'd say that I could leave it all in focus but it felt a bit flat that way.  So with the help of +onOne's Focal Point I processed this twice.

The original shot can be seen here https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BrianBonham/posts/Fe7Ykthjbh3

Prints are available at http://bit.ly/1qdCIAB

#waterfalls   #landscapephotography   #oregon   #photographyPhoto: Rock for the Stream

Sometimes I spend too much time looking at the overall scene trying to find the best way to capture the beauty of a site all the while missing the details of what makes it beautiful.  On this particular day at Butte Creek Falls I had the place to myself for hours so I took the time and tried some different things.  In this shot the waterfall was in the background but wasn't what I chose to focus on.  Instead I centered on the rock with the most moss covering in the stream and set it apart from all the others.  I loved the color of the moss set against the water and rock and wanted to give it the focus.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1tAsq3O

#landscapephotography   #oregon   #photographyPhoto: Fairy Falls

Yesterday I met up with +Todd Sipes to give him a quick tour of the Gorge.  I made him work for it.  Although it's a short hike to Fairy Falls it is a mile up hill the whole way.  I think we were both relieved to finally get to the falls.  This falls isn't the biggest, a meager 20 footer, but it is one of the prettiest.  I already look forward to coming back to it to do some more shots maybe with a model :-).  It'd be a fun location for senior portraits.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1pz6XH2

#waterfall   #oregonphotography   #columbiarivergorgePhoto: October 25, 1906

On that day the Peter Iredale ran ashore on the Oregon Coast and was abandoned as lost.  Since then it has been the subject of many photos.  I was happy to have captured this one last week as the tide rolled in.

Prints available:  http://bit.ly/UGTFeV

#oregonphotography   #peteriredale   #sunset   #shipwreckPhoto: A River Runs Through It

The White Salmon River in Washington is a popular spot among the whitewater enthusiasts in the area.  A few minutes after taking this shot a number of boats passed right under the bridge I was standing on.  I don't know this area all that well but hope to return for some further exploration.

#whitesalmonriver   #bridgephotographyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Playing in the Cathedral

Last night I was standing under the St. Johns Bridge here in Portland to stay out of the rain that was coming down.  My goal was to look for a new perspective to shoot of this bridge.  While engaged in a conversation with a couple from out of town, who was also avoiding the rain, I noticed this man and his dog playing below.   It was just what I wanted.  Perspective.  Perspective of size (or scale).  Seeing how small the man and his dog looked under these magnificent arches was just perfect.  So thanks goes out to the stranger and his pup for helping me out unexpectedly.

#portlandia   #cathedralparkPhoto: Resting in the Fields

Happy Friday everybody!  Here's some tractors doing what I plan to do this weekend.  Rest.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

#tulips   #floralfriday   #oregonlandscapephotography 

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1lVtxHXPhoto: Pink Deeres

Oh man, looks like someone's been busy since last tulip season.  There's a baby tractor at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.


Prints available: http://bit.ly/1iltfViPhoto: Photo: Blurred Lines

This weekend my good friends +Amy Heiden and +Brian Matiash came up to spend some time shooting and hanging out in the Portland area.  Most of our time was spent in the Gorge but on Sunday we just hung out in Portland and shot around the city.  Just before taking them to the airport we stopped by Cathedral Park under the St. Johns Bridge and thanks the the Super Bowl we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

This shot of the bridge was a total accident.  I'd love to say I totally planned this but then I'd be lying to you.  I had on an ND filter to slow my shutter down to get a little cloud movement but instead I got bridge movement.  How? Well my tripod was sloped a little and apparently the lock on my ballhead wasn't tight so as the shutter was open my camera started moving.   So my boneheadedness of not properly preparing for a shot worked out in what I'll call a "happycident".

#portlandia   #motionblurPhoto: The Right Place at the Right Time

One of the main reasons I try and keep a camera with me at all times is that you never know what you're going to run across that is worth shooting.  This shot I grabbed with both my cell phone and my DSLR because it was such a chance encounter.  The way the light was playing in the fog was just magnificent and only lasted for minutes, just long enough to snap a number of shots to share with all.

Prints available: http://smu.gs/1eSuFHJPhoto: The Dead Will Be Walking Tonight

I don't know about you but I'm excited for the return of The Walking Dead tonight!  My daughter and I are big fans and have a date every Sunday night to watch the show.

This was an abandoned mansion in Illinois that I shot over Christmas vacation.  In the original image the sky was flat and  boring so I decided to play with it in +onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite to give the image some life... or death if you will.  My goal was to create an image that could be put into the opening credits of TWD.  After adding some blur, textures, and a touch of cross processing I got the feel that I was after.

#thewalkingdead    #ifdaryldiesweriotPhoto: This Old House

This place looks like it could have used Bob Villa's help.  This manor sits empty in the middle of Illinois.  It has an interesting history and if you're interested you can read a little more about it here: http://villageoftowanda.org/DuncanManor.htm

and if you're interested, it is for sale.

#smalltownamerica   #abandonedplacesPhoto: Farm Style

First, Happy New Year!  I'm just getting settled back in after a week with the in-laws back in Illinois.  It was a quiet and relaxing time but I'm glad to be home and getting back to my routine.

Let me just say, it is better to bring your camera and not use it than to leave it behind and regret not having it.  For most of my time in Illinois the camera just rested in it's pack.  On our second to last day the clouds rolled in and my father in-law took me out to explore and I was glad I brought my camera.

Our first find was this farm that I saw off the road that had an interesting looking barn.  After knocking on the front door of the home and getting no answer I decided to press on and shoot.  This car sat outside a workshop and was just begging for a picture.  I had to oblige.  Out back there were other cars that were not quite in the condition this was and I'll share those at another time.

#smalltownamerica   #thebestcameraisthecamerayouhavewithyou   #classiccarsPhoto: Out With The Old

I decided to play a little in Lightroom this weekend.  One of the features that it has that I rarely ever use is the Split Toning sliders.   Since the trucks were old and the sky was flat I thought I might try to give the image an old 70's film feel.  The easiest way I could do this would be to apply one of the presets that I've collected over the years.  But I decided I wanted to get the effect on my own and create my own preset.  After quite a few iterations of color combinations I landed on this one.  A touch of green to the highlights and a pinch of purple to the shadows and this is what resulted.

#splittone #classiccarsPhoto: This Old Car

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

This is a peek into the driver seat of one of the abandoned cars behind an old barn in Illinois that I found while trespassing exploring.  Just couldn't resist the fantastic textures in this scene.  It's sad to see old classics like this left for dead but they sure do make for interesting subjects.Photo: Buggin' Out

It's a wet dreary day here in Oregon so I think I just sit back and watch some football.  I don't really care who wins, I'd just like to see a good game and enjoy a beer or two.

Here's another shot of the abandoned cars from my Christmas vacation.  Processed in Lightroom with a touch of +onOne Software's Focal Point 2.1 (R.I.P.)

#lazysaturday   #vwbeetlePhoto: Frozen Falls

Yesterday I spent a couple hours in the Columbia River Gorge taking in the beauty of the frozen falls.  There wasn't any snow on the ground, just ice and frost from when the wind catches the falls and blows it around.  The temperatures have been well below freezing for about a week and it has created a splendid winter scene that many were out enjoying.

This image is of Horsetail Falls.  I just loved the contrast between the ice and the moss covered cliff side.  I was very thankful the wind wasn't blowing as it was hard enough with out it to keep the frost off my lens.

#crg   #waterfallPhoto: Frozen Veil

I spent most of my time yesterday at Bridal Veil Falls, one because it's one of my favorites but second because there was hardly anyone here.  This is the lower part of the falls where the pool of the main falls exits to  a nice flowing stream.  Normally I would have walked out into the water to get this shot but I opted to stay dry.

#crg   #waterfallsPhoto: Water Flow

This Saturday I had high hopes of shooting a waterfall in Washington but those hopes were dashed by some crappy directions and a lack of cell signal.  I'm not sure if it was the frustration or what but I didn't feel all that inspired to shoot.  But I did anyway.  Like Dory says "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."   I didn't look at my shots from that day until tonight when I came across this long exposure that reminds me of an old oil painting.

#abstractphotography   #naturePhoto: Ft. Point

I may not have left my whole heart in San Francisco but maybe just a little part of it.  Having grown up in Marin County and getting to go to this city a lot as a kid I've always felt a connection to it.  Although I just left, I already feel a tug to go back.

This is the DSLR version of the iphone shot I had shared previously.

#sanfrancisco   #goldengatebridgePhoto: Ain't She Golden

The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point is classic.  I enjoyed every minute I was at this park.  There were even some seals playing around just off shore which added to the fun.  They were a little camera shy though so I left them alone.

I've had a fascination with the bridge since I was a kid growing up in Novato.  So standing at this park just marveling at it brought back great memories and dreams.  One such dream was to stand at the top of one of the towers to enjoy the view of the bay.  I think I'll hold onto that dream.

#architecture   #bridgesaroundtheworldPhoto: Employees Must Wash Their Hands Before Returning to Work

On my trip to SF I got the pleasure of exploring some abandoned buildings with +Amy Heiden.  What a treat.  It's not something I've really done before and wasn't sure what to expect but it gave me a whole new appreciation for those of you that do this type of photography.  And to be shooting this place with one of the best abandoned building photographers out there I couldn't have been in better hands.  The lighting is different and difficult, the settings are unusual and there is an eeriness to being in an abandoned building because I'm convinced this is where the ghosties live.

#abandonedplacesPhoto: Sunrise on San Francisco

On my trip to San Francisco last week I never dreamed that I'd get to see the city like this.  Thankfully I did.  One morning +Amy Heiden and I got up at the butt crack of dawn and headed to Hawk Hill.  A bit to our dismay we were not alone, +Toby Harriman had gathered thousands of photographers to stand shoulder to shoulder to witness this event.

#sunrisephotography   #sanfranciscoPhoto: Twin Peaks

A pano view of a sunrise over San Francisco.  This was taken a while back and I almost forgot I had it.  I know this is a popular place to shoot and after being there to witness this view I totally get why people get up early and crowd this area.  It is a beautiful scene.  The fog is like a soft blanket that rolls in to caress the city.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1oK9avz

#sanfrancisco   #goldengatebridge   #sunrisePhoto: Good Morning G+ers

I hope everyone is waking up and able to pull themselves out of the fog of last nights partying this morning.

Here's another image from my morning up on Hawk Hill with +Amy Heiden during my visit to San Francisco last week.  It was an epic morning I shall not soon forget.

Prints are available at: http://bit.ly/1dXxaeL

#sanfrancisco   #goldengatebridge   #photography   #fog  Photo: Fly Like An Eagle Pelican To The Sea

Sorry Steve Miller but you're lyrics don't apply to me.  I fly more like a pelican than I do an eagle, you know, with this double chin and all.

Here's to Monday.  Cheers!Photo: Clever Title Here

It's not often that I shoot flowers but when +Nicole S. Young let me borrow one of her cameras and a macro lens I had to give it a try.

For #floralfriday  with +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Kiki Nelson and +Beth AkermanPhoto: Yaquina Head

Built in 1872 and first lit in 1873 this operational lighthouse has stands guard over the Oregon Coast in Newport, OR.  The light that shines through its original 1868 French-made, 1st order, Fixed Fresnel lens is visible 19 miles out to sea.  In 1966 the light was automated and blinks in a consistent pattern of 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off, 2 seconds on, and 14 seconds off.

#lighthouse   #oregoncoastPhoto: Photo: Oneonta

This week I had the pleasure of meeting +Derek Kind during his visit to the Pacific Northwest.  We did some shooting up in the Columbia River Gorge.  This is  a shot of Oneonta Gorge from the log jam that sits at the bottom of the gorge.  The water was a little too cold and deep to venture any further.

#CRG #oregonPhoto: Arches

The arches of the St. Johns Bridge, scars and all.

I love the bridges of Portland and this one is my second favorite.  It is a very popular place for photography of all types.  Yesterday we saw countless photographer walking around taking senior portraits, landscape shots and shots of the triathlon that was taking place.  My good friend +Krista Gassib had her mom and step dad in town from San Diego so we joined up to shoot together.  It was a good time and when you have people from out of town why not an iconic shooting spot like this one?

#portlandia #portlandbridges #architecturePhoto: Falling In

Dang, the Fall weather has hit Portland hard today.  I've not seen rain like this in a long long time.  I guess it's time to put the hard top back on the Jeep :-/

#autumnleaves   #fallcolorsPhoto: Autumn is Coming!!!

Oregon is a waterfall playground and Silver Falls State Park is the swing set on that playground.  It's hugely popular and often you have to wait your turn for a ride.  Yesterday I got up at 5am to drive down to see these falls and let me tell you, the early bird truly does get the worm.  I didn't see another person for the first two hours I was there.  I was on that proverbial swing for a long time without another kid bugging me for a turn.

This is three shots stitched together of the Lower South Falls.  In the foreground is one of the beautiful moss covered trees that add to the majestic beauty of this State Park.  If you look close enough you'll see a rock wall behind the falls, that is the path and you get to walk behind the falls.

The signs of Autumn were all around and you can see some of the leaves already starting to turn.  It's my favorite time of year!

#waterfalls   #oregonlandscapephotography   #oregonPhoto: Peek Into Paradise

A few weeks ago I had this place to myself.  I wandered for two hours before I ever saw a single person.  Anyone that knows Silver Falls State Park knows that this is a rare event.  Since nobody was around I took advantage and got some shots of the falls without the brightly dressed multitude walking under it.  It was just the break I needed.

This is the South Falls which is 177' and as you can see in the photo there is a trail that allows you to walk behind it.

#waterfall   #oregon 

Prints available at: http://www.brianbonham.com/Waterfalls/i-JDKhsPK/APhoto: Look North

The North Falls of Silver Falls State Park as seen from the roadside viewpoint.  It was early morning, the sun was just coming over the horizon and the low hanging clouds were blowing through the area.  I almost didn't stop here but nature was calling so I spent a few minutes here enjoying the view.  Thank goodness for too much coffee.

Prints available: http://smu.gs/1llIb81

#waterfalls     #silverfallsstatepark     #oregonPhoto: Multnomah Abbreviated

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting +Alexis Coram when she stopped in Portland on her way to Canada.  Ally is a rock star and I had a blast hanging out with her.  Friday night we went up to Trillium Lake after dinner to shoot some stars and on Saturday morning we drove out to the Gorge to shoot at Multnomah Falls.  Despite the crowds at the falls we had a good time shooting.

Here's a shot of the bridge at Multnomah that crosses directly above the lower falls on the trail that leads to the top of the upper falls.  Because there were people everywhere and I really didn't want any of them in my shot I stacked a couple ND Filters which allowed me to grab 30 second exposures which essentially allowed me to erase the tourists without using Photoshop.  I received one of the best compliments from a guy who stopped to ask me what I was shooting, when I showed him this shot that had no people in it despite the 20 or so that were walking on the bridge, he called me a "F#%king Magician" patted me on the back and moved on.  I'll take that as a compliment ;-)

#multnomahfalls   #oregon   #waterfallsPhoto: The Emerald City

Here's a nine shot pano of Seattle I took yesterday from Alki park with +Jacob Lucas.  Originally we were going to stay for sunset but I was pooped from all the #cowstume  fun and still had a bit of a drive home.  The clouds  were just too good not to capture it even if it was the middle of the day.  In many shots of Seattle, like the ones from Kerry Park, the Space Needle appears to be in and among the high rises.  This pano clearly shows its true distance from that area.

The water in the original image was a bit boring and flat so I did go into Photoshop and add a little pizzazz and reflection to spice up the image a bit.

#seattle   #panorama   #alkibeachPhoto: Thank you Paul Allen and Frank Gehry!

The EMP in Seattle, WA.

#architecture   #seattle   #empPhoto: Like Needles Poking the Sky

On my recent trip to Seattle I wanted to get over to the EMP building to get some shots as it is one of my favorite buildings ever.  On the walk over I couldn't resist grabbing this fisheye shot of the Space Needle through one of the art sculptures nearby.  The sun was high and the clouds were pretty so I snapped off a number of brackets to create this HDR image.

#seattle   #spaceneedlePhoto: Monsters Move At Night

After shooting a very non eventful sunset the other night I was hobbling back to my car (long story) and saw this guy working.  He was loading broken up concrete into a crusher and it was ridiculous loud.  They had quite a pile to get through and I was surprised both loaders weren't running.

In my day job I work with a company that sells equipment that, if needed, can sit after the crusher and screen the crushed material.  Since I sit behind a desk I don't often get to see this gear in operation.  It is very impressive to see machines that treat concrete like it's butter.

A single shot edited using +onOne Software's Perfect B&W and touched up in LR5.

#blackandwhitephotography   #bigmachinesarecool   #ononesoftwarePhoto: Sherbet Mountain

Soon the mountain will be completely white and I hope to tromp around in its snowy goodness.  Got the 4 wheel sled ready to go now I just need to ax some things off the calendar and get my butt moving.

Happy Hump Day!

#mounthood   #oregon   #IhavewordsPhoto: Hood's RorschachPhoto: Path to the Stars

Here's another shot from Mirror Lake the other night.  The moon came up and was shining bright. So I used its light to illuminate the path that extends around the lake where the marshy part is.

Happy Hump Day everybody!

#nightphotography #starsPhoto: Mirror Lake

Last night I cruised up to Mirror Lake with +Wick Sakit to shoot some stars.  We hiked in and set up camp for a bit. I gotta tell you, I loved it. The stars were brilliant, the mist on the water was just right, and the reflection was amazing.  This is where I truly wished I had a full frame sensor to capture more of what could be seen but for now my trusty D300s will do just fine.  This night shooting is fun but man, let me tell you, this old dude suffered a bit today after not getting to bed until almost 4am.

#stars   #nightphotography   #mthoodPhoto: Beach Ball

This photo has nothing to do with the fact that I'm on here to wish all of my comrades of the US of A the happiest of Thanksgivings (but I do hope you enjoy the photo). It just happened to be a photo I had sitting around waiting for the right moment to post and I don't have a shot of a turkey nor stuffing.

May your time with family, friends and football be wonderful and relaxing.  And as much as Obama wants you to talk about Obamacare, don't!   Instead root for the Raiders to beat the evil Cowboys of Dallas.Photo: The Moment

This past Sunday I dragged drove my family up to Seattle to see my Angels play against the Mariners.  Sadly the wrong team won, but we still had a great time.  For me there is nothing like sitting in the bleachers watching a baseball game.

The pitch, the swing, the anticipation, etc... it's all good.  Here's Mike Trout, at the moment before.

#baseball #AngelsbaseballPhoto: More Explosions In The Sky

Alright +Wick Sakit I think I've waited long enough. ;-)

This shot was taken on the 4th of July downtown Portland from a parking garage near the waterfront.  I was with Wick and he took a shot that is so similar that I couldn't post this right away.  It's like two people showing up to a party wearing the same outfit, it just feels weird.

You can see Wick's shot here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+WickSakit/posts/PQvdafEjJyo

#portlandia   #fireworksPhoto: Boom!

Last night I met up with +Jeffrey Yen and +Julie Ward to catch the closing fireworks for the Portland Rose Festival.  It was a long wait for a five minute show but I was super happy to get this one shot.  When I set up I figured I'd be masking and layering different bursts into a shot of the city I took after the show but then I came across this shot.  No comping, no layering, just a little tweek in LR and ta-da!

#portlandia   #rosefestivalPhoto: KSF's Sweet Ride

+Kelly-Shane Fuller is a cool dude with a sweet ride.  While we were out shooting Saturday morning he needed to unload a few of hundred pounds of cameras he was carrying so we stopped by his car then got some coffee at Floyd's.  When we came out of the coffee shop some people wanted to chat with Kelly-Shane about his car so I took some time to play with one of the ever-present puddles in Portland.

#portlandiaPhoto: Photo: Painting Tulips

When your the first one at the tulip field in the morning what do you do?  Well, all my experience so far tells me that you light paint.  So this morning, day 2 of shooting with +Nicole S. Young at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm,  I was again the first one there so I pulled out the flashlight and started to play.  You can see that during this shot a couple other people arrived and drove straight through my shot.  As much as I wish it was, that isn't a laser fence, it's the tail lights of the new arrivals.

In this image I blended in a shot of the sky, from a few minutes after the light painting, with the light painted shot of the tulips and tractor using Perfect Mask and added some color to the sky using Perfect Effects from +onOne Software's Perfect Suite 7.  The final touches were done in LR4.

#blogPhoto: Tractor Races

Okay, they're not really racing.

Taken at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, OR, the only place I've ever seen a pink tractor.Photo: Curves and Crags

The light of morning does the desert wonders.  If the desert was a woman it may have mixed feelings about the morning light.  On one hand the morning light does a wondrous job of accentuating its lovely curves, but on the other hand its angled light also brings out its ripples, crags and unsightly hairs in all their glory.

Happy Friday everybody ;-)

#dvonewaytrip13  #blogPhoto: Haystack Flyby

There's a pilot out there who may never know he graffiti'd the sky during my shot.  I almost cloned it out but decided to leave it because, well, it was there.  On Friday my son and I left my wife and daughter behind to knit and read while we watched the sunset at Haystack Rock.  Okay, he didn't watch it, he ran around the beach looking for a place to pee play while I shot pictures.  I'm thankful that my family is patient with me and this photography thing, they are the best!

When Alex and I got to this spot it was swarming with people and lots of other photographers.  The tide was low so you could walk out to the rock and explore the tide pools which were teaming with starfish.  All the while thousands of seabirds were feasting on the rocks.  So I pulled out my ND filters and set the tripod (yes, I remembered my tripod shoe) for some long exposures.  This helped smooth out the water and hide the people lurking in the right hand part of the frame.  Plus a good ND filter really helps bring out the colors in the sky.

#blogPhoto: Happy Easter

I hope you and yours are having a beautiful day.  I chose to make this a quiet day of reflection, house cleaning and of course processing.  I have a bit of a backlog of images to go through and spent some time today looking through them.  This is one from a few mornings ago when I got up early and headed downtown to capture the sunrise.  Much to my dismay I forgot my tripod shoe (which only came off the camera for some cleaning) and ended up having to hand hold all morning.  So the long exposures I had planned on doing were out and bracketed shots where in.  Thankfully there were some convenient concrete blocks and light posts available.  Nothing like improvising on the fly, right?

This is a seven exposure HDR shot processed in Photomatix Pro and touched up in LR4.  I just purchased Photomatix after using Photoshop's built in HDR Pro for the past year or two.  I have to say, I am very impressed and super happy that I switched.

#blogPhoto: It'll Blind You

Someone once told me to never shoot straight into the sun.  Well, I don't like rules too much.  At f22 I think the sun looks glorious.  And really, all the fun things it does while bouncing around inside your lens, who could resist?

#dvonewaytrip13Photo: Portland Spring

Every year the cherry blossoms are a major attraction at the Japanese Memorial along the waterfront downtown Portland.  It is a big sign that winter is behind us and that the sun will be coming.  Thursday after work I met up with +Brian Matiash to capture the trees in bloom while they last.  Between the wind and the rain, the flowers don't stand a chance to last as long as they could.  In the background is the Steel Bridge, my favorite of the bridges that Portland is famous for.

#blogPhoto: Branching Out

After a lazy morning of sitting around the house reading I joined up with +Nicole S. Young and +Brian Matiash  to shoot some waterfalls.  We ventured to the Washington side of the Gorge to see Steep Creek Falls for the first time.  We were not disappointed.  This was a fantastic location with plenty of shooting ops.  The three of us spent a little time shooting the actual falls before venturing out to the surrounding area to find other things to shoot.

I found this tree at the bank of the creek and must have shot it from four other angles before settling on this as the one I wanted.  I was drawn the moss that covered the base, it contrasted against the white bark so nicely.  With the creek rushing behind it I thought a long exposure with a short depth of field would work just fine.  Here’s what I came back with.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope the St. Paddy’s day celebrations were fun and safe and that those of you Portlanders that ran the Shamrock are resting up well.

#blogPhoto: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Our first night in Death Valley we drove out to do some light painting at this abandoned mine site where the living quarters are still standing.  The night sky was brilliant and the site was the perfect spot to play with the lights.  While +Brian Matiash painted the outside of the home I was on the inside painting with the red light.  +Amy Heiden and +Ricardo Lagos were behind us working on their own projects.

This is a single exposure edited 100% in Lightroom.

Exposure: 30 sec @ f / 2.8
ISO: 1000
Nikon D600 courtesy of +BorrowLenses.com 
Nikon 14-24mm f / 2.8 at 14mm also from BorrowLenses

#blogPhoto: Driftwood Graveyard

Saturday was a really good day, but it didn't start that way.  I had plans to drive out to the coast to shoot some waterfalls and those plans changed the closer I got to the coast.  It wasn't raining when I left the house but by the time I got to the parking lot for the first waterfall it was raining really hard.  I decided to skip the falls and head down to Oswald West State Park to do some reminiscing about my childhood days when the family used to camp there.  Today the campground has been closed and it's only open to day use but the beauty of that spot is still the same.

At the parking lot I gathered my gear and hit the trail.  About 100 feet in the rain stopped.  The closer I got to the beach the more light I could see in the sky and once I hit the beach I could actually see blue patches in the sky.  Some say "if you don't like the weather in Oregon, wait 5 minutes".  Well that's not always the case, but I'm glad it was on this day.

I wandered the beach looking for the spot I would shoot sunset for and finally settled on a spot behind all the driftwood that has collected here over the years. I shot a few pictures and sat to enjoy the sunset, it was beautiful.

This is a two image blend done in +Adobe Photoshop, one exposing for the sky and one for the wood.  A touch of style was given in +onOne Software's Perfect Effects.

#blogPhoto: Haystack Sunset

On Sunday when I got to Cannon Beach there wasn't any color showing in the horizon despite it being sunset.  So to make the best of the situation I put on my trusty Lee Filter Holder and slid in a 1.5 ND filter to do some long exposures.  The tide was coming in so I set up in the wet part of the sand, hooked up my remote trigger and ran from the incoming waves like a kid.  Fortunately my tripod is heavy and took the waves like a champ.  I had a number of concerned onlookers ask me if I was concerned about my camera... psssh... without risk there is no reward.  This shot was the wave I was waiting for, a nice long wave with lots of bubbles.  I new I'd get the nice streaking as the wave receded.  "But Brian, this photo has color?" you ask... yes, yes it does.  The final image had a nice blue tone to it, so with a little tweak of the white balance and a run through in +onOne Software's Perfect Effects - Tada!!!Photo: The Big Blue Marble

It's been said that Earth looks like a big blue marble from space.  Well through my 10.5mm fisheye it also looks like a blue marble from Cannon Beach.

This weekend I sat on my but a lot and did little to nothing.  So yesterday  afternoon I woke from an unnecessary nap and felt the urge to do something - so I grabbed my camera gear and jumped in the Jeep for a drive out to see Haystack Rock at sunset.  Well sunset was a bit of a disappointment so I played around with some long exposures.  It was a good way to end the weekend.Photo: Basking In The Sun

Here's another shot from the Racetrack in Death Valley.  One of the lone Sailing Stones sits in its own path casting long shadows as the sun bids us farewell with it's beautiful rays filling the sky one last time for the day.

#dvonewaytrip13Photo: Dune

Last night I got to play a bit more in +onOne Software's Perfect Black & White.  Recently it seems as though I haven't had much time to just sit and play on the computer.  For this image I took a single dune from my recent trip to Death Valley and masked in a LE sky from my cloud collection as a contrast to the stillness of the dune.

Have a great weekend everybody and I hope you get the chance to go out and have some fun.  I know I'm going to.  Oh, and go Niners! (that's for my dad and sister)

#dvonewaytrip13   #justplayingPhoto: Racing Along

Sunset at the Racetrack was no day at the races.  These suckers don't even move.  Ha. There is part of me that hopes nobody ever figures out how these rocks move along the floor of this playa.  The mystery adds so much to the interest of this area in Death Valley.

#dvonewaytrip13Photo: Badwater Sunset

Yeah, I'm not drinking any water from this place.  But I sure will stand here to capture the sunset.  During the trip to Death Valley I think this may have been my favorite spot we shot.  The landscape was stark yet beautiful and the salt formations were otherworldly.

If you want a great synopsis of our trip click on this link.  Matt's already said here most of what needs to be said so I'll save my breath and your time http://www.mattk.com/2013/01/21/photographing-death-valley-my-trip-recap/

#dvonewaytrip13Photo: Photo: Curvy

The dunes of Death Valley kicked my butt.  My legs and back were so sore after tromping through these dunes for a couple hours.  This was taken at sunrise on our first morning.  The light and texture just screamed black and white so that's where I went with it.

#dvonewaytrip13   #blackandwhitephotographyPhoto: Bonnie and Clyde's car?

Could be... right?

The first night in Death Valley we ventured out to a spot for some light painting.  After a time at some abandoned buildings we crossed over the hill to find this car that +Ricardo Lagos knew about.  I was instantly intrigued.  There's a story here and I would love to know it.  But for now I'll fantasize about some gangsters hiding out in the hills before they got caught in a deadly shoot out around their car.

#dvonewaytrip13Photo: Photo: An Old Tired Bathroom

I'm finally home after a week of travel and I feel like this old worn down bathroom.  I love to travel and see new places and meet new people but it sure does take its toll on this old man.  The bummer is that this morning I had to drive my wife to the airport for her trip this  week.  I look forward to things getting back to normal soon.

#blogPhoto: Points to the Sky

Today I'll be wrapping my time up in Florida and will be driving to Georgia later today.  I've had a great time and got to see +Cameron Siguenza again and meet +Gilmar Smith and +Mike Blank in person.  I know Gilmar is sad that she didn't get to see me rock Sublime's Santeria on stage at the karaoke place but maybe next time.

So why did I post a photo of Zabriskie Point in Death Valley while I'm in Florida?  Well, it's because the one geological fact of Florida that has struck me thus far is its utter flatness, I think the highest hill I've driven over was five feet high.  Although it's flat, I will say the stark weather changes each day have been interesting.  My first day here the rains welcomed me as I dragged my bags into the hotel.  I was soaking wet in mere seconds.  And as an Oregonian, to say that the rain here is impressive, that means something.

Happy Humpday everyone!!!

#blogPhoto: Deep In The Shadows

If you look real close you can see our rental cars hidden in the shadows.  This was from a trip to Death Valley last winter.  We were out playing in these fantastic formations in the Badwater Basin waiting for the sun to set when I looked behind me and saw the sun partially lighting up the mountains behind us.  I loved this place and am dying to go back again someday.

#dvonewaytrip2013Photo: Badwater Sun

I'm seeing a lot of chatter in the interwebs about shooting in Death Valley this winter.  I was there last January and am pining to go back.  I might have to check the calendar and look for some cheapo flights.

#brianneedsatravelsponsorPhoto: Down This Old Road

Picture the scene... it's 1975, I'm riding my motorcycle through Death Valley and I pull out my Nikon FT2 to capture the road I'm traveling.   To the right is nothing.  To the left is nothing. The clouds are rolling in like there's a storm approaching but there's no wind to speak of.  There is stillness and quiet.  The brown in the hills is like a lifeless form with no voice.  I am alone.  I ride on.  It's not the destination I seek, only the journey.


So, fantasy aside, with the announcement by +Brian Matiash of the release of Niks Analog Efex Pro v2 I had to have some play time with the new features.  This image wasn't taken in 1975, nor was it taken with a FT2, it was taken last year with my digital Nikon D300s.  Yes, it is in Death Valley, which is the most truth in my little fiction above.  But I wanted to create a filmish look to the image.   Most of the time when I process an image I'm looking to convey the truth of the scene; in other words, I want you to see what I saw.  For this little experiment I played with the settings to give the image a vintage feel.  So although you are seeing what I saw as the scene goes, I wanted you and I to be able to see it as it might have been seen some 40 plus years ago by a hippie vagabond with no destination in mind.

Buy a print at: http://bit.ly/1k3GUUn

#desert   #analogefexpro   #deathvalleyPhoto: Light Shines In

On the way to Death Valley in our four wheel Kia cough cough we rented in Las Vegas +Amy Heiden,  +Ricardo Lagos and I saw this scene developing on the horizon and immediately pulled over to try and capture the amazing light rays.  The light coming through the clouds lighting up the hillsides was just spectacular.  I was zoomed in at 200mm to get this shot.  I touched it up a bit in Lightroom with some final punches made in Color Efex Pro 4.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1tNl1ds

#godrays   #sunrays   #deathvalleyPhoto: Rain, rain go away! Just for a little bit then come back 'cause I really do like you.

I sure wouldn't complain if I got to see more sunsets like this one.  It's that time of year here in Oregon where the amazing sunsets are few and far between due to the thick layer of clouds that cover us like a blanket.  It's dark by 4:30 and doesn't get light until well after I'm at work.  I could use a little sunshine.Photo: Circa 1932

Next Fall one of my missions will be to travel around Oregon to discover more of it's covered bridges.  Maybe I'll have to make August 25th one of the days to get out and shoot since it is "Bridge Day" and is on FB (which makes it totally legit).

This is Crawfordsville Bridge over the Calapooya River which I visited on my to watch the Oregon Ducks sadly lose to Stanford.  I say Oregon lost the game more than Stanford won it, but then again I'm no Bob Costas.Photo: Sometimes things are split in two...

Bonham for President 2016!  I will unite this country by repealing daylight savings time.  Or maybe I'll just move to Arizona.Photo: Let's talk about the pretty things...Photo: Columbian Sunset

So here's tonight's sunset on the Columbia river. So worth pulling over for.  If you saw my last post, this is one of the shots from that.  I'm talking to you +Jacob Lucas ;)Photo: Leaving Mordor

After processing this image in +onOne Software Perfect Suite 7 I couldn't help but think of the upcoming The Hobbit movie.  I don't know about you but I'm excited to see that one those three.  This was taken along the creek that runs in front of the Cedar Creek Grist Mill that I shot last weekend with +Brian Matiash +Nicole S. Young and +Jeffrey Yen.  If you look closely on the left you can see the water trough in the shadows.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone.Photo: The Old Mill

Yesterday I joined +Brian Matiash +Nicole S. Young and +Jeffrey Yen to brave the rain in the attempt to capture some fall color.  Well the rain didn't disappoint and neither did the beauty of this old mill.  We ventured just outside of Woodland, WA to see the Cedar Creek Grist Mill.  What a place!  I look forward to going back when the rain isn't such a nuisance.Photo: School Quality

I was going through some old shots I had from last year because a client wanted to see some urban backgrounds for a photo shoot he wants to do and I ran across this little gem.  I grabbed this shot just before +Brian Matiash and +Amy Heiden started goofing off with our little ball friend here.  Like it should, the ball brought out the little kid in them and they cracked themselves up playing with it.

#playingwithballs   #doinghashtagsrightPhoto: Seattle²

I'm excited to go back to Seattle this summer.  Not sure of the details yet but one thing I'm looking forward to is watching the Angels beat up on the Mariners a couple times.  I might have to get some shots of the Space Needle with its new roof color.Photo: Seattle Skyline

From my awesome day on Saturday shooting with +Arno Jenkins +Nicole S. Young +Michael Riffle +Jacob Lucas +Jake Johnson and his wife Liz while my daughter waited and waited and waited in line to see her favorite band Owl City.  The view from Kerry Park was everything I expected it to be.  From here we went to grab a little dinner at Black Bottle, which was just delicious, and then headed off to the Space Needle to shoot the city from the top.

We left my house at 9am and didn't get back until 2:30am the next morning and it was totally worth it.  Seattle is a beautiful city and I think I need to go back sometime and explore some more.  Thanks everyone for the good time!Photo: Needle Reflection

The Space Needle reflected in EMP Museum in Seattle.

#seattle #spaceneedlePhoto: The Descent

After arriving at the upper pool on the Emerald Springs Trail in Zion we noticed some movement in the upper rocks.  Holy crud, there were people up there!  I was sure they weren't planning on diving into the pool below, that would have been suicide. Not long after we saw them a rope was lowered down - phew!.  We stood around watching and waiting for them to come down and finally they did.  Nutters!

This was from my second day up in Zion with +Brian Matiash, +Jake Johnson, +Jason Stone, +Christopher Germano, and +Jacob Lucas.  I was happy to have the repellers there to watch after seeing the Emerald Pools, which is a total misnomer at the end of the summer, it would have been more appropriate to name them the Sludge Pools.Photo: Night Rock

I'm now home from #PSW2012 and back to the job.  I had a great week of meeting people, seeing new things and shooting.  Wednesday +Jake Johnson, +Jacob Lucas, +Jennifer Bailey and I rolled up to Zion National Park in Utah to do some shooting.   With Jake's knowledge of the area we got around really easy and got to see some amazing sites.  The four of us had a blast getting to know one another better and just goofing off for the day.

The image below was taken just outside the park.  I haven't done a whole lot of night shooting but sure do enjoy the results.  The moon was just coming up behind me and was lighting up the large rocks and the clouds, the foreground was light painted by +Jacob Lucas who had the forethought to bring a flashlight torch.  The image is still a bit noisy from shooting at 3200 ISO on a cropped sensor but if I remove any more of the noise I start to lose the stars.  Still, noise and all, I love this shot.Photo: Above Zion!

Another image captured in Zion.  I so badly want to go back here and spend more than just a day or two.Photo: Zion!

This is from my day rolling with +Jennifer Bailey, +Jacob Lucas and +Jake Johnson in Zion chasing clouds.  I didn't think twice about hopping the fence to get this shot until Jake walks past me mumbling something about a trailer and people not liking tresspassers.  This was the last shot I took before turning to go back over the fence before I got taken out by some crazy meth maker.

I gave this scene a little punch with +onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite and a color finish in Lightroom.

#PSW2012Photo: Varoom!

Yesterday I spent some time in the sun shooting a little NASCAR event here in Portland.  My son Alex was with me and I dragged along +Brian Matiash to get him some much needed vitamin D.  Our company sponsors a car in the regional NASCAR circuit (seen below) so we get pit passes each year to attend the event.  I'm not a huge race fan but I sure do appreciate the sport.  I'd love to get paid to drive this fast.

#nascar #portlandnascarPhoto: Flame On

The whole race I was waiting to capture a flame from one of the cars on the track.  I got this shot with just a few laps left.  Thank you car #20!

#nascar #portlandnascarPhoto: Pantastic

At the arm twisting suggestion of +Brian Matiash I grabbed my tripod to do some panning on the straightaway during the main race on Sunday.  I've got to say I hate it when he's right he was right, it totally made the panning easier.  Here's our company car at full speed on the straights right before turn one.  The tripod cancels out the vertical aspect of stability making it easier to concentrate on the timing of the horizontal movement.  This shot is at 1/50th of a second with the car moving at, well... um... I don't really know but it's a frickn' NASCAR so it's top speed on a straightaway so it's damn fast.Photo: The Needle

I've previously posted this image in black and white but do to a recent inquiry revisited the color version and thought it was worth a share.  This is a composite image of Seattle's Space Needle as seen from +Nicole S. Young's former Seattle apartment set against a comped in sky from my front yard that I blurred in Photoshop.  I used +onOne Software's Perfect Mask to pull the Space Needle from the original sky and Layers to blend the two images.

#blog #architecturePhoto: Needle In The Sky

The view from +Nicole S. Young's roof is spectacular.  Just a couple blocks away stands the Space Needle in all its glory.  This past Saturday I got to sit up there with Nicole, +Arno Jenkins and +Jacob Lucas to watch the clouds and just chat about life and photography while occasionally grabbing a pic of the famous structure.  In this shot I cheated a bit by comping in clouds from another shot to add a little more drama to the scene that never was.

#seattle #spaceneedlePhoto: No Trespassing

Thankfully this sign did not apply to us.  If it did, I might have had to break the rules to check this place out.  This was from my excursion yesterday to the Satsop Business Park near Elma, WA with +Brian Matiash.  In this photo I gave it a little boost in +onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite with a touch of Tonal Contrast in Perfect Effects, some depth with FocalPoint (my favorite of the suite) and gave the sky a new look with Perfect Layers.Photo: Nuclear Exploration

Today +Brian Matiash and I journeyed up to Washington to visit an old nuclear power facility that was never commissioned and has now been turned into a business park.  We had full access to the place for hours and shot in numerous spots.  My personal favorite was underneath the cooling tower you can see behind us.  The walls are still standing but the insides have been stripped out and the floor has been filled in.  I''m sure Brian will share some incredible images he got with his fisheye lens that was able to see considerably more than my wide angle, so watch his stream.

In this shot we are standing in one of the water tunnels that would have fed the tower.Photo: Crater Lake Pano

Today will be a lazy Saturday.  A little clean up, some Olympics and a BBQ with friends is on the schedule.

I've got my Scavenger Hunt photos (only 8 of the 10) submitted for Ms. +Chrysta Rae and now I can get back to my other photos. It's been a while since I stitched together a panorama so I thought I'd start with one.  This is made up from five images taken during the weekend at Crater Lake with +Brian Matiash and +Brad Sloan.  The blue of the water in this lake is unreal and incredibly beautiful.

Happy Saturday everyone!Photo: Closer

This post is proof that +Brian Matiash did not drown me at Crater Lake.  Not even a single cut the whole trip.  I'm starting to think he's just a lot of talk.

On our way to see Crater Lake we stopped at some of the falls along highway 138.  The sun was high and bright which made for a challenging shoot.  This is a shot of the lower fall at Susan Creek Falls.Photo: Light 'em if you got 'em

Last night was the Festival of Balloons in Tigard.  I drove out for an impromptu weather permitting shoot with +Brian Matiash, +Nicole S. Young and +David Daniels with a surprise visit from +Lars Gustafson.

It took a while for the balloons to go up because of the weather but during the wait the pilots entertained us by lighting their burners.  This shot below was much later in the evening (and actually my very last shot of the night) while the balloons were being taken down.  More to come.

#FestivalofBalloons   #tigard   #ballooningPhoto: Road Tripin'

There are days when the road calls to me.  I just want to go drive and explore.  Never is that call stronger than this time of year.  Responsibilities and duty call which prevent the long escape.  So there are days at lunch I just hop in the Jeep and drive as far as I can go and then drive back.  The other day was one of those days and it was a total treat, an escape from the walls that encase me most days.  Here's the view from the road on that day.  The clouds danced with the sun playing a game of hide and seek.  It was too short.Photo: Reject

I hate to call this photo a reject but that's what it became when I chose another long exposure to submit for the +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt this round.

I loved the pattern that the lights made during the exposure and the fact that if you look through the wheel of light you can see the Hawthorne bridge.Photo: Looking Down The Barrel

Couldn't sleep last night so I put on some Kings of Leon and played with some photos.

I took this one a few weeks ago at Safeco Field when my Angels beat the Mariners.  I've been chatting with +Brian Matiash recently about how much I like +onOne Software's Focal Point feature so I decided to work a little more with it.  I used the Focus Bug in its linear form for the initial focus setting and then painted in the upper part of the pitcher to get him into the same focal plane.  Boosted the colors a bit and viola!Photo: Boom!

And the Rose Festival begins. This was shot from location B after we got soaked at location A and decided to move.

Had a great night yesterday hanging with a good group of guys here in town - +Arno Jenkins , +Lars Gustafson, +Kelly-Shane Fuller, +Christopher Germano and +Brian Matiash. We also ran into fellow G+er +Aaron Reed who used his keen Jedi skills to fend off a real dickhead who thinks the world is his. Nice to meet you Aaron.Photo: An Evening in Venice

I'm so ready to go back to Italy.  I had to go back and look at my photos from last year after seeing all of the wonderful images +Arno Jenkins is posting during his forever long trip in Europe.  My wife and I had about a week to enjoy Venice, Florence and Rome on our 20th anniversary trip but a week isn't enough.  I was really drawn to Venice as the pace was slow and the traffic was non-existent.  I think I could spend a week in Venice and then move on to Tuscany for a first time visit.  Heck, I could travel the rest of my life and love every moment of it.

#italy  #travel #blogPhoto: Nothing Runs Like A Deere

The rain is back here in the NorthWest so the sun is back resting behind the clouds. Thankfully the sun came out this weekend and I got to get out and shoot a bit. Here's another shot from the morning at the tulip farm. Just a little something to brighten a wet and dreary Monday morning. :)Photo: Saturday's Sunrise

From this photo you'd never know I was at a tulip farm. The hoards of photographers that were there forced me to change my perspective. I wandered out to the corner of the field and shot from here. No tulips, no photographers standing in my shot and sadly not a cloud in the sky to pretty up the sunrise.Photo: Have a Seat

It was a really early morning at the tulip fields this morning with Mr. +Arno Jenkins . I didn't get the clouds I was hoping for but did get the crowds I didn't expect. The fields by 6am were filled with fellow photogs. I guess there was a "meet-up" posted on another social site.Photo: One last song before you spread your wings - Columbia Gorge, Oregon SidePhoto: Bird Watching

I wasn't the only one watching the sunset this past Saturday.Photo: Always Leave Room For HopePhoto: Say Cheese! - Hillsboro, ORPhoto: Objection Your Honor! - Tigard, OR

Bowled a 144 today, I suck!

#lastcallPhoto: You're A Beauty My Pet

We cared and nurtured her from larva to butterfly and then set her free to explore the world. This was a fun project to do with the kids. They got to see the metamorphosis of the butterfly up close. If you have kids this is a guarantee hit. You can order the kit on Amazon for less than $20 and it comes with everything you need and is totally easy to do.

I took this shot when we were releasing them (there were four). We put some sugar water on the carnations and they stayed for about 15 minutes and then one by one took off into the wild blue yonder. We had all the neighbor kids around for the release and they had a blast. Some of the butterflies would land on the kids and they would squeal with delight.Photo: Multnomah Tall

This is a photo of Multnomah Falls I took when I first got my Nikon D300s.  All these years it's been a solid camera and I've enjoyed the heck out of it.  It's taken countless trips to the Gorge and many other places around the world and has given me very little trouble along the way.  Kudo's to +Nikon USA for building such a solid camera.  I'm always tempted to dump it for a full frame camera but am really in no hurry.  And the day that I do switch to a full frame, this camera will stay in the family as my daughter has requested that she inherit it when I'm done with it.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1lfAnqI

#waterfall   #columbiarivergorge   #oregon   #nikonPhoto: 50¢Photo: Knight on a White Horse

Some days you just need to get away. Today (or yesterday as I see what time it is right now) I planned to get away with the kids for some time at the beach. Things have been tense around the house lately. I don't know if it's the season or other contributing factors but they've been tense nonetheless. My wife had to work and the weather report for the coast was good so I loaded up the Jeep and took the kids to Seaside and Cannon Beach for the day. We had a great time!

It was a much needed escape and I'm glad that it went well. Soon I'll post some photo's of the sunset behind Haystack Rock but for now here is the white horse from the carousel in Seaside.Photo: Happy Friday

As the sun sets on your week I hope you are able to reflect back on the good times and look forward to the weekend.  Here's to fun, food, and some time with family and friends.  Cheers!Photo: Beach Time?

I'm thinking a drive to the beach is in order soon.  Sad that I have a four day weekend and made not a single plan to go shoot.  I've never been much of planner, I'm more of a spur of the moment type so I guess I'll have to spur a moment soon.

{edit} I did go shoot last night... so I'm not that lazy ;-)  right +Wick Sakit 

#mustgetoffmylazyassPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: CapturesPhoto: Haystack Rock!

There is a benefit to getting up at 4:30 in the morning... you get to capture images like this. Hard to believe that November is coming to a close and I got a sunny day at the beach in Oregon.Photo: Hiding OutPhoto: Photo: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil

I'm just glad I didn't see Damien's face in one of these windows.

Something a little different for #wideWednesdayPanorama curated by +Charles Lupica. May not be what you intended Charles but I thought it was fun.Photo: "Rounds on Me" She YellsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Crazy Cool

I'll admit I'm a bit jealous of +Kelly-Shane Fuller's new toy.  So I found an old shot of a '56 I had in the library and had a little fun with it while playing with +onOne Software Perfect Suite.  The license plate has been changed to protect the innocent and to add a little fun.Photo: Fall may be upon us and here in the NW that means the rain is coming. Yesterday you'd think it was still summer. Not a cloud in the sky and temperatures above 70F. On my way home from work I passed a small patch of sunflowers and grabbed this shot.Photo: Photo: Falls Creek Falls

This was from my second time hiking up to this falls last week and I assure you it won't be my last. The next time I'm going to hike up to the top to see the falls above more closely.

+Colby Brown was in town and +Brian Matiash and +Nicole S. Young wanted to show him some of the sweet spots in the PNW and although we only hit one of the three on the list for the day it was still a good time. The sun and clouds were battling it out and we sat patiently waiting for the few moments the clouds were winning. After a bit we called it good and headed home, the sun was winning a bit too much.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1Fa4jux

#waterfall   #nature   #landscapephotography  Photo: I've got much to learn about night photography.

Last weekend I went out to the Peter Iredale to play under the stars. Most of the time I was there people had fires, flashlights, and kids running everywhere so I just played around with different settings to see what I could get. Most of those shots included light trails, odd glows, and a lot of light pollution in the background. In the end my biggest challenge was focusing the camera, even with my bright led light it was a major challenge. This shot was taken after a police officer came and cleared out the people parked in the lot that closes at 10PM. He was super kind and let me and another photographer stay for another hour. He did mention that parking on the beach does not close... noted for the future.

#sonyalpha   #exploregon   #nightphotography  Photo: My bones ache for some time out in the Gorge. Honestly this summer has sucked for me regarding photography. I know I should be out shooting no matter the conditions but the reality is, I'm spoiled. I'm used to perfect conditions, no crowds, and lots of free time. This summer has not afforded me that. I assure you that I will make up for it this fall. I've got a permit for the Enchantments in September that I'm super stoked about and if what "they" is saying according to those around me it's going to be a cold and wet winter. Fingers crossed! This heat, the blue skies, the lack of rain... really? I live in Oregon... I want cold, clouds, and lot's of wet. Bring it on! Now!

#landscapephotography   #exploregon   #pnw   #oregon   #waterfall  Photo: Moulton Falls Bridge

This weekend after visiting the Cedar Creek Grist Mill we headed to a new location nearby that +Amy Heiden found on a Google search.  The water was dark, deep and still which provided a nice subtle reflection of the bridge and surrounding trees.  This is a two shot pano stitched together in Lightroom with just a few small tweaks for color balance and light.

#landscapephotography   #panorama   #panoramaphotography   #autumn   #sonyalpha  Photo: Panorama of the inside of a Nuclear Cooling Tower. I must say, it's a pretty cool experience to stand inside one of these and see first hand the immense nature of such a man made structure. Plus, the sound in this thing is one of the most incredible things I've ever heard.

This is the combination of three separate shots merged together with Lightroom with slight tweaks for exposure and tone.

‪#sonyalpha #coolingtower   #urbex   #abandoned  Photo: Autumn is upon us and I couldn't be happier. Okay, maybe I could be... let's hope father Winter nails us with some big snow! That'd be awesome.

This is a scene from the stream that feeds the Cedar Creek Grist Mill near Woodland, WA from a couple weeks ago.

‪#‎sonyalpha‬ #autumncolors   #landscapephotography   #fallcolors  Photo: This is not my usual waterfall shot. Most of the time my goal is to capture the scene set before me and share with you the grandeur of the whole falls in all its magnificence. This time I decided to move in and capture this batch of fern that was growing in the most precarious spot in the midst of this waterfall. Despite the trials it must face during high flows it continues to grow on the perch its seed landed on. You go little fern!

‪#‎sonyalpha‬ #waterfall   #landscapephotography   #nature  Photo: We were treated to a magical sunset on our last night in the Alvord desert. Thanks to William for finding what may be the only water on the playa.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1HDVb32 (Christmas is coming)

#landscapephotography #sunset #desertPhoto: Proxy Falls

I'm so glad Alex and I made the side trip to see Proxy Falls. This is a three shot pano. The crop isn't standard but I wanted to show a bit more of the surrounding trees to give an overall sense of the view from the middle of the stream. I can't wait to go back here sometime in the Spring.

Prints available: http://bit.ly/1kKpSyc

‪#‎sonyalpha‬Photo: Camping Under the Stars

The night sky at the Alvord Desert is absolutely fantastic, I've not seen that many stars since standing on the top of Mauna Kea on Hawaii.

This weekend I played a little more with star photography and some light painting. The tent is lit from the inside by my SolarPuff and the +Jeep  is lit with my headlamp both inside and out (that took a little running around).

#nightphotography   #jeep   #jeeplife  Photo: I know the big thing this weekend was to shun black Friday and to ‪#‎getoutsomewhere‬ or whatever the hashtag was but the reality was for me was that my daughter came home from college and we were busy doing what we pleased. We saw family, hung out with friends, ate some good food, and really just enjoyed being together... inside or out. Honestly, I ‪#‎getouttherealot‬ so this weekend wasn't that special to get out "there" for, family and friends came first. My hope is that you enjoyed your weekend with your peeps, yourself, or whomever you hang with and did what makes you happy.

Here's a shot from a weekend I spent with my son and some friends. This is Proxy Falls near Sisters, OR.

#waterfalls   #landscapephotography   #oregonphotography  Photo: Longing for some more clear nights to do fun stuff like this...

If only the Alvord wasn't an 8 hour drive to get to...

Here the night sky is covered by light pollution and these moist things they call clouds.

#nightphotography   #landscapephotography   #stars  Photo: The Oregon Coast along the Samuel H Boardman Scenic Corridor.

Prints available at http://bit.ly/1TzuNRB

#landscapephotography   #panorama   #oregoncoast   #pacificnorthwest   #oregon