184 Photos - Jul 27, 2011
Photo: 20110807-0020Photo: At the FairPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Masada looking over the Dead SeaPhoto: The West WallPhoto: The SepulcherPhoto: Temple of the Holy SepulcherPhoto: Looking over the Old CityPhoto: HopePhoto: Katowice, PolandPhoto: Birkenau Rail CarPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Visited Top of the Rock with my Mom when she was in town this month...we must have spent 2 hours or so wading through people (and  getting yelled at by security guards for using tripods) trying to get some good sunset shots.  We weren't able to spread out our tripod legs (Rockefeller Center Rules) although we could use our tripods as monopods making long exposures extremely difficult.  At any rate I think we got some good shots and got to enjoy the great views.Photo: Sculpture at Madison Square Park.Processing:- Nikon D90, 11mm, f/8.0,  ISO 200- 3 Exposure HDR -2 to +2- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and BW adjustmentsPhoto: 9th St PATH Station in NYCPhoto: Processing:- Nikon D90, 11mm, 20sec, f/8.0,  ISO 100- ND 3.0 Filter- LightroomPhoto: Processing:- Nikon D90, 11mm, f/8.0,  ISO 200- 7 Exposure HDR -3 to +3- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and color adjustments- Topaz AdjustPhoto: Processing:- Nikon D90, 20mm, f/8.0,  ISO 100- 3 Exposure HDR -2 to +2- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and color adjustments- Topaz AdjustPhoto: Processing:- Nikon D90, 20mm, f/5.6,  ISO 400- 3 Exposure HDR -2 to +2- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and color adjustmentsPhoto: 1961 Jaguar E-type and 2012 Jaguar XKR.  For Glow Design Group I designed and managed the Scenic and lighting for this event.Processing:- Nikon D90, 11mm, f/2.8,  ISO 400- 3 Exposure HDR -2 to +2- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and color adjustmentsPhoto: Work photo from event I designed and Project Managed this past week.  Had a few extra minutes to grab some shots...Processing:- Nikon D90, 11mm, f/2.8,  ISO 400- 3 Exposure HDR -2 to +2- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and color adjustmentsPhoto: Processing:- Nikon D90, 50mm, f/8.0,  ISO 100- 3 Exposure HDR -2 to +2- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and color adjustments- Topaz AadjustPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Processing:- Nikon D90, 11mm, f/8.0,  ISO 200- 3 Exposure HDR -2 to +2- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and color adjustments,Photo: Photo: Photo: Cot with ToiletPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Non HDR.  Just a lucky Sunset.Photo: Photo: '62 center at Williamstown MassPhoto: Williamstown MassPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Processing:- Nikon D90, 11mm, f/8.0,  ISO 100- 3 Exposure HDR -2 to +2- Photomatix Tonemapping- Photoshop Masking and color adjustmentsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: VW BugPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: James Webb TelescopePhoto: James Webb TelescopePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Safari Truck SunrisePhoto: Good Hope

This shot is yet another from the Cape of Good Hope National Park in Cape Town. The Beaches aren't amazing for swimming but the views are stunning in every direction with mountains just shooting up thousands of feet above you and water all around. We were fortunate to get down to the beach just about 30min before a small storm arrived so the clouds were amazing!

What was not captured in this frame was a Baboon galloping down the beach steal a family's cooler just after I shot this. It's not every day that you see a Baboon galloping down a beach toward you just a like a dog!

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 10stop ND Filter | LightroomPhoto: Falling Away

This is from the beaches of Honolulu in the Waikiki Area where you really do feel like your either in Miami or Las Vegas. The Hotels and shops line the strip which ultimately is an amazing beach lined area for sun bathing between shopping and eating. On this evening my mom and I went for a little photo walk and luckily the skies cooperated with us.

Nikon D90 | Tokina 11-16mm | Photomatix | Photoshop | TopazPhoto: Memory Lane

Today this image is brought to you from Lightroom 4! Actually, I did all the editing of this image in Photomatix and Photoshop...but it's cataloged in Lightroom 4 and I just updated so hey why not say it's from there. The flashy update to Lightroom 4 is mostly the GPS tagging features which I've totally exploited and tagged GPS coordinates to quite a number of my portfolio now.

This photo is a 3 bracket set taken in Kalk Bay in Cape Town which is one of several extremely cute towns that you can walk through many antique shops, bakeries and vintage shops. I liked this walkway for obvious reasons but mostly the decaying checkerboard path.Photo: A Really Pretty Mall

Another photo from the amazingly designed and Crystals Mall which is right next to the Aria where our hotel was. From the outside it really is amazing to think that so much design and engineering went into a Mall! Not that I'm against malls, but well it's just a place to buy non-durable goods (at least it's a hunch that Prada doesn't have any durable goods). This was another one of those handheld set of brackets which the more you do the better you get at. I think the trick is to kneel down very low or sit and just know whatever your camera's threshold is for acceptable noise and shoot for that. In my case 800-1000 is the highest I can go for HDR images on the D7000.

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | Photomatix | PhotoshopPhoto: Turn Away

This shot is another from Kruger Nation Park (near Lower Sabie). Before we left on the trip I think my expectation at Kruger was to be able to go out and shoot sunsets/sunrises every day from all kinds of cool locations...unfortunately that wasn't the case. It's interesting how being in a wild animal park that there are actually pretty strict rules about when you can and cannot be out about in the park. In the Summer at Kruger the gates to the park were only open from 5:30am - 6:30pm which was exactly an hour after and before sun break...which was pretty inconvenient for a Low-Sun Chaser.

However, each camp we stayed at offered several types of morning/evening drives and at Lower Sabie we did a sunset drive which in my opinion is the best way to go. We got to set out at 6pm and were out for 3 hours which allowed us to watch the sun die (which was amazing this evening BTW). We also got to drive around for the last half of the drive in the dark with flashlights scanning for animals. One of the most amazing parts of this drive in particular was when our guide stopped us in the pitch black under a full moon and turned off the engine allowing us to hear all the sounds of the park. It's kind of something you have to experience yourself to understand how truly amazing this park is.

Nikon D7000 | Nikon 28-70mm | Lightroom | Photomatix | PhotoshopPhoto: Ostrich Photo Bomb

I don't think that I can fully express my amazement at seeing an entire family of Ostriches while on safari...in fact when we were driving along one of the days in Kruger I distinctively remember stopping the car and asking my wife "is that a wild Ostrich?" and then proceeding to look around for something else to be out of place. I guess after seeing all the other exotic animals I was a little dumbfounded to see this strange animal of on its own in the wild. Turns out they are pretty common in the park and we even happened upon some on a beach in Cape Town later in the trip. Who knew?!

Nikon D7000 | Nikon 70-200mm | Nikon 2x extender | Lightroom | Silver Efex ProPhoto: Mesh

Another photo from Vegas and Crystals on The Strip. The Architecture is actually much more interesting that I thought it would be...especially some of the newer hotels.

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | LightroomPhoto: Huff ThisPhoto: Continuing the music theme this week...this is a shot of Harlan from The Rusty Guns. We did a shoot last month at The Way Station in Brooklyn which was (no joke) a Dr. Who Themed bar - complete with steam punk guns hung on the wall. Harlan is looking pretty bad ass in this photo if I say so myself.

Processing:Nikon D7000 | Nikon 28-70mm | Nikon SB-600 | LightroomPhoto: USOC Times Square

Today's photo comes by way of work/photography. I managed production for the USOC Olympics in Times Square and fortunately had a few minutes to grab some photos during the event. The contrast here of the crosswalk lines and the mass amount other stuff going on in the frame gives you a nice (albeit jarring) idea of the amount of people and stuff in Times Square on this day. I think I heard that 170,000 people went through the event during the course of the 8hr day.Photo: Space Shuttle Enterprise

This morning the retired space shuttle Enterprise made it's final from from DC to NYC where it will rest on the USS Intrepid. I was working from home this morning and only found about the flyby over the Hudson about 30minutes before it was supposed to happen. Fortunately, there is a nice park with great views of Manhattan just down the street from our apartment and I was able to catch this shot. It was a pretty cool experience seeing the 747 carrying the Shuttle at only about 2000-3000 feet or so as it did a lap up and down the Hudson.Photo: Eclipse StormPhoto: Shading the Sun

Throughout all of the Botanical Gardens near Ringwood we found these amazing statues that all seemed to have similar emotions and poses that was an almost melancholy response to the sun.  I remember thinking that it's quite ironic for a garden statue to have this sort of emotional state when they are forever destined to being in the presence of the sun.Photo: Manor

Who thought New Jersey could look so nice?  Actually, the state has some really beautiful spots once you get out out of the Jersey City/Newark area.  This spot is at a Botanical Gardens in North Jersey.  I used a 10 stop filter to get some nice texture in the water (despite it being bright daylight all around).Photo: Skylands Manor

Nestled up in North New Jersey is the New Jersey Botanical Garden which also is home to Skylands Manor.  The house is amazing from the outside I'm sure it is beautiful inside as well (although we didn't get to go in because a wedding was going on).  If I didn't mention that this was in Jersey (and for the American flag) I think you could easily mistake this for somewhere in the English countryside.Photo: PortfolioPhoto: PortfolioPhoto: Photo: After the RainPhoto: Photo: Another one with the D7000 and Silver Efex. This is going to be a new trend for me I think...Photo: New Photo from the Blog - BricksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Another shot from St. John the Divine in NYC.

You can safely walk around with a tripod and shoot for hours on a weekday...just be sure to check the service schedule so you don't interrupt any worshipers. I went on a Friday around 2pm and there was literally 4-5 people in the space at any given time. Great "little" gem on the upper west side.

P.S. This was a 5 exposure HDR, but the Stain Glass is comped in from the -1 or -2 exposures. Good Stained Glass doesn't need the HDR treatment!Photo: From the blog today.

The East River sure isn't known for being especially beautiful. In fact none of the rivers around the NY Metro and Jersey City area are anything special to look at, but I figure you got to try! I shot this with a 10 stop ND filter and the Promote control for extra long exposures. The choppy waters of the East River are not match for a 15 - 30s exposures.Photo: Photo: Photo from the blog.

Still in a Black and White kind of mood.

The Easter Egg in this photo is the box truck that mistakenly went through the tunnel and is being extracted as I shot away!

As someone who regularly sends trucks through Manhattan...you gotta check your routes man!Photo: Today’s image is from a footbridge over the LIRR near where I work.

Played around with NIK Color Efex as well as Topaz and Photomatix processing. Actually my workflow for this image included Lightroom>Photomatix>Photoshop>Topaz Adjust>Lightroom>Color Efex. There is probably a shortcut in there somewhere but sometimes you have to keep working before you get the look you want.Photo: Madison Square ParkPhoto: Pulaski SkywayPhoto: Photo of the day from lower Manhattan.

I was so determined to shoot today that I took a conference call (on mute) for about 30minutes while I walked around with my my tripod and composed shots. It was the ultimate multitaskingPhoto: Look UpPhoto: Photo of the Day - A very interesting barn in Tivoli, NY.Photo: It's been a while since I processed some images....but I'm back on track now!

This shot is from the National Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport in Washington DC. The Enola Gay is lifted up on risers over several other "smaller" airplanes completely dwarfing anything near it.

No tripods are allowed here so this was 3 shots handheld at 500 ISO plus lots of processing in Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz and Color Efex.Photo: This is a reprocess of an image that I posted up a moth or so ago. This one however is HDR and I think that letting it lay for a while inspired me to come back and tonemap it.Photo: Had a photo shoot out at Turtle Back Zoo over Thanksgiving. This little Owl is only about 8″ tall but with a rented 100mm 2.8 macro lens we were able to get some great detail at full crop!

In processing I mostly used Lightroom and Topaz.Photo: I'm not a portrait photographer (or accustomed to photographing people) but Steph and I have had some ideas of shoots we want to do so here is our first installment. Steph wanted to wear her wedding dress again and we wanted a truly Texas location to shoot so we went out to Pace Bend Park (used to be called Paleface which I guess isn't PC anymore). This being Texas it was a nice 65deg F on a December afternoon.

I'll post up a couple more shots in the coming days.

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16 | Lightroom | PhotoshopPhoto: I shot this on a photo walk with the family at Austin's 37th St. "Christmas Lights". I had my D7000 in tow and my Mom had her D300 while my Brother Shannon and wife Nikki had D5000 and D3100 respectively (its disgusting how much Nikon was in tow). My wife Stephanie, meanwhile, found herself in the middle of a meandering photowalk and was a good sport to hold a lens once in a while.

It was a pretty decent turnout this year in terms of lights but down from years past from what I've heard. This Vespa was brightly decorated and the owners were hanging out in the front yard to the right which is pretty typical of the other houses on 37th st.

Processing:Nikon D7000 | 11-16mm | 3 shots @ -2, 0, +2 | Photomatix, Photoshop, LightroomPhoto: Another shot from a shot from a shoot with my wife at Pace Bend Park outside Austin, TX.

D7000 | Nikon 28-70mm | LightroomPhoto: Last of the shots from Pace Bend Park.

I'll call this shot a happy accident while playing with lighting and shooting the final pose as we raced against the setting sun. Sometimes you don't need to plan out everything perfectly...just keep playing and shooting!

Nikon D7000 | 11-16mm | Lightroom | Topaz AdjustPhoto: From the little (and I mean little) downtown Buda, TX.

Processing:Nikon D7000 | 11-16mm | Photomatix | LightroomPhoto: This was my first time visiting Las Vegas and walking around all the various casinos and hotels I felt like I was just hoping from one mall to the next. The Chrystals Mall did have this crazy wooden pod which was a restaurant up top and the concierge desk down below.

The only downside to photo walking around Vegas was that the first time I tried to break out a tripod I was told to put it away within minutes. Needlessly to say I had to ramp up the ISO and shoot this handheld which always proves to be challenging.

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 3 exposures | Photomatix | PhotoshopPhoto: We just finished up Safari in South Africa and are now in Cape Town for the last leg of the trip. Needless to say we have internet and communication with the outside world again after about 10 days of being totally unplugged (which was actually pretty nice).

We had a great time in Loskop Dam and Kruger hiking, camping and driving/boating safaris almost every day and between Steph and I we took about 3000 photos.

This little Vervet Monkey above is one of several babies we saw (Water Buffalo, Hippo, Rhino, Baboon, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Warthog, Wildebeest, Antelope, Ostrich, etc, etc.) and they were all amazing to shoot. It’s hard to tell the scale of this little monkey but this was shot from about 30ft away at 400mm on a DX camera…so he’s little!Photo: The weather on our trip through Cape of Good Hope Nature Preserve didn’t quite cooperate but none the less we had a great time and got some good shots. This shot is looking south towards the Cape of Good Hope and I used a 10 stop ND filter to smooth out the clouds and water.

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | ND 10 FilterPhoto: Perhaps it’s hard to tell the scale but I think that we were up about 100m or so…maybe I’m exaggerating, but It seemed quite high. The Cape Point Lighthouse is just above us to the left in the photo and the piece of land jutting out into the water is called Danger Point (no joke).

We thought about climbing out and following the trail right along the top of Danger Point but it was a bit windy and the heights were a bit much.

Nikon D7000 | 11-16mm | ND10 FilterPhoto: Sunset in Kruger is remarkable (to say the least). We booked a sunset driver from Lower Sabie in Kruger to driver us around the surrounding areas for about 1.5hr on each side of the sunset while spotting animals along the way. Fortunately we saw several elephant just as the sun was getting low to the horizon and stopped the truck to snap some pics as the sun died.

Later after the sun went down we pulled out the high intensity spotlights and drove through the night looking for eye shine of nearby animals. Along the way we saw several Hyena and a few interesting birds. Unfortunately, we didn’t find Leopard, which eluded us the whole trip, but we had a great guide and did see some Hippos cross the road right in front of the truck a few times on the way back to camp.

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 3 exposuresPhoto: A nice collection of classic cameras on display at the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Cape Town. One of the owners mentioned the he had owned some camera shops in the past so he must have accumulated all these great pieces over many years. Processing this image in Black and White just made since with all the old cameras in frame.

For a full resolution copy to see all the details head over to my smugmug portfolio http://bobbybradley.smugmug.com/Portfolio/Portfolio/18049804_7HBJJR#!i=1715369524&k=MCt5LMJ&lb=1&s=A

Processing:Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 3 exposures | Photomatix | Lightroom | Silver EfexPhoto: Hout BayPhoto: At Boulders Beach in Cape Town there is a colony of about 3000 African Penguins that live there and amazingly enough you can buy a ticket to the beach and go right down on the beach and hang out with the penguins!

Towards the end of our afternoon on the beach Steph and I went exploring a little bit to get some photos of the penguins just before they turned in for the evening. This little guy was positioned right under 2 large boulders which led to the other side of the beach and just had a posture like “you may not pass.” I creeped in a little bit and laid down to get a couple shots of him hoping that he would move on in a little bit but he just stood there guarding the other side of the beach so crawled out from the boulders and went on our way.

Nikon D7000 | Nikon 50mm | LightroomPhoto: High above Cape Town on Table Mountain I was able to get this shot only after a certain few circumstances blessed us (or cursed us depending on how you look at it).  The trip up Table Mountain by hiking is about 2-3 hours of moderate to strenuous hiking so after being shot done by Stephanie to hike it we opted for the Cable Car which shoots you up about 2000ft in 10 minutes.  Earlier in the day we had decided to do the trip up Table Mountain later in the afternoon as the cloud cover was really bad causing exactly zero visibility up top (which is why you go up!).  On this trip the visibility was much better from the get go but once we got up the clouds rolled in after about only an hour so it was really tough to get any shots let alone hike around because of the wind and less than 50ft visibility.  Needless to say we started back for the cable car which as luck would have it was not operating because of some mechanical problem.  No problem we figured...it will be up soon.That was at 6pm.  Three hours later we were still huddling in the shop up top with 400 of our closest friends and still no cable car.  However, this was when it got interesting...the clouds finally decided to break right at about sunset and we were treated with nothing short of an amazing sunset looking over Cape Town through the cloud cover.  Everything was so visually stunning that it was to challenging to capture in camera so I went out and waiting until the clouds broke more and the sun went down to capture the city.  I definitely would not have had a chance to capture this amazing city in this light at this time of day if we hadn't gotten stuck so it really was an incredible situation.  We finally got down at about 11:30pm..if only we didn't have a 45 minute drive back to the Inn...Processing:Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 25sec exposure | LightroomPhoto: Hippo Triptych

This Hippo is a bit of a departure from my normal creative shots...but when you're on a boat in remote part of South Africa with a big lens and a Hippo demonstrating right in front of you - well you take advantage of it and pray you capture the moment. This was a fun set to of photos to look through and put something interesting together. I'll admit the whole animal photography shooting experience (for the better part of 2 weeks) was a little addicting.


Nikon D7000 | Nikon 70-200mm VR II | Nikon 2x Extender | Lightroom | Photoshop | Topaz AdjustPhoto: Aggressive

This shot is from The Crystals in Las Vegas on the south part of the strip. I was only in Vegas for about 36 hours and tried to make the most of it so I brought my travel tripod and a couple lenses with me and set out one evening to grab some shots. No shorter than 10 minutes into my walk (just outside the Aria) did I pull out my tripod and some staff member was right up on me to put it away. It seems that because The Strip is all private property tripods are a no-no. Oh well, with that in mind I shifted my mindset from sweeping wide angle HDRs to hand held architecture shots. Sometimes you need a little push one way or the other to find something unique.

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | LightroomPhoto: Lioness

We almost passed up this Lioness on a drive to Lower Sabie. We had been driving for about 8hrs making our way from Satara to Lower Sabie in Kruger and were hoping to see some Lions along the way to no avail. After we sort of resigned for the day we picked up speed on the road and just starting cruising to get to the next camp when out of nowhere Steph swung around in her seat and shouted LION! I turned around and sure enough there was a Lioness just laying in the grass right next to the road. We stopped and the Lioness decided to walk across and find some new shade allowing me to get a nice shot from the car.Photo: The Bar (or A Bar) in Vegas

Something about this little bar was very appealing…maybe it was all the ottomans and plush seating with no one to occupy? The crystal chandelier overhead is part of a hug chandelier in the Cosmo that is probably 2-3 floors tall and looks like a fancy spider web. All in all the Cosmo was pretty fancyPhoto: Photo: Looking SouthPhoto: Citi Field is definitely one of the best stadiums in the country.  I mean they have a Shake Shack (only NY-ers get this ref)!  The only down side to seeing a game at Citi Field is that the Mets are probably gonna lose...that may be harsh but they are the Mets after all.Photo: New York only 12,541 kmPhoto: Happy 4th Ya'll!Photo: SerenePhoto: Last Call

Found this gentleman sitting alone in an almost closed down Madison Square Park around midnight on a Sunday night.  Perhaps he didn't realize Shake Shack was closed or maybe he was prepared to wait until the morning to be the first in line!  This was shot with a brand spanking new Fujifilm X100.  Great Camera!Photo: Interupt

This shot is from a photo walk Trey Ratcliff held in NYC...it was a nice time and the weather cooperated!  I always find HDR a little tough to do when shooting the Hudson or East Rivers because there is so much movement.  The solution?  A 10 stop ND filter and some Lightroom processing!Photo: Sunrise at the Open

Last week I had a gig out at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing for the US Open setting up for the opening ceremonies and our call time on day 1 of set up was 5am!  Only perk to being up that early was the beautiful sunrise we were treated to while on the roof of the stadium setting up.  I sneaked away for a few minutes to grab this 3 shot HDR with the X100 (which I carry with me everyday now!).Photo: Memory

This shot is from Trey Ratcliff's NYC Photo Walk last month.  Trey was speaking on the steps and setting up a shot so it was easy to get a shot without any people because they were all either to my left, right or behind me!
The Memorial here is the East Coast Memorial which is dedicated to WWII soldiers lost at sea.Photo: Hold On

This is my view for every ZviDance Zoom show we perform.  For some reason this was the first show that I decided to process the photos from the rehearsal despite the fact the core of the show incorporates photos taken by the audience and crew throughout the show.  Maybe after 2 years of doing the show I finally was able to look at objectively.  :)Photo: Divided

I captured this image at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park just on the Upper East side of the park.  This was my first time walking up in this section of Central Park despite living on a mile a way only a couple years ago. Goes to show just how may different and amazing spots there are to visit in NYC.

Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | Photomatix | LightroomPhoto: Break

Shot high above Cape Town from Table Mountain.  Wouldn't have had a chance to shoot this at sunset if not for getting stuck on the mountain when the cable car broke down.  We eventually made it down a few hours later :)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Scale

Another Shot from the Dominos Sugar Factory in Brooklyn.  The scale of the building is really apparent with John in the foreground.Photo: The Rusty Guns

From a shoot in Brooklyn for The Rusty Guns upcoming album.Photo: Bank of China TowerPhoto: Blue Ridge TunnelPhoto: Sossusvlei TreePhoto: "THE STARS AT NIGHT, ARE BIG AND BRIGHT CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP



Yeah, the stars in Namibia are really spectacular.  We are staying on a farm that generates it's own power which shuts off at 11pm and we are 45km from the nearest town which is only about 30,000 people.  There really is hardly any light pollution at all.  A far cry from living in NYC for the past bunch of years.Photo: Got a chance to spend an evening of a new moon shooting the Milky Way with a clear sky.  The skies in Namibia are really unlike anything that I've ever see.  This was shot at ISO 8000 and even then the D600 handles the noise just fine!Photo: Still pumped about post processing Milky Way shots that I took at the new moon last month.  I still can't believe the skies in Namibia are so clear!Photo: Another cool aerial shot in Sossusvlei.  We were able to take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise over the desert and it was one of the coolest experiences ever.  So many good views and pictures!Photo: Visited Fish River Canyon a few weeks ago and while I did manage to get a flat tire on the way out there I wasn't going to miss the views.  What an amazing place and I someday I plan to do the 4-5 day hike through the canyon.