14 Photos - Aug 3, 2011
Photo: Broken glasses, old (durable) phone, stupid mouse and MY MUG.Photo: O2-Ireland gave me nice service when using a Google Hangout tonight.Photo: E7 At WorkPhoto: Spending productive minutes writing with Lego.Photo: I'm glad I discovered the notebook of elephants. Its pages help make nearly 70% of my scrawling into OCR material.Photo: I really enjoy the lettering of Jonathan Ball. http://www.skillshare.com/profile/Jonathan-Ball/7437551Photo: Ireland is trying to mount a campaign against distracted driving, which means Irish police will be watching for people driving with one hand on a phone. Fortunately for me, I've a Windows Phone app on my Lumia 1560 that pushes the FIR Network over Bluetooth into my car's stereo system so I just start my 85 minute commute and know  +Shel Holtz  and +Neville Hobson will be finished just as I shut down and head into class. It's handy knowing the car's dashboard shows the show name and title along the way.Photo: I've discovered it's rare to find someone using G+ with their Nokia 1560.Photo: Wowza! Facebook's Github repository is 54GB.Photo: The youngest entrepreneurial brothers in Ireland hold down top spot on the Under 25 Rich List.Photo: +Mark Little wins Ireland's Net Visionary Award for 2014. #netvis2014Photo: Traveling through PHL with my earbuddies (notice the orange coloured rectangle on the Lumia) and pausing to make an FIR comment.Photo: Sharing #myFIRview  while recording a contribution for an upcoming show. Hopefully, the one I recorded captures quiet ambience instead of departure lounge buzz.Photo: I always pick up clever things from +Eoin Kennedy and he's flying the flag for effective social media in an #LSADmedia  workshop I'm attending today.