34 Photos - May 7, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: So much to see!Photo: No7 is the top beauty brand in the UK.  Really fun products, great quality. AT Walgreens!Photo: Look Boutique is fabulous.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lip product with a built in mirror.  I'll take 5 please!Photo: Photo: A fragrance bar! (Yes, I do love Hello Kitty)Photo: Photo: Pretty pretty nail polishesPhoto: View from the mezzanine of the flagship WalgreensPhoto: Photo: I need this with the yard work we've been doing!Photo: A nail salon IN Walgreens!Photo: Photo: Virtual makeovers- for free- at WalgreensPhoto: Photo: Love love love that the pharmacist is so accessiblePhoto: Photo: Photo: Smoothie barPhoto: Fresh baked local pastriesPhoto: Salad and sandwich for $5? Yes please!Photo: Photo: Local beersPhoto: Photo: getting my nails donePhoto: That's THE Ramy from Ramy Cosmetics doing @DentistMel's brows!Photo: Photo: Why yes, I did meet Paula Deen!Photo: