35 Photos - Dec 19, 2011
Photo: Almost where he needed to be.Photo: Need to grab these for the house- too many power outages with a well and no water.Photo: Why do they make packs like this?  I don't use half the products.Photo: More waste of money.Photo: This is interesting.Photo: Stocking stuffers for my wife!Photo: Photo: Photo: I don't think we need new wipers yet.Photo: My wife needs this.  She's unable to make her windows clear when cleaning them.Photo: I wonder if this works or if it's a gimmic.Photo: Photo: For everyone who doesn't have one of these, get one.  You can charge your cell phone, play a DVD player, etc when the power is out.Photo: What if you don't have a cell phone?  Not all of us do.Photo: Photo: How can they expect you to find anything like this?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: NOW these are available.  When I need them, they are nowhere to be found!Photo: Every single can is dented.  Not impressed but going to try this anyway.Photo: Photo: This looks interesting. Maybe for springtime.Photo: Never have I heard of this but why did someone think it was a good idea to stack these?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: One of my husband's tractors.  Used in 30 degree weather for moving 8 tons of gravel today.  Glad to have something to help keep it running well!Photo: Fill 'er up!Photo: Photo: Awww, the couple that blogs together stays together, right?  Or maybe the couple that maintains together stays together?Photo: All set to go.  Except for the trailer dragging.  Oops.  Pictures first, then tell the hubby!