22 Photos - Jul 31, 2011
Photo: July 31, 2011 in Ireland.Photo: An excellent article about changes needed in Temple Bar.Photo: Changes needed in the marketing and sustaining of Temple Bar.Photo: Billions are flushed away in Irish bad property loans.Photo: America's casual regard for its debt rating unnerves the international markets.Photo: Dublin is in pole position to host Bavarian City Racing in June 2012.Photo: Trying to reduce the out-of-pocket expense for Irish school books.Photo: Irish welfare payments are generous by European standard.Photo: Generous Irish welfare benefits continue.Photo: One reason why the Irish property market continues to sink.Photo: Explaining why we revised the Media Writing curriculum.Photo: On teaching social media.Photo: A great idea from @johnbreslin.Photo: Senator David Norris watches his Presidential bid go up in flames because you can't have "President" and "underage sex" discovered in the same search engine request.Photo: Photo: Photo: We need more transparency on how NAMA works.Photo: Needed: Essential training for jurors.Photo: The myth of Irish education.Photo: One of the best iPad apps on offer.Photo: On my Wish List.Photo: If you buy electronics gear, there's a good chance some of it came from a Chinese sweat shop.