19 Photos - Feb 21, 2012
Photo: I'm here to check out the new Dial™ NutriSkin™, but have a few groceries to get as well.  I love the Great Value brands to save my family money!Photo: I don't usually shop this location..I love that they have more vegetarian options!  Wish this store was closer!Photo: Bacon...I love bacon bacon bacon.....Can't wait until Walmart starts carrying Petit Jean Bacon!Photo: Mmmmm.....RAW almonds...perfect for my snacking needs!Photo: 4 out of 5 people in my home are female.  We are always running out of toilet paper.  I'm gonna get this big mack daddy right there!Photo: I'm tellin' ya, best prices on milk hands down!  (Besides Sam's Club)Photo: Morgan needs cupcake supplies...who am I to deny her that???Photo: That toilet paper takes up the whole cart.Photo: Dark Chocolate for Chunky Monkey Cupcakes!Photo: Powdered Sugar for homemade icing!Photo: The kids love this popcorn chicken.Photo: There is the display I was looking for!  But....there's no one there!  I was a little disappointed.  I wanted them to tell me what made it so special.  Guess I'll find out for myself!Photo: There were coupons!  4 different kinds and 2 aimed at men.  I'm the ashiest girl you will ever meet.  I need the Extra Dry Skin formula.Photo: They have a lot of lotions to choose from at Walmart!Photo: a LOT!Photo: I wasn't kidding....Photo: There we go!  I snatched the one with 25% more and a pump!Photo: There's the boys lotion!  I should have smelled it.Photo: