31 Photos - Mar 26, 2013
Photo: jacked up and supported by 4x4Photo: broken mountPhoto: another broken mount!Photo: and another broken mountPhoto: Exhaust manifold gunked upPhoto: Had the machine shop tank it. Clean a whistle now.Photo: Photo: balancing actPhoto: Photo: OriginalPhoto: donorPhoto: Photo: Photo: gonna need to swap those flangesPhoto: Photo: trans out, damper plate off of the flywheel.Photo: New motor mount, forward, port sidePhoto: new mount, starboard sidePhoto: test fitPhoto: yea it's gonna fit.Photo: new rear motor mountsPhoto: LOVE this articulating wrench. Literally saved the dayPhoto: all going to gether nicely.Photo: Photo: testing at the dock. works!Photo: turbulence good.Photo: progress going back togetherPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: