76 Photos - Sep 9, 2011
Photo: Hello?

Saturday we stopped in Floyd's for some coffee and they have this old fashioned phone booth that I wanted a picture of.  +Kelly-Shane Fuller helped by holding my flash and I got my daughter to pose in the booth for me.

#portraittuesday  curated by +Laura Balc and +Tana Teel who ditched us for this little adventure (congrats Pat, Becky and Dash)Photo: Photawesomeness!

My favorite thing about Google+ is all the rad people I've got the chance to meet and call friends.  One in particular has been +Nicole S. Young!  She is an amazing friend and one of the best photographers I've had the pleasure of shooting with.  I'm super sad she's leaving the Portland area but am glad to have got to know her over the past year or so.  Last year I had the distinct pleasure of performing her and +Brian Matiash's marriage ceremony here at a local restaurant.  They both have been the best of friends and although there will be some distance between us I'm sure that our friendship will remain.

Here's a shot of Nicole from this past weekend during our shoot up near Rowena, OR in the Columbia River Gorge.

One thing that Nicole brings to the table is her breadth of knowledge through her books and her amazing presets.  If you're interested in seeing what I'm talking about check our her blog and her store at:

#blog  Photo: Photo: Photo: Chasing Amy

Oh man does this woman have some energy.  My old and sorry ass couldn't keep up with her.  This is +Amy Heiden on our first morning out in the dunes just after sunrise.

#dvonewaytrip13  Photo: Lagos' Lodge

This is a shot of +Ricardo Lagos from our trip to Death Valley this past winter. Ricardo was kind enough to put his camera down for a few seconds and peek out from this shack for a couple shots.  In honor of him I put this into B/W which I think highlights the textures of the shack and landscapes well.

This shack sits at an abandoned mine at the end of a road that truly tested our rental car.  We made it most of the way before having to hoof it the rest.  It's fun to get out and explore some of these lesser known places and to wonder what life was like for those that worked here.

#blog  Photo: Pittock at Christmas

If you've never seen Pittock Mansion in Portland I highly recommend seeing it during the Christmas Season.  The decorate the place to the hilt and it is beautiful.  Even the bathrooms get Christmas Trees.  Yesterday some Googlies met up at the mansion to have a little fun.  We didn't hang there for too long but long enough to get a few shots of the place.  Here is the grand stairway adorned by the wonderful family of +Jake Johnson who trekked down from Seattle for the day despite the crappy weather.Photo: Photo: Photo: ...when you pry it from my cold dead hand

Alright JP here's another on the right day ;)

This is my son giving me his best serious face.  It's not one that comes that easy for him as he normally has a huge smile on his face 99.72% of the day.

#firearmsfriday   - +Jonathon Pruessner Photo: A Boy and His My Gun

My son is 11 and like most boys he's fascinated by guns.  And to be perfectly honest, I'm okay with that so I took his fascination to the next level by letting him buy a gun and teaching him gun safety and the proper way to shoot.  I want him to have a healthy respect for guns and to be familiar with how to use them before the zombiepocalypse comes.  As of today we've done a good job of putting a lot of holes in some innocent paper, but zombies, be on the alert.

Here's a shot of him from this past weekend at my parents house carrying my .357 lever action rifle.  I should have never let him shoot this one, the bullets aren't as cheap as his .22's and he likes it much more than his own rifle.Photo: If Jimmy Olsen was to have a twin sister it would be +Mandy Sloan.  Mandy has an addiction a love for old cameras and film.  I don't remember how many cameras she said she's amassed but I think it was in the thousands ;)

#wwpw #wwpwpdxPhoto: Tana... TANA... TAANNAAAA!!!

I love it when this lady comes to town.  Although her skills as a grip are subpar to mine, she's a rad person to hang with.  She's quick with a joke but stingy with her beer.  Thanks for the good times +Tana Teel, I look forward to the next.

#wwpw #wwpwpdxPhoto: Tressa in PDX

Here's a shot of the lovely +Tressa Crozier from last nights +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Portland.  It was awesome to have some great G+ people from out of town to join us for the walk.  And thank you +Tana Teel for the use of the light for this shot and the tips on exposure.

Tressa, sorry I didn't get to give you a proper goodbye.  It was great to meet you and spend time shooting this weekend.  Hopefully we'll get to do it again someday soon.

#wwpw #wwpwpdxPhoto: Photogranerd

Badass? No, he only plays one on the internet.  Gentle giant? Yes!  He is that and more.  Hanging out with +Ricardo Williams was a sheer pleasure. He's gotta be one of the nicest dudes on the planet.  Here's a SOOC shot of him during our walk near the Bellagio one of the nights in Vegas.

Dude, it was a pleasure to meet you in person and spending time getting to know the gentler side of the Honey Badger was a highlight of my trip.

And yes ladies, he is that handsome in person.

#PSW2012 #darkchocolatePhoto: Rock on!

I met Tony on the street in Vegas, this dude can play.  He told me he could play anything so I asked him for a little SRV and he nailed it!  Not many people can play Stevie at the drop of a hat but this guy can. He sits every night and plays for the street.  Along with his guitar and his dog he gets along just fine.  His attitude is fantastic and his chops are even better.

#psw2012  Photo: Pink!

As a parent it is natural that you battle with your children.  My wife and I have picked our battles, won all most of them, and chosen not to fight others.  One battle that isn't fought is over our daughter expressing herself through her hair and make up.  It is just hair after all and can be shaven off and regrown.  So over the last couple years our daughter has chosen to color her hair.  In all honesty I think it's fun.  This week she got it done in the most striking hot pink with a bluish highlight under the left side.  So last night I had her grab her bass and sit for some photos and her she is in all her pink haired glory.

PS: she also does her nails just about everyday.

#weareparents  curated by +Juan Gonzalez Photo: The Girly in Red

Here's our girl this weekend before the transition to her neon pink hair.  We went to the beach so we thought it would be fun to have some fun getting some photos.  At this point she realized she was getting in deep and that her dress was getting soaked.  As you can tell by the look on her face she didn't care much.  We're definitely raising a free spirit.Photo: In Black and White

I thought I'd try a different feel with this shot and give it a starlet spotlight old school feel.  I softened it up a bit, added some shadows and brightened her face.

#portraittuesday  Photo: Natural Light

Sometimes the only light you need is the big yellow one in the sky.Photo: Shooting Meadow

One of my main photographic goals of this year is to learn to shoot people.  Last night I took Meadow out to the woods to shoot her ;)  My daughter came along as the hair and makeup artist and we shot away.  It was my first time using multiple strobes and umbrellas, it took a bit to get the settings right but the set up time was worth it.  So far I'm pretty pleased with the results.  More from this shoot to follow another day.

We're already talking about some more shoots for the future.  Yeah!Photo: Strobes... camera... ACTION!

This is another shot from this weekends shoot.  It's the first time I've ever used remote strobes and umbrellas.  We went up into Forest Park to and old stone structure and just played around.  I learned a bunch in just that first day with a lot of trial and error. I've got light years of learning ahead and look forward to it very much.

#portraittuesday  curated by +Laura Balc Photo: Party In Portland, Night #1

Last night we had a party in Portland!  Drank a few beers, ate some food, chatted a ton and then strolled the fair city.  Thank you +elizabeth hahn, +Sam Breach and +Erika Thornes for travelling so far and for the locals thank you too.  It was a fun night.

Night #2 starts around 7pm at Henry's Tavern for any interested ;)Photo: 30!

To an old soul in a young man's body I say - Happy Birthday Professor!

It's all downhill from here +Kelly-Shane Fuller.Photo: Whatchu Doin'?

Here's one for the ladies. You're welcome!  Hey, it's better than a selfy from me ;)

+Jason Jakober taking a break from the falls.Photo: And She Danced

I love when people see me shooting their picture and ham it up a bit.

#streetphotography  #lilwalkpdxPhoto: 'Budmo!'

While out roaming the streets of Portland with +Arno Jenkins last night we came upon this beautiful Ukrainian couple who were just married. Their party was sending off some lanterns into the evening sky. Some lifted into the sky as intended and others dropped right into the river. It was quite fun to witness (sorry but the photos stink so you may never see them). They were kind and when I asked to take their portrait obviously the answer was "yes".Photo: The Birthday Boy

After yesterday's post about my daughter you may have a hard time believing that 11 years ago tonight I was pacing a hospital room here in Portland waiting for the birth of our second child. After the painful labor my wife went through with our first she opted for the epidural on the second round. We were wagering with the staff whether or not he'd be born on Brianna's birthday or if he'd hold out for his own. At midnight we had that answer but not without his own little dramatic entrance. Just after midnight the hospital room got really busy with the hustle and bustle of nurses and doctors. The cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. This time I didn't get to see the gray alien baby emerge because there were like a 100 people crowding me out. The boy was born at 1:15am and rushed to the specialists. At about 1:25am he was put in my wife's arms and pronounced healthy. So far he hasn't brought us back to that level of stress but he's a boy so who knows.

Today he's a vibrant young lad with a passion for Lego's, Minecraft, anything that resembles a gun and he's a loyal friend. Kind as can be and silly as a goose he brings joy and laughter into the house along with a level of noise only a boy can make.

I love this boy with all my heart.

Yes, May is a busy month and we haven't even got to our wedding anniversary on the 24th ;)Photo: May Baby Girl

15 years ago tonight I was pacing a hospital room in Anaheim trying to comfort my wife as she entered her second day of labor. Early the next morning we received the gift of a wretched looking grey alien covered in bloody slime. Nobody prepared me for that image. Thank God that stage passed quickly and we were soon holding our first born. Today she has grown to be an awesome young woman who makes us laugh everyday. She's about as kind-hearted as a person can be and very loyal to her friends. Her love is music and reading and someday I hope to see her rockin' her bass on stage for the world to see.

I love her dearly and would give her the world if I could.

Happy Birthday girly!Photo: Germano!

Just back from an early morning shoot with the distinguished +Christopher Germano. Nothing like a little urbex to getcha going in the morning.Photo: Italian Goods

Here's my beautiful bride in Venice. We just wrapped up a couple days there and have arrived in Florence. Tomorrow we'll see the nekkid David.

We both agree that we could have used another day or so in Venice. I guess that just means we'll have to go back. :)Photo: Smokin'!

Some street shots just need to be in color.Photo: Sometimes you've just got to smile

Happy Sunday to you all!!!Photo: Puppy Watchin'

This is the face that my pup gets to love on for the next two weeks. Our good friend is so kind to watch our dog when we leave on long trips and I can't thank her enough for it. This her daughter who celebrates 7 years of life this week. Happy Birthday Autumn! Love on Owen lots for us.Photo: Saying Goodbye

Last night we took the kids out for a nice evening on the town. We ate at Henry's Tavern which is one of our family favorites outside of Five Guys Burgers. We had a great meal, fun conversation, and best of all we laughed. We were crossing our eyes and making one or the other eye move on its own - it's a talent we share. My kids dared me to have my eyes skewed like that when the waiter came back. I'm not one to back away from a dare so when he returned... well let's just say he was not amused. My wife and kids on the other hand were howling. Poor guy didn't know what he was getting with us at his table. :)

All that fun ended on the ride home when all the sudden my son got real quiet which is very unusual for him. We asked him if he was alright and he said he was fine. I knew he wasn't. When we got home I cornered him in his room and asked again, and that's when he broke down. He told me through the tears that he doesn't want anything to happen to us while we're away and that he's going to miss us. Aww. We hugged and I told him how much I love him. It was a tender moment and I love that he worries about us. He said it made him worry about us when he overheard us talking about our will and its location in the case something did happen to us. I assured him that the will is only a precaution in the unlikely case something did happen to us and a way to show him one final act of love by making sure he was taken care of.

Here he is in a moment of pure joy yesterday at the park. I'm gonna miss this kid while we're away.Photo: Joy Bubbles

When you can't smoke in your apartment what do you do? This pair sits at bench on the street and make bubbles for the cars passing by while they toke on their smokes. I was driving by yesterday and couldn't resist stopping for some photos. They are a blast. Their goal is to get you to honk or wave as you pass by and they said they do it everyday when it isn't raining. So the next time you find yourself driving through Newberg give a honk or a wave to the bubble makers. Gotta love their spirit!Photo: Oh, the drama

You've seen my little nephew recently in my "mint" picture for +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt, well here's his older sister. Where he is silly, she is dramatic. This was the pose she chose for the photo. We had some fun shooting pictures on Easter Sunday when the sun made a rare appearance.

#portraittuesday curated by +Laura BalcPhoto: Stalking Strangers

When the rain stops and the sun comes out the Portlander leaves its home to explore and enjoy the out of doors and that's when I pounce - Snap - he'll never know I was there. Sometimes I think I would have made a good private detective.Photo: Still Stalking

Either my stealth slipped a bit or this guy has a sixth sense. He spotted my right away and pointed to his empty guitar case. This picture cost me two bucks. :)Photo: Cynthia

During lunch today I was out shooting a brick wall. Yep, I know how to party. While I was shooting I heard a voice that said "so, you're a photographer huh?" I turned and there was Cynthia. I walked over and we talked and talked for the rest of my lunch hour. While we were talking I asked if I could take her picture and she, obviously, said "yes".

At first she said that she's not very photogenic but I told her that she was and that every face has a story to tell. That sold her. She says she has a lot of stories. I believe it. The condition of the photo is that I print a copy for her and she gets to tell me some of her story. Man I love taking pictures!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Say Poo

How do you get people to smile for a photo? Do you ask them to say "cheese"? Classic as it may be I have found that it doesn't produce real smiles. So I have a new method, I ask them to say something that will hopefully make them laugh. After all the best smiles are real smiles.

So for this photo I pointed the camera at my son and said "say poo". He's 10 so guess what his response was...Photo: Book Worm - Powell's Book Store Portland, OR

I love that my kids love to read. Today was cold and wet here in Portland so I grabbed my new nifty fifty 1.4 and headed downtown with the kids to our favorite shop. While my daughter perused the Rose Room my son plopped down with some Manga to read. Me? Well I grabbed some shots.

#lastcallPhoto: Need S'more?

This weather is making me pine for some sunshine. Since Mother Nature won't deliver we go to the archives of this past summer and find some summertime cuteness.Photo: PeoplePhoto: My Girly Girl

It feels like yesterday that I was changing diapers and getting up in the middle of the night to feed her. Now I hear her talking about what kind of car she wants when she can drive (it's a purple or blue VW Bug depending on which day it is for those curious) and what kind of career she wants to pursue (as of yesterday she wants to be a bass player in a band - she's taking lessons). Time flies, it really does. As much as I look forward to seeing the woman she becomes, I'll seriously miss the days of her being a little girl.

I was playing with my flash last night and thought the mirror would be a challenge. Instead it was the photos she's got on her mirror that ended up being the biggest challenge.Photo: Photo: Brings Me Joy

She's 14, my first born, and part of the reason I have some grey hairs coming in. I know the boys are coming around soon and coincidentally my gun collection will need polishing about then. I know I shouldn't worry, but I do. After all, she's my girl first.

#PortraitTuesdayPhoto: Stephen Baker performing in Portland.Photo: Smiles With Braces On

Here's a shot of my teen from this summer on one of our family walks. She was kind enough to pose for a moment.

#PortraitTuesday - curator +Laura BalcPhoto: Photo: Photo: My daughter at the Oregon CoastPhoto: My son at the beach near Newport, ORPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Happy Birthday Tam

July is a rad month for birthdays!  And here we've got another, the beautiful +Tamara Pruessner!  I had the pleasure of hanging out with Tam when here and her husband Jon visited Portland last year, they are good peeps!  So for the lady pushing through a 365 Selfy project I have a shot of her from here in Portland just before +Kelly-Shane Fuller killed her (an no, she's not really dead).Photo: Welcome to the Gun Show

When attempting to get some head shots of my daughter for this school year she couldn't resist goofing off a little.  Since she's in weight training class this semester she decided on giving me the gun show.  When my kids are grown and leave the nest the one thing I hope they leave with is a healthy sense of humor and so far I think we're doing pretty good with that.

#weareparents   #gunshow  Photo: Happy Birthday Bri

Have you ever wondered how +Brian Matiash got his glowing personality?  Well now you know.

To my good friend, partner in crime and the other half of the Brimance I wish you the happiest of birthdays.

#bmashbirthday  Photo: Jay - Class of '14

Dang... that's a long way from '86 when we popped collars instead of tags and our phones were tethered by cables instead of software.

Here's a young man who I had the pleasure of shooting this past rainy Sunday.  Since the rain was unrelenting and he wanted an urban look I took him downtown to shoot under this popular overpass.  This location is great due to the great surroundings, textured walls, and constant trains that go past.  Despite the cover we still got a bit wet from the wind whipping the rain around. In the end we came out with some fun shots that the family loved.

#portraittuesday   #portlandia   #seniorportraits  Photo: Photo: Autumn

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting this little cutie patootie just for some fun.  Her and her mom are good friends we hadn't seen in a while so we planned a little shoot and dinner just for a chance to play.  It was a great afternoon with good friends and good food.

#portraittuesday  by +Laura Balc and +Tana Teel Photo: Bonham Family - Est. 1992

Wanna see my family?  I knew you did.

Here's a shot I took of us at Thanksgiving to put on our Christmas card.  Alex (12), Kathi (29), Me (72) and Brianna (16).  Sadly Owen d' Poodle was left out, maybe he'll be in it next year.

#portraittuesday  - +Laura Balc and +Tana Teel Photo: A Boy In His Playground

Here's a shot of +Brian Matiash doing what he does best.  Thanks to the local graffiti artists and occasional residents this place is different every time.  This weekend the place was wide open and there were already a few photogs hanging out doing shoots when we got there.  Thanks to the recent rain the puddles provided great reflections to play with.

#portlandia   #bmash  Photo: Happy 17th Birthday Brianna!

Today I celebrate my 17th year as a parent.  On this day 17 years ago this beautiful girl exited my wife and entered my life.  She is my oldest, most favorite daughter, and she has grown into a wonderfully goofy and beautiful young lady and I am super proud to be her dad.

_I love you girly! _

#happybirthday  Photo: Lean, Mean and 13!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

So today we officially have two teenagers in the house!  This kids is crazy fun and always willing to entertain.  After 13 years I still haven't found his "off" button.  I love being dad to this awesome kid

#happybirthdayPhoto: Poppy Girl

This is another shot of my daughter wearing the sweater my wife made for her.

For #portraittuesday  curated by my buddy +Tana Teel and +Laura Balc (it's Tuesday somewhere, right ladies)Photo: Hot Tam

A couple years ago a swarm of photographers came to Portland and we had a blast.  One of the things we did was a shoot at a restored gas station in SE Portland.  +Kelly-Shane Fuller brought his old car and a ton of camera gear.  A few of the ladies in the group brought their sexy and let us shoot them.  Here's a shot I got of +Tamara Pruessner in her hot little dress she brought just for the occasion.  Photo: Playing with Mable

I caught a moment of pure joy as +Tessa Kit Zawadzki got her chance to play with Mable, +Tana Teel's favorite camera.  Like a kid in a candy store I don't think the smile left Tessa's face the whole time she played with this beauty of a camera.Photo: This was her idea. Maybe she just didn't realize how cold the water would be in November. I was more than happy to oblige my daughters request for some photos at a waterfall. I chose Butte Creek Falls as I knew the hike was easy, the water is shallow, and there would be very few to no people here. Because of the cold and the rain it was a quick shoot but a fun one nonetheless. I'm sure there will be more in the future, she's a fun kid to hangout with.

The spray coming off the falls and the rain coming down made it impossible to keep the lens dry so I there was a natural haze to the image. I took that and ran with it to give this image a 70's film feel to match with the cute dress Brianna was wearing.

#buttecreekfalls   #oregon   #photography